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Post by Tsubaki on Sat Apr 26, 2014 7:50 am

"The mafia does not exist anymore."

Growing up as the daughter of a Mafia godfather, she was used to hearing this phrase, and laughed a little on the inside each time she heard it. People seemed to think that modern times had killed the Mafia, or even slowed it down. In fact, quite the opposite was true. The invention of cell phones and internet had simply made it that much easier to hide. If anything, the Mafia was larger and more powerful than ever before. Even as a little girl she had always been able to sense the overwhelming power and authority behind her father's every word.

They lived together in a large penthouse suite in Manhattan near Central Park. They lived a life of luxury, with every want and need met. Even as a small girl she had more power than most people would ever have in their entire lives.

Her mother had passed away while giving birth to her and her father refused to marry again, that made her the only heir to his throne...

This is a pokemon Gijinka RP! Yay!

I do not want to go into too much detail because I really want this RP to focus on character development and too much detail now will restrict the story later.

Basically this is a father/ daughter RP. I will be the daughter and you will be the father, who is also the boss of the entire Mafia.

How I would like this to work is, you create the bio for the father, and I create the daughter based on your bio. I want the daughter to actually seem like she was raised by the father so I need you to create your character first. You can be a loving and attentive father, or a deadbeat, or maybe try to by her love with extravagant gifts... it is up to you!


  • No godmoding, bunnying, or any of that other junk...

  • This is obviously going to have some violence and crime, but it is not a 'mature' RP...

  • This is meant to be a drama/ "realistic" RP (obviously I use the word realistic loosely)

  • One more thing, since I will be your daughter, you get to name me and choose my pokemon! Include the name and pokemon type in your bio. Be nice though, don't make me a Snorlax or something like that...

[b]Name:[/b] (Make it sound Italian obviously...)

[b]Pokemon type:[/b]


[b]Personality:[/b] (At least one full paragraph.)

[b]History:[/b] (At least two full paragraphs)

[b]Daughter's name and type:[/b] (Also Italian...)

This is the bare minimum for a bio. Anything less will not be accepted, but you can add anything else you want.

Also in case you are wondering, I did get the ok from Ed to make this...

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Cosa Nostra (Pokemon Gijinka) Empty Re: Cosa Nostra (Pokemon Gijinka)

Post by TheDarknessofLoyalty on Sun Apr 27, 2014 5:24 pm

Name: Malakai Torallia

Pokemon type: Zoroark

Age: 30

Personality: Plain and simple, Malakai is a protective father who dotes on his daughter so much that he's almost wrapped around her little finger... Almost. He does keep his place at the head of the family and the mafia, but with differeing methods. Stern and austere yet still caring and doting to his heiress, but a man his mafia fears the wrath of for it comes quick and mercilesly. Especially if someone had attempted to injure his daugter.

There are rare occasions where he'll just stare into space when on his down-time, in recollection of the past.

History: His was an opulent life, but not without it's hardships. While luckier than his daughter in that both parents lived, he was far unluckier with how he was treated once he had passed the stage of mewling child. The moment his parents felt him mentally actue enough for knowledge they went suddenly stern and harsh on him, making sure he knew the perils of the mafia long before the perks ever showed themselves.

This treatment was their undoing, however, as a growing resentment of them grew. he believed it was his right to have some say in how the Mafia was run, as he could understand the new blood much more due to the much smaller difference of age between them. eventually he'd decided he'd had enough of them though, and he wasn't alone in it. The hostility of his parents had made the whole Mafia more supportive of his much more prudent and, after a great number of failures (for which his father subsequently beat him, leaving lasting scars on his back), wiser desicions.

He planned out a coup against his parents. and, arrogant as he was due to his burgeoning support, told his parents of his shoddily made pln to oust them. But he did succeed, holding that place since through fear, but no-where near as stubborn as his 'past-chained buggered up bastard old man' had been. He swore, on the day he took control of the Mafia that he would not make his faher's mistakes.

This manifested in the love he was soon to bear, the Zoroark woman named Milledua, attracted not to his position, like his mother had been with his father, but to Malakai's determination. A believer of soulmates, and that this woman was his he vowed that no other woman would enter his heart and has held firm to it to this day. The last vestige of that woman, his daughter, was, to him, more than a source of remembrance of the woman, but a reminder of the future and a source of joy for him.

