"Rimaykullayki" From AkaiJose~!

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"Rimaykullayki" From AkaiJose~! Empty "Rimaykullayki" From AkaiJose~!

Post by AkaiJose on Mon Apr 21, 2014 12:23 pm

((Pardon the Quechua; I just wanted to make my intro look different @-@ And I just learned it from my trip... >///<))

Herros! The name's AkaiJose/Marya and I like red pandas! :D Brought here by a rather persistent old Hawk *cough* whoI'veknownforquiteawhile *cough*, I am here to spread my wonderful randomness to all you mysterious people!


In all seriousness, I can be seen on the interwebz, usually watching YouTube, replying to other forums, talking a bit about anime here and there, complaining about homework, and all that jazz. My favorite colors are usually colder colors, blues, pastels, etc. I'm told I'm silly, happy, smiley, and I like to talk a lot! Along with that, I can appear naive and carefree, but trust me, I can get serious when I want. :P

Roleplaying-wise, I've been roleplaying for about four years on and off. I've taken breaks in between due to school and other personal issues, so my replies may take longer to get to. I also tend to lose interest easily, since I only like really intriguing and fun RPs. I'm not a super-serious writer; I write for enjoyment and messing with random characters. I don't, however, like one-liners or short replies. <.< I'm very picky.

You can see me hanging with Steph on the TCs and whatnot, since we've known each other for quite a while (hehehe, Stephersteph). I also like making knew friends though :3 so don't be afraid to talk to me! I'm just your friendly neighborhood Red Panda girl :D

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"Rimaykullayki" From AkaiJose~! Empty Re: "Rimaykullayki" From AkaiJose~!

Post by King Staragna on Wed Apr 23, 2014 1:18 am

Hey, Marya! I'm so glad you made the trek all the way over here! I just know that with your help, we can make this place a great community full of supportive, happy writers like yourself!


AkaiJose wrote:whoI'veknownforquiteawhile

*cough* thisshouldbewhomnotwho *cough*

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"Rimaykullayki" From AkaiJose~! Empty Re: "Rimaykullayki" From AkaiJose~!

Post by Warrior Queen Hawk on Wed Apr 23, 2014 12:59 pm

Glad to have you here, Maria! I hope you have fun and maybe  you will try to get into the ARP once it is up and running :P Then you don't have to deal with one-liners.

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"Rimaykullayki" From AkaiJose~! Empty Re: "Rimaykullayki" From AkaiJose~!

Post by AkaiJose on Wed Apr 23, 2014 4:02 pm

*Shakes first at King* >.>

And God I hope so. But I am not all too advanced xD

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"Rimaykullayki" From AkaiJose~! Empty Re: "Rimaykullayki" From AkaiJose~!

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