Elle Carnaval for Cruor Misfits and Rats (Open. Hi~)

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Elle Carnaval for Cruor Misfits and Rats (Open. Hi~)

Post by AkaiJose on Mon Apr 21, 2014 9:50 pm

Elle Carnaval

With acrobats, tamers, fighters, dancers, musicians, and more!

Come on down, watch our shows!

We will be making surprise stops in every kingdom!

Engulf yourselves in the mystery of Elle Carnaval!

Note: Now hiring people with any special talents. Sending letters to those who truly catch our eyes.


Elle Carnaval is a spectacular carnival that travels around the country, containing of only the best performers, bringing happiness to people of any age. There is always something for people of any age: contortionists, dancers, animal tamers, all different people and always changing. One Carnaval is never the same as another in a different city.

Yet it has a long history, spanning back a century. What people hear is that it was started by a group of misfits, aspiring to change their differences to get money. This, however, was not nearly the whole truth. For the truth is Elle Carnaval is a place for misfits of a different kind: it is run solely by those who can use Cruor Magic. This magic can also be referred to as "Red Magic" or even "Blood Magic". A forbidden art in each kingdom, people who can use it are out-casted and shut out of society; others stay silent and still, living fake lives. This form of magic can take on different shapes and can do many things, always requiring a minimal amount of blood from the host. And not only does this group entertain without people knowing of the strange powers, yet they also hunt monsters of the night and protect the innocent people tormented by impending evil.

Rather odd, eh?

Elle Carnaval always recycles through members, as some decide to retire and others die in the hands of evil. They watch for the misfits, feeling the auras of those like them. When they feel sure of it, they invite the being to join the show. And during the nights, as it is a day carnival, they train and hunt. They even teach them tricks so that they can rack up the money to go on trips and the like.

So will you join Elle Carnaval?

Let me go through some explanations.

Cruor Magic: This magic, as stated previously, is reliant on blood sacrifice of the host to work. It takes on many forms, like allowing summons to happen, transforming, controlling elements, et cetera. This magic will be different for each character that is a part of Elle Carnaval. Talk to me if you have any questions.

Rules! Gotta have 'em, gotta love 'em.
-The base rules. Durrr.
-I am goddess in this RP-land. Fight me, mess with me, I will bite your head off. Mercilessly. (Two-strikes rule applies here)
-Make things interesting. Ask questions. Don't be negative. Also, my replies will probably be slow. Have patience or I will snap you in half.
-Have basic grammar and spelling skills. You don't have to use gigantic words and the like, but please write in proper sentences and paragraphs. I really hate when people can't write in a civilized manner.
-As you can already tell, this is sort of like a relaxed, free-for-all RP. I do not have a set plot for us to follow. So I'm depending on everyone to contribute and make things interesting!
-Cake for EVERYONE!

Setting: NOTE: I CHANGED IT! So I've decided to make it a modern setting, yet keep the kingdoms. Make it sorta fantasy in that they will be modern cities within separate kingdoms under rulers and republics. I thought it would be more interesting with more of a twist...


Realles (The heads of the group; only three, as to balance out the power): {I will be taking in any applications for this position; I can only entrust this role to two other characters and I want to make sure they are good.}

  • Coordinator (Realle that organizes all events that bring in the money for new equipment. Responsible for decoration and supplying everyone with what they need.):
  • Strategist (This Realle is dedicated to working on each mission, scouting out each city that is visited and making sure everyone stays under wraps throughout the ride.): Aella Frieri--Myself
  • Trainer (Lastly, this Realle is responsible for teaching the newbies all the basics. They focus on teaching fighting basics and how to control the blood powers that everyone has.): Bonny Ansleigh--Tsubaki NOTE: If Tsubaki does not return in due time, Zaeri Hasami-- TheDarknessofLoyalty is the Trainer

Medic (Only uno. Handles everyone's wounds when need be. Also practiced in helping make soup and healing sicknesses!):
Underlings (A growing number of people that are here to help out!):


Age (Don't have it be too extreme. Let's keep it between eight and thirty, okay?):
Role (Look above for the possible roles):
Number of Years With Elle Carnaval:
Form of Cruor Magic (Be unique and creative! Specify if need be):
Personality (Gimme like... a paragraph.):
Appearance (Two paragraphs min. Or a really good picture and maybe I'l let you pass.:
History (Two paragraphs, or else.):
Skills (In the Carnaval, like what tricks you do and whatnot, and fighting skills. And heck, throw in some random stuff while you're at it! Can be bullets or lists.):
Weapon of Choice:
Other (Eh. Whatevs.):

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Re: Elle Carnaval for Cruor Misfits and Rats (Open. Hi~)

Post by AkaiJose on Tue Apr 22, 2014 8:30 pm

Name: Aella Frieri

Age: Twenty and three-quarters. She likes to keep that fact out there.

Role: Realle- Strategist.

Number of Years With Elle Carnaval: A good six year run for Aella. She likes to flaunt her years like a status though.

Form of Cruor Magic: Aella’s magic is one that unlocks her “second self”: a demoness with scarlet eyes and slit pupils like a serpent and long brown hair that ripples with life of its own. To get to this transformation, Aella must sacrifice a drop of blood for fifteen minutes of the switch; usually, she makes long cuts into her hands to squeeze out three individual drops that will last her forty-five minutes in her demoness form. In this form, she seemingly “locks away” her normal body and gives way to a new body where she can get beat up as much as possible yet not actually have injuries on her true person. With this form, Aella has enhanced strength and speed, with heightened senses. A setback to this is that she can be wild and unpredictable if she stays in the form for too long. Slowly, she seems to be dragged into instability, maybe even causing her to hurt her friends.

Personality: This young woman has a lot of spunk and attitude, often having outbursts and sparks of imagination. She isn’t necessarily mean as she is more teasing and easy-going, actively finding nicknames for people and picking out things to point and laugh at. She doesn’t actually act mean to those who are nice and friendly to her; rather, she’s confident and likes to compete with people. This demeanor can be seen as childish, but it isn’t completely so. For Aella, when it comes down to it, can be down-to-earth and focused, her mood more dampened down so as to give her a clear head. This is when her strategy and planning skills come into play. In this set mode, she can scour out things other people can’t always see at first glance. She’s very precise and very detailed in reports. She has even trained herself to ignore all other noises to concentrate on specific things, from writing to scouting. But this side is often not seen, as she likes to be her light-hearted, goofy self.