He shed no tears at Milledua's passing, but instead silently held his daughter with a smile on his face, vowing to make his soulmate's memory proud. He named the pup Zarea, raising her himself without the failures of his parents even coming close to sinking in.

In a world full of fear and decrepit minds itching to pull the trigger at him, his daughter was, and still is, his solace. Although he understood time's flow all too well and groomed his child not only to succeed him but to surpass him.

Daughter's name and type: Zarea

Malakai's appearance:
Cosa Nostra (Pokemon Gijinka) Zoroark

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Post by Tsubaki on Sun Apr 27, 2014 8:44 pm

Name: Zarea Torallia

Pokemon type: Zorua

Age: 12

Cosa Nostra (Pokemon Gijinka) ATGEY9F

Personality: Zarea has grown up privileged and it shows. She is a girl that loves the latest fashions and trends. She has never had a need or want that was not instantly gratified, and would have a difficult time surviving without her father's money were it not for her most prominent personality trait, her charm. Zarea is a fast and smooth talker. Her father likes to tease that she could "sell ice to an Eskimo."
She does not typically lie when trying to get her way (though it is not out of the question), but usually her abundant charisma and sweet smile are enough to melt even the coldest heart.
Beyond that she is a typical teenager. A little shallow and self-absorbed. She has a kind and generous side but in her world she does not get to show it often. She also has a dark and ruthless side, this is a little more practical in her mafia world.

History: Zarea's father has been very protective of her for her whole life. Because of this, she has been a bit sheltered and has very little in the way of real world experience. Most of her life has been education, friends, and shopping. She has had a relatively easy and happy life. She loves her father and they have always gotten along famously. She also has always been close to most of the men he works with regularly and calls many of them uncle.

Except one. There is one of his men that Zarea tries hard to avoid at all costs. He has been stalking her for years and has caught her alone many times. He has never actually forced himself on her, but he has hurt her in many ways. He has even tied her up several times and made her think that he was going to do things to her (though again, he never actually did) As she is getting older and more difficult to intimidate, he has been backing off. She has never told anyone about him due to his constant threats that he would kill her father.

Were it not for her father's unconditional love and constant reassurance, she would be a very disturbed person after the years of mistreatment in this man's hands. While she is a relatively level-headed person, she does suffer from terrible nightmares most nights. She has always known that she could have him killed at any time, but she is still a child and has not been able to bring herself to make that decision.

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Post by Warrior Queen Hawk on Mon Apr 28, 2014 11:31 pm

Name: Annalisa Marino

Pokemon type: Shedinja, Bug and Ghost

"The aftermath of something beautiful being brought to its knees." ~A Mafia Grunt

Age: 34

Appearance (Nincada)
Appearance (Shedinja)

Personality: A proud mother of an adopted Vulpix daughter, Anna was once a fun-loving parent who reached out with every fiber of her being to help her child and those around her. She was sweet, considerate, and beautiful. She was fast and dangerous. Living in such a frightening place, she worked hard to keep her daughter out of trouble and protect her from those that wanted little Carmela for her fur or her looks.

Things changed for the worst when she evolved. Her once smiling face twisted into a straight line that was bland and emotionless. Her thoughts were taking over by the darkness that engulfed her from the inside and her daughter became a nuisance to her. She had to take care of her because no one else would and she didn't want a useful fire starter to get themselves killed.

Winning. Conquering. Destroying. That's what she found her purpose was. Nothing more, nothing less. Her days involved fighting, killing, and being idle. She waited long hours for her next mission and never complained. She couldn't. What else was she supposed to do? Play with her daughter? No, she would miss a mission.

"An empty shell is created to be controlled." ~Annalisa Marino

History: Lisa's childhood was filled with happy memories. Her dad enjoyed teaching her how to battle and use her abilities she learned effortlessly. Her mother taught her to cook and prepared her for her days ahead. Her mom wanted grandkids as soon as possible and Anna wasn't ready at all. In fact, with her dad's help, little Anna was convinced Nincada couldn't have children. It relieved her and made her more focus on her training and her goals to be a powerful basic pokemon.

