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Luna's Greetings from TheDarknessOfLoyalty Empty Luna's Greetings from TheDarknessOfLoyalty

Post by TheDarknessofLoyalty on Mon Apr 21, 2014 7:22 pm

Heyo Just a random git here.

Call me Edward (Ed, Edy, De, are all perfectly fine substitutes!) Some, if they've known me for just over a year now, might recognize me as the 'Evil British Bisexual wolf Dragon Jesus Sensei with an epic beard'... *sigh* Not my idea >.> I've since doffed that mantle, partly because I'm more than just a Wolf Dragon, and partly because I'm different to how I was back then.

Now as you may have already guessed I'm a rambler... this is normal. Whatever that word means <.< Anyways. I'm also a furry with some... questionable interests (Don't ask and I won't tell... those that do know I ask to keep silent about it...). As some might know furries have 'fursonas' basically anthro beings of themselves... mine is, technically the Terasi, A wolf/dragon/Lynx/Kitsune hybrid.

Did I mention I'm a complicated guy to understand sometimes? Eh... I have now. Well my... old and rather long title does reveal a few things about me. Due to my... various views and actions in the past I'm considered Neutral Evil by D&D standards. I was born and raisd in the United Kingdom... in fact I've never left England. I know. I suck. I've known that, for sure, since October 9th last year ¬_¬ I am also bisexual (Taken as well) and I do indeed have a beard.

As for my intersts it's simple. Of the ones I'm willing to tell you: Roleplaying, video games, sleeping. Typical stuffs of a stay-at-home wimpy berk like me.

Last thing to say. I'm an empath, and while I know there are pople out there who call BS on this... and I accept that, I do feel It bears mentioning and explaining. Essentially an Empath is sort of like a limited mind reader... but instead of reading minds we read the flows of people's emotions. So we do kinda know whether you're pissed off quicker, but sometimes we can get interfereance from others. I'm also the son of a Tarot Witch and paganist.

Finally: Don't talk about sausages near me... it sets off the... 'wrong' side of my mind (If there is such a side)

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Luna's Greetings from TheDarknessOfLoyalty Empty Re: Luna's Greetings from TheDarknessOfLoyalty

Post by Warrior Queen Hawk on Wed Apr 23, 2014 1:10 pm

Awww, you aren't a wimpy berk! You got the brain that no one else has! Very creative, intelligent, and, quite frankly, evil. XD 

I am very happy to see you on this site and I hope you help me build it up to its full potential.

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