Appearance: Much to anyone’s surprise, Aella doesn’t really look like the way she acts. You know when you get that feeling that someone’s a scumbag if they look raggedy and mean? Well, Aella actually looks very sweet and shy. Her height is a good five feet six inches and a weight of about one-hundred twenty one pounds. She looks tall and slender, with a thin, pinched waist and long legs. She isn’t necessarily busty in a way that makes her super attractive, but she does have slight, narrow shoulders that give her a delicate, “damsel-in-distress” appearance. Her skin, a porcelain white shade with pink highlights at her cheekbones, nose, ears, and elbows, does not have a single break or scar visible on it (except the arms and hands). The only thing she really has is light-brown freckles scattered over her nose and cheeks, one dark one sitting right below her eyelid. She takes care to moisturize her skin and use lotion, giving it a soft, silky texture, even in her hands that are scarred from using magic. Her visage is heart-shaped, rounded out in the cheeks so she looks rather young and feminine. Her nose is pinched and turned up a little at the end and her lips are a light pink that are often upturned in a smile. Her eyes, with long eyelashes, are a medium brown with rich flecks of gold here and there. She also has reddish-brown hair that travels down to her tailbone, straight with layers and side-bangs that cover three-fourths of her forehead.
In terms of clothing, Aella likes to wear shirts with puffy sleeves and frills, usually chiffon, lace, or linen. Tucked in, she likes to wear shorts (loose-fitting and covering mid-thigh) or puffy skirts with floral patterns with a waist-high leather belt “just because”. With thigh-high socks and classic Mary Jane shoes, she easily pulls off an innocent look. Accessories would include various headbands of different colors, bandanas for work, bracelets, etc. Otherwise, she’s a very plain and simple girl. Her nails are always painted, either pastels or darker colors (nothing really in between or super bright).
Her second form is mostly the same, yet her eyes are a burning red and her skin gives off an olive tone. Her hair becomes longer and wavier, looking rugged and messy. Her teeth become sharper, with fangs and the like. Her outfit also becomes wilder, as she wears a bright red bandana around her neck and an all-white outfit: white capris with white sandals, a white, sleeveless tunic that shows off bigger muscles, and white leather gloves on her hands.
In Elle Carnaval, she wears dresses and other costumes (shorts underneath) to give her a lively appearance. As an acrobat, she needs to have unrestricting, free clothing so that she doesn’t mess up too much when trying out tricks.

History: Born and raised in a family of four, Aella was the eldest daughter of the Frieri family, raised by an authoritarian mother and a care-free, indifferent father. Her father was the breadwinner in the family, his job being an expert businessman involved in overseas travel and selling shares of his company. Being away from home a lot, Aella was forced to live under her overbearing mother and a dependent, silent younger sister.
It was never a normal family dynamic. Her mother, often frowning upon Aella’s attitude, used verbal and emotional abuse to try and get her daughter to succumb. Learning of the Cruor magic that coursed through her daughter’s veins, the girl was soon subjected to harsh treatment, trying to be bent in a socially acceptable away. Of course, Aella refused to take any of this. She rebelled and snuck out to practice this magic, trying to make it her own.
She soon got a letter from Elle Carnaval at fourteen years of age. With much excitement, she told her mother, but the letter was torn before her eyes. Of course, her mother wanted her to obey and do as she said, but the girl got upset, her magic boiling up inside her. She used it, switching into her demoness form that burned her home and her mother. Her sister ran and Aella ran away from home to join Elle Carnaval, trying to hide her true identity. To this day, no one has truly recognized her as the killer of her mother.

Skills: Aella is an acrobat/gymnast, often performing at great heights or even doing flips here and there. She is nimble and very flexible, also being very in tune with music that plays whenever she is in front of people.
This quickness of her feet is useful in fights, as she can dodge rather quickly and get out of tight situations. Other than this, she is good with a sword and stands out when fighting one-on-one.
Outside of her work, Aella can cook a mean curry and make instant ramen well (she doesn’t seem to cook anything else well though…). She can also eat like a madwoman. Yes, she’s that girl. Her social understanding skills are quite on par with other people and her leadership skills aren’t too shabby either.

Weapon of Choice: A red-tinted longsword that has a blade three feet long. It is lightweight and very sharp, cutting through many things with ease. Without it, she can handle many different blades, but not with the same expertise as she handles her own.

Other: Hmmm… pancakes. Yes, indeed. And I wrote most of this bio listening to She Wolf. I might cry.

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Re: Elle Carnaval for Cruor Misfits and Rats (Open. Hi~)

Post by Tsubaki on Wed Apr 23, 2014 6:01 pm


Name: Bonny Ansleigh

Age 22


Number of Years With Elle Carnaval: 9

Form of Cruor Magic: Bonny's form of magic is a rare and powerful ability known as 'crash magic'. She is a human wrecking ball. When left unchecked, her magic is so strong that even a gentle touch can topple entire buildings. Were she to start running, she would not only be unstoppable, but anything that got in her way would be destroyed. Her power is entirely beyond her control and for a long time it was a terrible burden for her.
That was until she learned the secret to controlling it. With the help of some members of Elle Carnaval, she found that the blood of others with cruor magic helps her gain complete control of her powers when it comes in contact with her skin. The amount of control she has is proportionate to the amount of blood she is touching. So if she only has a drop or two on her skin, she can only hold back some of the destructive nature of her power, but not actually control it.
Her solution to this problem was a bit strange but also simple. She uses blood donated by other carnies, she dips her long hair in it and wraps it around her arms, binding it at the wrist. This keeps it blood in constant contact with her skin.
Her power is not very effective against organic beings. It does cause a certain amount of impact, but completely loses the explosiveness it has with non-living things; even the impact she can have against anything organic basically just works like a 'push-back' ability and does minimal damage when used directly on anything organic. 