When she was 16, she made the choice to craft a makeshift necklace out of an everstone and keep herself from evolving. She didn't want to evolve for numerous reasons. The biggest one being what she would become. Horror stories originated in her line about Nincada children turning into lifeless being that would be unable to do anything but strike what they love. Not only that, but the shells become weak, frail creatures even with their increased power. She would rather stay a basic pokemon than risk becoming the nightmarish monster that haunted her dreams.

At the age of 25, she realized kids weren't a bad idea. There was a problem though: she was ashamed of her line. She couldn't deal with producing a kid that would be in the Mineral Egg Group. None of them were attractive in her opinion and neither were any potential mates. She went without a child for another two years.

Carmela's mom became Annalisa's friend and had a litter of five and she couldn't keep all of them. The poor ninetails didn't have enough room and lucky for her, Annalisa was more than willing to adopted Carmela when the little kit yipped loudly at her and stole her heart. The little fox was the man upstairs blessing to Lisa, and the new mother took her and raised her to be a strong pokemon.

The mother turned 30 and trouble struck. She got caught in the mafia and agreed to join them if they gave her daughter the best care. Anyone who looked at Carmela wrong was maimed in some form, credit going to her protective mother. The bug woman worked hard and her daughter was fed well and given the best for her mom's hard work though she was a mere Nincada.

Then they tricked her. They told her they would stop providing for her daughter if she didn't evolve. They didn't see a point in a basic not changing if they could be stronger. She was torn. Her childhood fear was brought back and the person most dear to her was in danger of having no food. It took one day for her to figure out her choice. No one would give her a job after working for the mafia... she and Carmela would be on the streets in a heartbeat...

She took her daughter's hand and told her they were leaving in the morning. What she didn't expect was how fun the mafia planned to go to make her evolve. Even now, she thinks the reason they made her was to see if she would evolve into a shedinja, making her extremely vulnerable to their demands.

The night before they planned to leave, the mafia leader sent his best to take the child and the everstone around her neck. They managed to rip the necklace off her, but she slashed and screamed to get them to leave Carmela alone. It took two hours of constant fighting, but she felt her power increase and her body begin to change. In seconds the fighting ended and they watched as she changed into her nightmares.

Since then, her emotions toward Carmela have been harsh, as if she was nothing to her but a pain in the butt.

"A life of happiness transforms to a life of empty promises." ~Annalisa Marino
Daughter's name and type: Carmela Marino, Vulpix. Fire type.

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Post by Tsubaki on Tue Apr 29, 2014 8:21 am

Name: Carmela Marino

Pokemon type: Vulpix

Age: 7

Personality: Like her mother, Carmela was a fun-loving free spirit. She was quick witted and intelligent for her age. She was always more advanced than the other kids her age in school and always seemed to be happier. Her mother doted on her with love and attention and it showed in Carmela's personality. It was quite unusual to see her without a smile on her face and skip in her step.

Her mother sheltered her from the worst of their mafia life so she retained her innocence even for a while after that fateful night when her mother evolved into the lifeless creature she was now. Unfortunately she was a product of her mother's love, and without it her identity was lost to her. She became a dismal and angry version of her formal self. Now most of the people that know her do not even remember what her smile used to look like. She still tries every day to catch a glimpse of her old mother, but she has given up hope almost completely.

History: For nearly a year after her mother's change Carmela woke every morning and ran to her mommy's side with a smile and an attempted hug. Usually the smile faded quickly when the hug was rejected. Carmela tried hard to understand why her mommy seemed to hate her now, but try as she may she could make no sense of it.

What had she done to make her mommy so angry? What could be so wrong with her now?

For almost a year Carmela would beg her mother to forgive her for whatever mistake she had made. She would write little notes in crayon, color pictures, and make up little songs in pathetic little attempts to win back her mother's heart. All of these labors of love proved fruitless. Finally one day Carmela woke up and sat on the edge of her bed, unable to muster up even the hint of a smile. She hung her head and tried to let out some kind of emotion, but the hurt was so deep that she could not even cry. She just felt...dead inside.

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