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Post by Tyrial on Sat Apr 26, 2014 10:42 am


((Did you expect more?  Yes?  Well...go watch .hack sign.  I can wait here.  For those of you who know of the cat Macha, well got on you.  Now see I originally came here with the intention of chastising a certain bird...well, we will add in the bird's mate just because I can.  However, I liked the introductions I saw.  You all saved her!  Yay!

So to introductions!  I am Macha, Sphinx, Ma-chan, Ma-sempai, Cat, Kitty, the silent one, That ******* cat, so on.  My real name is something I will hold to myself.  The few of you who know it, keep it to yourself.  Yes I am talking about you Birdie.  And the Red Panda.  And the King.  Y'all shush up.  Anyway, I have earned my names...and nicknames...You are welcome to use any and all of them.  I am rather uncaring on that fact.

I think I might be the most Time experience roleplayer here.  I have been doing this for easily seven or so years.  Now before you view that as am impressive amount of years (And it kind of is from what I have asked others) that is only seven years of TEXT based role playing.  Since I was young enough to get my little fist around a d20, I played role playing games, I did rpg's on various consoles, and well...what kid hasn't played pretend.  So I have a lot of experience in doing this.  (On a side note though, experience does not take place of skill.  I can't spell to save my laugh.  And grammar....hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.........yeah, I will mess up.  I will make mistakes.  If you can teach me without sounding like a know it all, I welcome you to help me along!)  To be entirely truthful, my actual skill with doing role playing is up for debate.  Lets go walking down memory lane shall we?  When I first started doing this, I joined a site that is now gone.  (Like its deleted.  And it wasn't MDW) On that site, the average requirement for joining a roleplay was a 1000 word bio.  To some, that isn't hard, for others its actually an impossibility.  I did it.  Posts were always three or more paragraphs long.  Rp's were....legendary...some of my best memories came from that site.  But that is where I came from, how I started into this fun form of storytelling.  But as I site hopped around (Runescape's roleplaying forum.  Another dead site.  MDW.  Shadow.  Now here.)  I was surrounded by people who didn't have the harsh requirements of my first site.  1000 word bio's were replaced by 500 word requirements.  300 words.  "Detailed bio's".  To the site I am currently on, where if you can do a paragraph for history or personality that is at least three or more sentences...well your ahead of the game.  Any of the old skill I once had is now gone.  Beaten down by having to learn how to roleplay with posts:

Much like this.

Single sentences, that don't even have to be full sentences.

"Heck I get many posts like this, where the character speaks somehow but no explanations."  (Where is the he said!  Where is the she said!  Did their character speak?  Was I yelled at by god?  That is what I deal with sometimes on that site.)

And I swear...I swear to what ever you find most unholy.  Whether that be hell, some other form of debauchery, even if its your ex's glare.  If.  You.  Put.  'I smiled.'  As a sentence.  I.  Will.  Physically.  Harm.  You.

I make it sound pretty bad right?  Well, there are a few out there who can do some good work on that site.  And I enjoy every reply I get from them.

Going back to skill.  Ask WarriorHawk, ask...AkaiJose?  (I think she is the Maria I know.  If not, my sincere apologies.), I would have you ask King but well...I don't feel I gave him a good showcase of what I can do.  Heck ask him anyway, he only ever got to see me at my current state.  It would be interesting to hear his opinion against Hawk's.

But that is my roleplaying background.  I went from some of the best writers I have ever seen, (Something that was actually a funny fluke...I was supposed to be able to join that site only by invite...heh heh....)  To dealing with absolute trash.  But among the gemstones of the world, you can find glass fakes.  And in the trash on the ground, you can find something worth polishing.  And I am if nothing else, a collector of such rare things.  The rare finds, and the gems alike.

Outside of roleplaying, I am male.  I am coming to my 20th birthday (Go ahead, do the math on how old I was when I started roleplaying.  I can wait.  You good?  Okay let us continue.).  I am certifiably insane.  And this is actually not a joke, spent three months in a mental hospital! (For other reasons actually, but it did help some issues I never brought around to saying.)  Once again, those who know about this event, keep it to yourself.  Some day I will tell the tale, but it is my tale to tell.  I am a gamer, and that doesn't just include video games.  I have played a varied collection of board/card/dice games.  I have played and been the dm for DnD, GuRPS, Pathfinder, ect.  I am the fastest and most skilled reader I know.  (A boast and a sad fact.  I know so few readers.  But I read 7th Harry Potter book in 3 hours.)  I am an artist, and I might dump my old art onto the site.  DO NOT let my skill at drawing seem grand.  I had three months in the mental hospital to practice, with some who were better than I.  But I haven't drawn much since I got out.  I am not a brony, a Whovian, or a treckie.  Haven't watched more than one episode of Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, and other popular ones.  I have watched a fair amount of MLP because I have a young sister.

I must give warning that at times I will just vanish from the world.  Life gets away from me, I get problems like everyone else.  Plus...sometimes I just can't find the motivation to roleplay.  I have been doing this a while.  But I always come back...eventually.

Scrolling up...yeah seems like a good enough introduction to me....I can only say that I am me.  I am cynical, sadistic, sarcastic, but generally a good guy.  Good luck telling me problems I haven't heard before.  And I will always listen, I will always try to help.  I won't judge...a lie...I will judge, but that won't change how I treat you.  I will say it again.  I.  Am.  Just.  Me.  And no one in the world will change me from something I want to be.

Stickied. ~Marchie

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Post by TheDarknessofLoyalty on Sat Apr 26, 2014 10:51 am

Luna's Greetings, O feline one. I'm glad to meet another of that Kitsuhawk's friends and I feel we may get along quite well. I look forward to RPing with you.

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...((Ten character requirement for titles is lame...)) Empty Re: ...((Ten character requirement for titles is lame...))

Post by Tyrial on Sat Apr 26, 2014 11:21 am

Haha, a pleasure....Tsub....tenisk....thing that you are! Might take me some time to get into the swing of things, but before the end of the night I hope and plan to be in a roleplay.

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...((Ten character requirement for titles is lame...)) Empty Re: ...((Ten character requirement for titles is lame...))

Post by Warrior Queen Hawk on Sat Apr 26, 2014 2:01 pm

You... you joined to harass me... I thank everyone here for being awesome, I guess XD You should be in an rp by the end. Or you could create one. Either one will be great. Since I can't use your real name... Can I bring back Tyrial? :3 Please? Pretty please?

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...((Ten character requirement for titles is lame...)) Empty Re: ...((Ten character requirement for titles is lame...))

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