Personality: Bonny is a bit cold upon first meeting her. She is not fond of strangers and although she has no issue with Elle Carnaval taking on new members, she usually gives them little or no attention until they have proved themselves to her. She has even gone as much as a year without so much as acknowledging some of the younger members.
This is only her reaction to new people however. To people that have her trust she is still quiet and a bit cold, but not excessively so. She has rare warm moments and will be legitimately caring for anyone in serious need. She tries to keep people at a distance because for the first half of her life she was too dangerous for people to be around. Now that she has her powers under control, she has a hard time warming up to people without getting to know them first.

Appearance: Bonny is five feet seven inches tall and weighs one hundred and ten pounds. She has a slim but strong and athletic body with long legs and well defined muscles. Her hips and chest have just enough curve to give her a womanly appeal without being excessively sensual. She has pale ivory skin which is nearly flawless except for a beauty mark above the left side of her lips, and a long thin pink scar from above her right eye to below her mouth.
Bonny's hair is her most defining feature by far. It is very long, down to her ankles when she lets it hang loose. As if the length were not enough of a wonder at first sight, the color is a shocking shade of bright red. It is so bright that most people refuse to believe it is her natural hair color, but it is. Her hair is very straight and has a lovely shine. She often styles it in elaborate braids. She has two thick locks that she keeps wrapped around her arms and secured at the wrist with leather bracers. The wet blood causes the hair to stick flat to her arms and darkens when it dries, this gives the illusion that they are tattoos that circle her arms until just above the elbows and then somehow become real hair.
She strongly prefers to wear dark colored dresses most of the time, they are usually light and unrestricted material and cover as little as possible. This is not because she like to show off her body, but only because she can not stand to feel constricted.  

History: Bonny was born to a small primitive tribe that lived in a cold mountainous land. She lived with her loving parents for the first eight years of her life without incident. They were poor but relatively happy because they valued family above wealth. The tribe was aware of the outside world but chose to keep a distance for the sake of preserving their traditions. Bonny lived a life of peaceful freedom, even though it required a lot of hard work. Her father and mother taught her to work hard, never give up, and most importantly to take care of those even less fortunate that they were. She took all these lessons and kept them deep in her heart.
Then one day, an unimaginable tragedy struck. Bonny was in the yard in front of her small cottage, playing with  her pet bunny. The bunny ran into some nearby thorn bushes, and in her panic to get the bunny out Bonny cut her hands and arms several times. She placed her bunny back in it's cage and went back to the house, crying quietly the whole time. She placed her hand on the door just as she was calling for her mommy; but her mother never answered. The door exploded inward at her touch and her mother was hit and killed instantly. In her shock Bonny lost her balance and grabbed the door frame, that is when the entire house collapsed and her father was killed as well. During the collapse Bonny was knocked away from the house but a nail cut her face deeply, leaving a scar that would be their for the rest of her life as a reminder of the day she killed her own parents.
The tribe did not immediately turn on Bonny or exile her, they were kind and wanted to help, but they did not know how. After two weeks and several more accidents (no more deaths though) she finally left on her own. She went out into the mountains carrying ample supplies given to her by the members of the tribe. Her powers grew increasingly destructive and difficult to control, so that she was forced to avoid people at all costs in order to keep them safe. She learned to survive on her own and did not see another person until she was thirteen; when a messenger arrived at her camp with an invitation to Elle Carnaval...

Skills: Bonny entertains the crowds with her incredibly strong and versatile hair. Her unusual set of skills allow her to use her own hair in several delightful and provocative ways. She can use it as a whip, a lasso, dancing ribbons, or a variety of other things. Usually her performance is in the form of a dance, but she often takes time to show feats of strength and skill.
Other skills- Dancing, boxing, kickboxing, and parkour

Weapon of Choice: When she is expecting a fight, Bonny wears a pair of gloves with small metal knuckles which are sharp. She also can use her hair for a variety of purposes though she usually fights with her fists and her power.

Other: Bonny is severely claustrophobic.

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Re: Elle Carnaval for Cruor Misfits and Rats (Open. Hi~)

Post by TheDarknessofLoyalty on Sun Apr 27, 2014 3:15 pm

Apologies for no Lyrax... he just couldn't fit... But this chick may fit much better, not scary at all just a bit temperamental.

Name: Zaeri Hasami
Age: 24
Role: Underling
Number of Years With Elle Carnaval: 5 years, four of them spent as a behind the scenes worker during the day.
Form of Cruor Magic: Named Lifeshaver, the moment her body starts bleeding, with a bit of focus, she can pull and twist the blood into blades, which also act to stem the bleeding as well. While more blood can be packed into the blades to make them longer and/or less brittle she will limit herself, knowing too much blood into the blood blades would cause her to go anemic. While she can, theoretically, create blades from anywhere on her body her preferred locations are the forearms and backs of the hands.
Personality: Initially seeming cold to many, she does have her caring side and will quite often give advice to her fellows during training, even if she has no idea about the weapons they wield. Even if she denies is, she cares about all in the Carnival more than she does about herself. However she has an insanely short temper and gets slightly violent when angered. Due to her sheltered upbringing she seems to find a male's bare chest oddly fascinating. She does however seem to be extremely disdainful of her own appearance, possibly proven by the lack of intact mirrors in her personal space.
Appearance: Standing tall at 5ft 11in, Zaeri is pale-sinned with breast-length raven-black hair framing her thin features. Chestnut eyes seem to gaze out with serenity normally, and her eyebrows are barely visible due to previous accidents. Contary to how some think she should look, she is actually far less curvaceous, bearing small B-cups and a slight visiblity on her muscle tone. Her forarms and backs of her hands have lasting scars from her way of activating Liveshaver and there's further lasting scars and nicks over her bare body.

She wears simplistic yet still fashionable clothing. Jet black in colour her ensemble consists of cargo pants, form-fitting vest and a long trenchcoat. With no accessories in her hair she wears a pair of custom thumb-rings, small rotary blades on the inside, coming out when the thumb is flexed in a particular way. These blades, while long enough to cut skin and have clear signs of repeated use for that same task, are not used as weapons. She also bears a silver locket that she refuses to wear but still keeps on her person for reasons unknown. The locket, oddly, is empty.
History: Once a kindly idealistic girl, her temper was oft tried in her younger years with bothindecicive and indifferent parents to the reactions she got from her peers in education and said peers finding all they could to make her life miserable. While she stayed until she graduated, the moment she was freed of education she freed herself from her family as well. She's sure that they haven't realized she's gone even now.

