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Post by Warrior Queen Hawk on Sat Apr 26, 2014 4:27 pm

My name is Junko Su, a kitsune or fox demon who fights for the good of my faction, the Lux. I have been given the duty to collect information from the side which we are are at war with, the Umbra.

Right now, I have disguised myself as your average mage whom can control the element of fire. I keep my head down and speak little to those inside the Umbra faction. So, what will happen when I am inevitably found out about?

Let's find out.

Realize I have worked on this bio for months... Which is why it is so long... I don't mind a shorter bio XD Encouraged to have a smaller one!

[b]Skills and Abilities: [/b]
*Anything in my bio that isn't here is completely optional

Name: Junko Su
Age: Appears to be 15 but is really 55
Race: Kitsune or fox demon. This species is able to shift from human to fox and from fox to human. They are not humans that shape into foxes though. They are purely fox demon with a human disguise. It’s not vise versa. When they use their magic, their eyes shift into a silver color for a few minutes depending on the power/magic they use. Kitsunes live for 1000 years and are able to have nine fox tails that sway behind them. When they reach their ninth tail after 800 years, they grow mad and leave havoc in their wake. They do so because the tails appear from both age and knowledge. When the ninth tail forms, the knowledge they hold drives them insane for 100 years’ time. When the years pass, they have a choice of continuing to bring ruin or make peace with the world after their sins. Those who make peace go to fox heaven, and those who continue the terror are sent to the land below the surface. 

When in human form, these creatures can be noticed as what they are by their shadow and reflection. No matter what they do, their shadow and reflections will always offer the identity of the fox demon. In legend it says that this was a curse onto the first Kitsune for pretending to be a human. Kitsunes also go insane as if they had their ninth tail during the crescent moon.

All Kitsunes have a slight obsession for a certain color; silver. They love silver bells the most since bells make a wonderful sound for a fox demon's ears. Temple bells are also a favorite for the foxes.

The natural abilities of a kitsune are shifting into a human, having a form where their ears and tails show in their human form, control over Kitsune-bi fire, and Silvertongue.
Gender: Female
Weaponry: Junko’s weapon of choice is two twin swords that may come together at the bottom of the hilts and become a bladed staff with a hand hold where the two hilts merge together. The metal that makes up the blades are forged from a special metal that helps them withstand flame. They, unfortunately, can’t withstand the heat of Kitsune bi-fire. The hilts are made from strong but non-metallic material that is weaker than the metal of the blades, but is still resistant to regular flames. When both blades are merged for the staff, the weapon is almost as long as Junko’s body.

She also carries two daggers. The daggers are for ranged fighting and only give her two throws before she is usually forced to use magic or close combat. 

Skills and Abilities:
Kitsune Bi-The ability to create a blue/white flame from oxygenate air. The Bi-fire is so hot that it freezes what it touches. To create this fire from the air only is very difficult and consumes plenty of energy for Junko. The girl usually only uses this in intense situations or for immediate action. The best way to bring these flames into existence is for there to be a regular fire in the area. Whether she made it before or someone struck a match, it will make it easier for her to bring forth the freezing fire.

Bladed Flame-She creates a plain orange/red flames from oxygenate air and helps it form around her twins swords or staff like a snake. This ability takes a while to perfect the snake that curls around the blade, but once the process is complete it takes very little energy to sustain. It’s usually used when she knows she will be going into a close combat fight instead of going for stealth and knowledge. Even though she can hold the technique for a while if she wanted, she loses concentration ten minutes into most battles. If battles get too intense before ten minutes pass, she can lose her focus faster. When she does break concentration, the flames simply burn out.

Silvertongue-The ability to break a person’s will and have them answer questions. The basics of this power is to get information only. She is unable to give suggestions (as in, she can’t get them to do anything)as her kin can do when they are older. Junko must have direct eye contact with her target and a name for them to trigger the ability. The range of time that comes with it only last two-five minutes depending on how hard it is to break someone’s will. The name of the target acts as the charm to help set off the ability. (Last names are the weakest and the middle name is the most powerful. The strength of the name helps determine how fast someone should break.)

Shifting-The natural ability of all kitsunes to shift into a human disguise from their fox form. Almost no energy is used to shift into a human and they can make it so their fox ears and tail show in their human form or not. When Junko is severely hurt or exhausting way too much energy, her ears and tails can pop out of her disguise or if the injuries or exhaustion is too bad, the entire human form will diminish leaving only her fox form to be seen.

Voice: Junko’s voice is a mezzo-soprano pitch and most of the time carries a strict tone with it. In battle it can become a bit of an alto pitch and sometimes a little raspy. When she is having fun, playing games, or simply listening to the sound of bells, she has a more kind-hearted tone in her voice and the strictness seems to melt away. She also can slip into speaking in third person when she is having fun. The strict tone also leaves when someone asks for her opinion. A tremor makes its way into her words and making her stutter.
Appearance: (If you want a picture, give me seven days, or I can get it to you some other way) Junko as a human has dark brown hair that falls on her shoulders and crowds around her eyes. Her bangs carry a few natural light brown highlights. Her face is sharp with deep green eyes that change to crisp silver in certain situations (an example being when she uses her powers). The girl’s complexion is fair with a small birthmark on her forearm. The mark looks like any other discolored skin that a human would have until one looks closer at it. The birthmark is in the shape of three wispy fox tails. 