Living and sleeping rough, coupled with her bad treatment had made her heart harden to others overtime and this treatment was how her Cruor magic found it's way to the surface. Having never taken A-levels she had a good three years of practice, and given the general consensus of the community towards females who had no certain home, she had to practice quickly, finding all too often that if she packed too much blood into Liveshaver she weakened greatly. Learning both to master this and to keep herself safe she was spotted using it in the rare occasions she ventured away from the darkness of the alleys and was soon invited to the carnival.

In her time at the Carnival she did mellow out once more, and seeing the Carnival as her new home began developing a protectiveness of those within that amounts to one simple phrase: "Any who threaten my home or my family will soon have a place in only dreams"
Skills: Quick-footed and very spacially aware, knows some basic techniques with some of the melee weapons and, even though she learned to use them she outright refuses to use firearms. Away from battle she has a distinct lack of organization, but is oddly skilled at painting. No-one should ever EVER let her in the kitchen though... She's a Lethal Chef. She also likes to sing, although it's exactly the best at it (She's better than the catawailing wannabe singers)

She acts mehind the scenes in the carnival mostly, helping with setting things up, and keeping things clean.
Weapon of Choice: Lifeshaver and/or Good ol' fisticuffs.
Other: The reason for hating her own looks seems to stem from the fact she's been called "unwomanly" in various forms over time, and sees that in herself all too often. Not that it stops her from fighting to protect the carnival when it comes down to it.

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Re: Elle Carnaval for Cruor Misfits and Rats (Open. Hi~)

Post by AkaiJose on Sat May 03, 2014 2:37 pm

((Note: Because Stephy has decided to drop out of the RP {She had claimed the Trainer role beforehand}, Umi has next call on Trainer because she had asked before making her bio {before Steph told me she was dropping}. Sorry Eddie! :c))

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Re: Elle Carnaval for Cruor Misfits and Rats (Open. Hi~)

Post by Tazz on Sat May 03, 2014 5:51 pm

Name: Sawyer Culain

Age: 19

Role: N/A

Number of Years With Elle Carnaval: 1

Form of Cruor Magic: Sawyer's magic is a great power and a terrible burden at the same time. On the most basic level he is a psychic. Beneath the surface however he is much more than that. Sawyer is tormented by the voice of his deceased twin sister Adah. In his mind he can hear her voice as surely as those around him. She speaks to him constantly and she is unpleasant to say the least. Adah was never actually born. She died in their mother's womb and was resorbed by Sawyer. However she does have a personality of her own and she has very hard feelings about her loss.

Ahah is very useful in one way though. She knows nearly everything. Past, present, and future. If it relates to Sawyer in any way, Adah has the complete knowledge of it. She often shares this information with Sawyer but only at a cost. She forces him to cut small symbols into his body before she will share any information with him. Each mark will allow him to ask one question and garauntee an honest answerWith her help though, there is very little that Sawyer can not tell about his own past or future, or that of those he knows.

Personality: Adah is cruel to Sawyer most if the time. She tells him that he is a weak failure and that no one likes him. She tries hard to convince him that he has no friends and that no one likes him. If anyone is mean to him she convinces him that he deserves it, and if anyone is nice she tells him they are just teasing him or that they only feel sorry for him. After years of this barrage of hateful words, Sawyer has almost no confidence whatsoever.
He walks with his head hung low and speaks very quietly and not often. He is not ill-tempered or 'all doom and gloom', he simply has no confidence in himself. He is very aware of everyone else around him and always feels that they are watching and judging him. He is even more shy around attractive females since this is when Adah really lays on the insults. He is convinced that he is a hideous unlovable nerd.
His low confidence aside, Sawyer is actually quite brave. It may be that he simply believes that the lives of others are more valuable than his own, or that he is simply a very caring person, but he will quickly give up his own safety for another. He will almost never stand up for himself but he will stand up for others with no regard for himself.

Appearance: Despite his own beliefs, Sawyer is very good-looking. Woman tend to flock to him and flirt, often without even realizing it. He is about six feet tall and has a strong healthy and muscular body, though he is still thin. He has smooth tan skin and long full black hair. His hair is down to his shoulders and is usually messy and wild. He has one bright red streak in right in the front that he believes is a lock of Adah's hair. He has a strong jaw, full lips, and bright blue eyes that clash with the rest of his dark features and create a breathtaking contrast. Some of the females at the carnival like to play with his hair and put braids and beads in it so that is usually the closest it ever gets to being styled.

His skin is smooth everywhere except his arms where he has to carve the symbols required by Adah

He usually wears dark, loose, clothing. He like Jeans and hoodies most of all. He also prefers to wear baseball caps so that his face is as hidden as possible. He also likes to wear leather bracelets and small stylish bracers on his arms to cover his scars.

History: Born in an impoverished town in southern France, Sawyer has know hardship from even before his birth. His mother was originally pregnant with twins but his sister was miscarried and resorbed into Sawyer's body. When he was born, he could hear his sister crying inside his head all the time. She would scream and scream, not understanding her own body-less existence. This caused Sawyer to also scream constantly. Because of this his parents, who were already poverty stricken and drug addicted, abandoned Sawyer in a dumpster when he was less than a year old. He was found by a homeless woman that did raise him up, but she cared very little for him and never acted like a mother. Even she abandoned him around the age of ten when he began telling people their futures and knowing things about their past that he should not know. To make matters worse he would constantly respond to Adah out loud, not realizing that everyone thought he was talking to himself.

When he was eighteen he had sunk to a whole new low. Despite his attempts to use his abilities for the good of others, he had been entirely rejected by society as a freak of nature. He hated himself and just wanted it all to end. He sat down in an ally behind a dumpster, and put a razor to his wrist. Just then a strange man walked up and silently handed him a folded piece of paper, then walked away. It was an invitation to Elle Carnaval...

Skills: Sawyer is the carnival's fortune teller. He keeps a booth while the carnival is open and people pay to hear their futures. This is the only time (except during combat) that Adah will give him information for less pain than usual. She only requires him to prick his finger for each question asked by a paying costumer. He simply hides a pin in his lap and lightly pricks his finger while they are distracted by his crystal ball (which is just for show).

During combat Adah does not speak to Sawyer, she acts hateful to him but actually does not mean him physical harm. She does help him to predict danger and the moves up his opponents moments before they happen. He does not automatically know every possible danger and has to react to anything he senses on his own, therefore it is not 100% effective. Still, he is a fast, strong, and graceful fighter when he needs to be and can be quite dangerous when he or someone he cares for is threatened.

Weapon of Choice:

Other (Eh. Whatevs.):

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Alanta Styrka

Post by DragonMaid on Thu May 08, 2014 6:29 pm


Name: Alanta Styrka
Age: 17
Role: Medic
Number of Years with Elle Carnival: 2
Form of Cruor Magic: If she gets blood on another person, she can read the subconscious thought. The one dark though you stuck in the back of your mind to vegetate on is what Alanta can read. If her blood is touching them anywhere, she can use this power, even if it has seeped through their clothes, or has a tiny speck of blood on them. Her power is weaker the less blood she uses, but overall it is mostly the same. She can only read their mind, until the blood is washed off them. The power mainly works on how much skin surface is in contact with her blood.
Personality: Alanta is usually very non-confrontational, except when her job or friends are in danger. She's fierce when she focused on something and dedicated to whatever cause catches her heartstrings. Serious bookworm (when she has time), so she knows a lot more than the average person her age, sometimes even more random facts than adults. Alanta normally reads adventure books, a little romance here and there, and books full of facts. Even though she loves to read books about weapons, she loves to train with them even more. She falls in love fairly easily but has high standards and gets suspicious if they are too perfect. A decent war strategist and talented healer (trained by her foster mother).
Appearance: Hair is normally pulled back in a braid, well toned, MUCH stronger than her appearance. Always wears a simple rose gold necklace, and gold stud earrings. Alanta has light green eyes, freckles, and golden blond hair. Has a small white ink tattoo of arrows across the inside of her right wrist. Ambidextrous. Wears simple clothing unless performing in which case, she is more flamboyant. (I don't think her time has sizes but if she were modern) her sizes would be size 6 for skirts etc. Medium for tops etc. and size 7 ½  shoes.
Picture link: http://minetobe2.blogspot.com
History (Two paragraphs, or else.):
Grew up with 2 siblings, one older sister and younger brother. Alanta and the older sister were very close, and Alanta was a model for her younger brother. When Alanta was 5, her brother got seriously ill, and she and her sister were shipped out to the country so that they could maintain their good health while their mother stayed to care for the boy, and her father stayed to support her mother. Her sister met a farm boy out in the country and eloped with him, leaving Alanta by her self. Until Alanta was 12, she lived with the people who were fostering them originally. Reaching her 12thbirthday, Alanta ran away from home. 
For three years Alanta traveled back and forth across the country, stealing when she had to, but mostly catching her own food and making her own shelters. Alanta occasionally crossed over into other countries in her travels. On the day of Alanta’s 15th birthday, to celebrate, she went to the Carnival in town, and when the tent caught fire, she managed to save the Clydesdales that belonged to the Carnival. The employers decided they liked her, and when she found out about her skill, they were the first to know, and she was included into the inner circle.
·       Fancy sword twirling stuff. She can use her sword to fight, but for the Carnival, she just twirls them around, throws and catches them.
·       Shoots flaming arrows (you know, by dipping the tips in tar and lighting them on fire...)
·       Tightrope walker
Weapon of Choice: Interconnecting double sword or re-curve bow
Picture Link: http://minetobe2.blogspot.com
(it's the same page but with these pictures added)

Other: Has definitely noticed Sawyer’s good looks. But is does not feel interested in a romantic relationship right now. If Tazz is interested, good friends with Sawyer?

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Re: Elle Carnaval for Cruor Misfits and Rats (Open. Hi~)

Post by DragonMaid on Thu May 08, 2014 6:33 pm

Here's picure link.


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Re: Elle Carnaval for Cruor Misfits and Rats (Open. Hi~)

Post by AkaiJose on Thu May 08, 2014 9:12 pm

((Thank you for joining! I know I do need to approve of bios but I've been caught up in AP tests. Please bear with me, as it'll be a slow enough process, but I will definitely continue after my exams have passed and finished. ^-^))

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Re: Elle Carnaval for Cruor Misfits and Rats (Open. Hi~)

Post by Warrior Queen Hawk on Sat May 10, 2014 3:45 pm

DragonMaid wrote:Name: Alanta Styrka
Age: 17
Role: Medic
Number of Years With Elle Carnival: 2
Form of Cruor Magic : If she gets blood on another person, she can read their mind.
You need a limit on this. Mind reading is a very, very over powered ability. There is an expansive way to use this power.

Let's break down how you could use this power: You could see a person's history through mind reading, you can see what they experience, you could read the thoughts they are having right at that moment, you could see their next action, you could anticipate what their next thought or action will be with what you read from their mind in fact. Being able to see all of this is extremely unfair to those in the rp. 

So, let's figure this out, she already has one limit to the power, right? She has to be able to get her blood on them. Meaning they have to be close enough. Here's where things fall apart though. Once her blood is on them, until they get rid of the blood, can she read their mind? Can she read the mind of someone who had her blood on them if they are miles away? If clothes are part of this, can she read someone's mind even though her blood only touched their clothing? 

If you wanna keep this power, focus on one part of the mind reading. So... she can just see the thoughts of the person at that moment? Which means she would hear all of their rambling. And even then, you still have to have a huge amount of limitations. PM Maria for other ideas to make it less of an overpower. 
Personality : Alanta is usually very non-confrontational, except when her job or friends are in danger. She's fierce when she focused on something and dedicated to whatever cause catches her heartstrings. Serious bookworm, so she knows a lot about pretty much everything. If she doesn’t know it, Skye (her dragon friend) does. She falls in love fairly easily but has high standards and gets suspicious if they are too perfect. A decent war strategist and very good healer.
Knowing everything is impossible, sweetie. Remember, she is 17 too. She can know more than your average teen, but knowing more than your average middle age person? Not a chance. If she is a bookworm, I would also highly recommend putting what she reads. If she reads fiction, she probably daydreams a lot about that and doesn't know too much, right? If she reads non-fiction books, then she probably has a big vocabulary and knows more than your average teen. 

You also need to remember that if you spend lots of time in one thing, you aren't good at another. So if she is an extreme book nerd, that would mean she isn't very experienced. So... if she read lots of sword books, she knows ABOUT swords, but she probably doesn't know how to use one as effectively as someone who trains regularly, ya know? She might know more ABOUT the sword, but she wouldn't win in a battle.
Appearance (one paragraph and good picture):

Hair is normally back in a braid, well toned, MUCH stronger than her appearance. Always wears a simple rose gold necklace, and gold stud earrings. Alanta has light green eyes, freckles, and golden blond hair. Has a small white ink tattoo of arrows across her right wrist. Ambidextrous. Wears simple clothing unless performing in which case, she is more flamboyant. (I don't think her time has sizes but if she were modern) her sizes would be size 6 for skirts etc. Medium for tops etc. and size 7 ½  shoes.
This is nice... I would add if the tattoo is on the back of her wrist (so where the face of a watch would be) or on the other side (so the side that is more sensitive.) 
History (Two paragraphs, or else.):
Grew up with 2 siblings, one older sister and younger brother. Alanta and the older sister were very close, and Alanta was a model for her younger brother. When Alanta was 5, her brother got seriously ill, and she and her sister were shipped out to the country so that they could maintain their good health. Her sister met a boy out in the country and eloped with him, leaving Alanta alone, she lived with the people who were fostering them originally, and when she was 12, Alanta ran away from home.
For three years Alanta  traveled back and forth across the country, occasionally crossing over into other countries. On the day of Alanta’s 15th birthday, to celebrate, she went to the Carnival in town, and when the tent caught fire, she managed to save the Clydesdales that belonged to the Carnival. The employers decided they liked her, and when she found out about her skill, they were the first to know, and she was included into the inner circle.
(Skye will be mentioned when prompted)
-Prompts for Skye to be mention- Having a pet dragon is HUGE. Where would she keep him? How big are they? Can they were stay in the carnival if they are so huge? If not, where does it sleep? Ya know what I'm saying?

I also have a slight issue about the history as a whole... It seems a bit rushed... go back and do a bit more detail. When she was on her own, did she steal? Did she get by through hunting? She couldn't have read a lot of books during that time, right? Less she went to some library. And... the fact that she ran away with a guy and got married is slightly concerning... since it sometimes leads to other things... and I like to think you are innocent and stuff... So... if you could go into detail as to what she did, that would be nice, though if it goes into a gross part... paraphrase or make a subtle comment about it... Why did she elope and stuff is nice too... ya know... so we understand what is running through this girl's mind.
·       Rides Skye through obstacles floating above the Carnival.
... Floating rocks? What obstacles? Who has this power? I don't understand...
·       Fancy sword twirling stuff
So... is she a fancy fighter? Meaning her attacks aren't to hit but to impress?
·       Shoots flaming arrows
... She sets arrows on fire how?
·       Tightrope walker
Weapon of Choice: Interconnecting double sword or re-curve bow
Ooooh, intriguing. Tell me about the looks of these cool weapons!
Other: Has definitely noticed Sawyer’s good looks. But is does not feel interested in a romantic relationship right now. If Tazz is interested, good friends with Sawyer?
Ooooooh, cute... Little crush~

Hm... Definitely a beginner's bio, but quite a nice bio overall. :) Plenty of potential here.

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Re: Elle Carnaval for Cruor Misfits and Rats (Open. Hi~)

Post by Omega Wolf on Tue May 13, 2014 7:42 pm

Name:Ryan de Kleftis

Age: 13

Role: Underling-animal trainer/handler

Number of Years With Elle Carnaval: 6 months (she has been following the carnival for a bit longer though [at least three years before joining])

Form of Cruor Magic: Identity Essence Absorbing ability. When harmed by another (either man or beast) so as they draw blood, she has the ability to absorb either the essence of the weapon used or that of the assailant. If she takes in the matierial of the weapon, then her skin becomes the metal by which she was cut. She has become her own armor and weapon and is still able to move. If she chooses the offender's identity to absorb she either aquires their physical attributes or their magical abilities, if they posses any. the amount of time she spends asher attacker or the weapon's material depends on how fatal the wound is. The more fatal means thelonger amount of time.

Personality: She tries to be much tougher than she actually is. While being extremely stubborn if she doesn't like you, she becomes very eager to please if she is friends with you or considers you family. The child-like girl has always loved a good show and has particular issues with abandonment.Ryan has grown very close to animals and enjoys being an animal more than she enjoys being a human. She occasionaly lets the carnival animals scratch or bite her, knowing that they understand what she can do thanks to her magic. She holds beastly life in very high esteem as long as they show her and other creatures due respect. She followed the carnival around before she was asked (or begged those running it) to join. she had been suspecting the carnival's ability for cruor magic and wanted to be with people like herself after being thought of as a freak to all those near her.

Appearance: A petite girl who looks a bit younger than her true age. This makes her appear around ten. She has ash brown hair which she keeps cut short and irregularily choppy. Ryan has sad hazel eyes which the irises look muck like green stars in seas of dark gold. She has a slighty round face for being a very slim person. When she was living with her family, she wore as many layers as possible usualy in orange green and brown shades. She was and still is obsessed with pockets, therefore all her clothing was littered with them. since she now wears the underling uniform, she often complains about not enough pockets or usually none at all. Ryan has a small red birthmark cornering her left eye that is shaperd llike a three pointed star. She has an item of jewelry that she wears at all times: a Leather wrist watch. It is not useful in any way because the gears are jammed and the face is cracked. Yet Ryan believes it brings her good luck.

History: She was raised in a family with three older brothers. They were each normal and when she was five she tried to show her abilities to the brother who was closest in age to her (only 3 years older). he became extremely afraiad of her. This therefore made her afraid of herself.One day, at age nineRyan heard of a carnival which had not visited her area in her lifetime. After she went to her first ever viewing of Elle Carnival, she felt she might have found a place where she could belong. She attended every nearby performance and, eventually, approached one of the members, begging them to let her join. When asked what was so special about her, she held back no secrets. the 12 year old thought that of all the people in the world these ones might understand.

Skills: Agility, knife twrowing, foolishness that is often mistaken for fearlessness, pretty good liar, sword, animals

Weapon of Choice: She prefers small throwing knives when not in another form. She also occasionally wields a bronze colored dagger that is rather ornate yet still extremely deadly.

Other: Talented sketch artist yet believes nothing of the sort.

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Re: Elle Carnaval for Cruor Misfits and Rats (Open. Hi~)

Post by King Staragna on Mon May 26, 2014 5:13 am

Name:Dale Hart



Number of Years With Elle Carnival:3

Form of Cruor Magic:By spilling his blood on the ground, Dale is able to summon his familiar, Douglas. Douglas is a giant male African Lion with an appetite for anyone who threatens his owner. Dale may summon him with only two to three drops of blood and withdraw him whenever he wishes; however, Douglas is made essentially useless after about an hour in our dimension. By letting more blood flow, Dale is able to see through his lion's eyes, allowing him to experience Douglas' surroundings. When desperate, Dale can expel a LARGE amount of blood in order to take Douglas' body over completely. This is strictly a last resort, as it leaves Dale's body defenseless and bleeding profusely.

Personality:Dale is an utterly unambitious loner. His social skills are almost nil, and his friend group consists entirely of Douglas the lion. While he can be quite funny, hilarious even, he often messes the joke up by bumbling his words. His jokes are often unheard due both to this and to the dearth of people to which he might tell them. From afar, he seems cold and dark, and he speaks softly for fear of driving away a potential friend. Ironically, this has kept him from getting any friends at all. He has on occasion entertained the notion of having Douglas eat one of his many tormentors, but he always found himself backing off for fear of being caught. His lack of people skills have found him in the toilet more than occasionally.

Douglas, as opposed to the meek Dale, is fierce. Though he does not speak, his passion for Dale is palpable. If he feels his owner is being threatened, Douglas will attack and kill the aggressor unless Dale calls him off. When out of danger, Douglas has a tendency to be rather adorable. He is often to be found nuzzling against his owner, attempting to elicit a pet. Once the duo joined the Elle Carnival, Douglas put his considerable charm to use in trying to seduce a lady friend for Dale. It didn't work.

Appearance:Dale is overweight, almost to the point of obesity. His olive green eyes are usually glued to the floor for fear of making contact with any actual people. His long blond hair is greasy and unruly, and is usually covered up by a beanie (he replaces this with a top hat when on stage). He doesn't particularly care about his appearance, but the higher-ups demanded he dedicate himself to at least a little hygiene maintenance. This amounted to him clipping his nails every once in a while. His face is ridden with persistent acne that has plagued him since middle school.

Dale stands at a respectable 5'11, but he often appears much shorter due to his terrible posture. While the audience gives him an opportunity to stand up straighter, he will never be able to fully straighten his back. When not performing, he wears dark clothes that contrast sharply with his pale complexion. When he is under the light, however, he dons a tuxedo and a top hat, marveling in the glory of the audience's applause.

Douglas has nothing that really sets him apart from any other lions; that is, he would fit right in were you to throw him in a pride. That said, he is majestic. He spends much of his time grooming while in the Cruor dimension, so as to be perfect for his adoring fans. His mane is healthy and full, and his teeth are sharp and ready for action. He has a yellow coat that occasionally seems to glisten, and his claws are often bared so he can show off his considerable power.

History:Dale grew up an only child in an abusive household. His father was quick to find an excuse to use his belt on either Dale or his mother. This constant abuse led to Dale's passive, cowering nature, which helped him not at all once he started going to school. The local bullies picked up on this meekness, and soon discovered that their victim's head fit a toilet perfectly. Between his tormentors at school and his sadistic father and timid mother at home, Dale found his only solace in food and video games.

After years, years of torture, embarrassment, and self-destruction, Dale turned to the knife. In anger, he cut his arm with a steak knife while in his room and was greeted by a gigantic lion. Terrified, he yelled at it to get away; he was obeyed immediately. It took him a month, but eventually the high-schooler took it upon himself to try again to summon the lion. When he did, he found the beast to be quite friendly. Unaccustomed to other things showing any affection towards him, Dale named the lion Douglas and fell in love with him immediately. Dale tested the limits of his connection with his familiar as often as he could. Whenever he could, he would go up to his room and cut a part of himself so as to manifest his only friend.

Elle Carnival had passed through Dale's town once or twice, and he always felt a sort of kinship with the performers whenever he went to see them. About two years after his primary discovery, the Carnival came again and Dale suddenly realized the origin of his perceived relationship. They, too, drew powers from their blood! He immediately sought out the ringleader and, without a word, let a drop of blood fall in her tent, summoning his lion. She let him in without a second thought; they were in need of a new lion tamer after the last one had his head bitten off.
Skills:Dale has no real skills besides surfing the internet and not opening a vein when summoning his lion. Douglas, however, is able to jump through flaming hoops and roar gloriously at command. Due to his intense loyalty, Douglas is inclined to obey all of Dale's commands.

Weapon of Choice: An intricate dagger used to summon Douglas; Douglas needs no weapon.

Other:I'd just like to take this opportunity to tell you that it's spelled "Carnival" :P

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Re: Elle Carnaval for Cruor Misfits and Rats (Open. Hi~)

Post by AkaiJose on Mon May 26, 2014 2:14 pm

((Just poppnig on real quick to say: El Carnaval is the SPANISH spelling <.< I didn't want to use Carnival 'cause that would be dumb. So I don't wanna hear it, Ian >.> I'll be back after doing homework))

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Re: Elle Carnaval for Cruor Misfits and Rats (Open. Hi~)

Post by King Staragna on Mon May 26, 2014 2:37 pm

((Huh... so it is! But now I'm confused... is Elle the name of the place? Or is it supposed to be "El"...? :P))

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Re: Elle Carnaval for Cruor Misfits and Rats (Open. Hi~)

Post by Skitts. on Thu Jun 05, 2014 11:59 pm

May I join?

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Re: Elle Carnaval for Cruor Misfits and Rats (Open. Hi~)

Post by King Staragna on Fri Jun 06, 2014 1:24 pm

Well, I'm not AkaiJose, but considering the title says open, feel free! :) Welcome aboard!

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Re: Elle Carnaval for Cruor Misfits and Rats (Open. Hi~)

Post by AkaiJose on Tue Jun 17, 2014 6:19 pm

((I am now in the process of going over everything. Yes, this is still open :3 Okay, so Tazz and Umi haven't been on lately so I have reopened Umi's previous character slot {unless she returns in due time}. Again, apologies for the delays. I will review bios now and tomorrow when I can and I will definitely work on a starting thread for this.

Let me just say, the bios look fantastic so far and I am very happy with everyone's detail. :3 Anddddddddd Skittsyyyyyyyyy, once you join in, I'll begin. Okay, everyone?))

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Re: Elle Carnaval for Cruor Misfits and Rats (Open. Hi~)

Post by TheDarknessofLoyalty on Tue Jun 17, 2014 11:28 pm

So would my character be applicable for the Trainer slot then?

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Re: Elle Carnaval for Cruor Misfits and Rats (Open. Hi~)

Post by AkaiJose on Thu Jun 19, 2014 2:24 pm

((Yes indeed! I was just about to post that you were the next one to ask for the slot, so I shall give it to you. :P Let me just put it up there.))

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Re: Elle Carnaval for Cruor Misfits and Rats (Open. Hi~)

Post by Skitts. on Thu Jul 17, 2014 11:06 pm

(((Ah....I must make a bio. Things came up, got grounded, got shot (not really) I got sick for like 2 weeks and then my stupid boyfriend was homeless...UGH! I'm going to make my bio. With Break. It will probably be crap accept it or disown it as you like. K? K. Give me about thirty minutes)))

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Re: Elle Carnaval for Cruor Misfits and Rats (Open. Hi~)

Post by Skitts. on Fri Jul 18, 2014 12:30 am

Name: Breakimer Chain DeCarne (Just Break.)
Age: 23 (Maria. I’m not sure if he’s allowed to be the race he is……sooooooo we’ll just say he’s 23 and pretend that the history I provide is the real history for now)
Role: Underling
Number of Years With Elle Carnaval: I’m going to say 2
Form of Cruor Magic: (((Well Akai I was going to use the blood one that Chess and Break had, remember? The really screwed up one if not oh well but I’m going to do the shadows….))) Alright, seeing as this must be a blood magic…Break must break open the skin on his left arm over this tattoo (picture) and then swallow the blood. He doesn’t have to swallow it but you’ll find out that Break is….Break. Anywho, once its activated he’s able to ‘slip’ in and out of shadows, and at times distort them.
Personality: (((You’re killing me smalls D: ))) Break is the type of guy who will stab you in the back. He doesn’t like hardly anyone other than those that he feels he’s dominate over. That being said he is also very loyal, once you’ve gained his trust or if he owes you a favor you won’t have to worry about it getting done or having someone there. Break is a total flirt, not in the “your eyes are like diamonds” way but more like “you know I could kiss you and poison you at the same time and you’d be fine with it.” Way if that makes sense. Around Randy however, (I guess this doesn’t matter but oh well), he doesn’t look at any other women probably because he’s been trained and beaten into it, but if you hurt that woman or Terrian he will NEVER be able to forgive you and will most likely try and kill you at every chance he gets.
Appearance (((you’re very lucky I enjoy imagining Break))): (Picture) [img][/img]
Well I’m going to give you a picture and description. Break has blue eyes, as shown, a strong jawline and black hair. His skin has always been albino white and unlike his brother Chain he has died his naturally white hair. He is 6’ 3” tall like his two brothers and has a fairly lanky but muscular build. When he gets embarrassed or mad he kind of puffs up, like the shoulders go up and everything tenses. You’ll usually find him in dark clothing, black straight jeans, gray teeshirt, sunglasses…or if he’s feeling in the mood maybe a three-piece tuxedo. If you see him in, oh say a bright pink shirt with green shorts, it’s not him and will probably be Chess.
History (Or else….Skittsys gets to get cookeis.): Okay…well.
Break was born on a dark stormy night, the first of triplets. No I’m just kidding, it was a rather nice day and he was born first of triplets. After his two siblings, Chesire and Chain were the mother died due to the strenuous labor and the fact that no one was there to help her through it other than their father who…granted was not a great man. The three boys lived with Ivendar until they were 15 and *cough cough* took care of the man *cough cough*. At the age of sixteen Chess (Chesire) and Break went to a school called Saint Vivianne’s Monastery for Troubled Youth as the principal’s wards, Chain was sent to Russia to go to a separate facility. By the age of 18 Break met a young girl named Randy. Heh…Randy had quite the thing for Break, meaning she wouldn’t let him flirt with any other girls besides him…and it grew on him. The two fell in love over the course of 2 years and eventually got married.
After Randy and Break were wed, Randy already being pregnant with their first child, the two moved to a town in order to get away. The child was born and they named him Terrian, he was a beautiful thing with cold green eyes, and due to his mother’s abilities grew at an unnaturally fast rate. Terrian however wasn’t sure how to cope with the combination of not only his mothers powers, but that of the DeCarne’s and ended up killing Randy one night while Break was on a trip with Chess. Break returned to find Randy’s body on their bed and Terrian had disappeared. Assuming that Terrian had also perished Break left the town, his job, and his past behind. By the time he was 21 he had joined the Carnaval. So far only Aella knows all of his past, the rest can know about Randy and Terrian.
-Disappearing act using his magic
-He uses his shadow slip during fights in very creative ways. Often playing dirty
-He’s a strangely good cook due to being a family man and Randy hardly having time (Not to mention that she’s an awful cook)
-His brothers call him the weirdest things and they have a incestuous relationship at times….just ask Maria
Weapon of Choice: Black katana and dagger
Other: Meh. He’s a jerk.

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Re: Elle Carnaval for Cruor Misfits and Rats (Open. Hi~)

Post by Skitts. on Fri Jul 18, 2014 12:31 am

" />

From left to right:: Chesire (Chess), Chain, and Break

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Re: Elle Carnaval for Cruor Misfits and Rats (Open. Hi~)

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