Her outfit is an old kimono that she modified dramatically. Instead of the traditional sleeves of a kimono, she ripped the seams from the shoulder of the sleeves and simply slipped them onto her arms. She did this so that she could see her birthmark without having to roll her sleeves all the way up her arm. She also took the liberty of making the baggy parts of the sleeves tight around her arms. From her thighs down, she created slits on either side of the kimono for easy movement if necessary. The once deep orange with red stars that rose up her back became a pitch black outfit with white lines that rimmed the sides and around the collar. Around her wrist is a white bracelet that holds three bells with different meanings. Each one was for her dad, her mom, and herself. Her twin sword sheaths lie comfortably across her back and the dagger sheaths are on either side of her body.

When she is a fox, she stands on all fours at the height of a big dog. Her coat is a light brown color with dark brown speckles on her back and on the insides of her front legs. Her underbelly and muzzle are white as well as the tips of her tails and her ears. She also has two tails right now.
Personality: She is strict because of her parents, but is always willing to help others when they need it. However, when faced with sharing her opinion on anything at all, she falls apart. Because of her past, Junko has a lot of trouble telling those around her what she thinks instead of what she knows. The mere thought of what people might accuse of her because of it makes her want to run and hide from everyone. Even though she can’t speak her opinion, she can act her opinions. As in if she thinks order half an army to go south and the other to go North is a good idea, she will simply do it and watch to see if anyone stops her. She will also try to use as many facts as she can instead of her own thoughts on things. Not only is this a problem, but also she is afraid of her own kind. If she finds another kitsune, she makes it her duty to stay as far away from them as possible and hope they don’t find out what both of them have in common.

Without her freak outs and strict policies, she is a gentle creature. Sure, she could kill, but when proper actions come her way, she enjoys herself with other people and creatures. She has trouble becoming comfortable because of her own opinions being a weakness to her, but sometimes she can handle talking with facts. Another thing that sets her different is her games. If she is asked to play a game with others, she will usually oblige and suggest one of her own games. Being a fox demon, these games are very entertaining for her and she will usually crack a rare smile or grin. The downside is most people must play for a while before she starts playing with enthusiasm. Once she is there though she is a ball of fur that bounces around on trees, walls, you name it. Another con to these games is she can get over confident, too playful, and sometimes dangerous depending on which game she plays. If she hurts her playmate, she can usually be found running off or trying to help them. One sentence that rises in her playmate’s tone, however, and she dashes off. Although when she is being yelled at for a mistake in her orders, she doesn't even flinch. Junko gives the person a simple nod and "I'll try better next time."

Another tid bit about Junko is she wants to help whoever she can even with her personal problems and past. She also has a problem with knowing what is good and what is bad. Because of her parents, her morals are different than most and sometimes she will do the wrong thing. Most of the time she makes these mistakes because she has always been around parents and a society that wanted her to be perfect and obey the rules.
Likes: She loves sweets and spicy foods. She also loves the color silver. The sound of bells make her very happy especially silver bells. Her kitsune games are another way to get on her good side.
Dislikes: She can’t stand hard, sour candy. Sure, the occasional sweet and sour chicken or sour sauce is delicious to her, but hard, sour candy is horrible to her fox tastebuds. She also gets easily annoyed when people mistake her fox ears as dog or cat.

History: Because this part is the longest of any of my other bios... I am going to sweat the little details. Junko was abused by her parents when she did something wrong and was forced to study her heritage and other pieces of knowledge. She tried to tell others she wanted more than just obeying orders and being a guard fox, but those around her pointed and laughed. All she was good for was obeying orders. She was beaten up for her opinions and came home to hear her family tell her to stop having a voice.

One day a bear got to her father and she was stuck with her mom. She got tired of her mom and by some "miracle" her mother was killed the same way her dad was and she left. She studied wherever she found work and soon landed in Lux's faction, deciding to do some good in being in this place. 

Last thing is she is a defected fox. At age 28, she got her second tail and she believes the reason she has such a unique birthmark is because she will pass away once her third tail comes in. She dreads every day that passes because of this, but she does her best to stay positive and keep herself going. Because she is defected, she is less powerful than her mother and father along with the rest of her ancestors.

Strengths: The heat of the sun helps to strengthen her magic since the waves of heat can make fire burn hotter. She is fast and almost always precise in her tactics for battle. Her Bi-fire is also very handy to increase her strength.
Weaknesses: Speaking her opinion is one of her biggest weaknesses. She is so scared of being judged that she can’t think straight. She is also scared of her death. She doesn’t know when it will happen, and only knows it will be soon since she has two tails already. All that’s left is the third… The good thing is if she doesn’t think too much about her death, she will do whatever it takes to win a battle and keep people safe. Junko is also deathly afraid of heights.

Character Theme Song: A Stray Child. The lyrics don’t fit her as well as the music itself does.

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Post by Warrior Queen Hawk on Sat Apr 26, 2014 4:29 pm

Name:  Kohl Drezn
Age: Unknown
Race: Peri-mancer.  Peri-mancer is a race long since thought dead.  Unlike the demon animal races that can change forms.  Or the Were clans that shift forms.  Or even the generic animals and humans.  Peri-mancers are both at once.  This mix can happen in a variety of ways, ranging from the existance of wings for arms, being covered in scales, having a multitude of limbs down the sides of the torso.  You imagine it, they are it.  Peri-mancers are the birth race of legends and monsters.  Legends and monsters that became all too real, and became their own races.  Before all other creatures came, there was the Peri-mancers.
Gender: Male
Weaponry: Khol uses a weapon that serves many roles and purposes.  To explain it you must know how he fights.  Khol is primarily a melee ranged combatant.  He prefers to be close enough to you to stab you with a knife.  For this purpose, his Karkun exists around his forearm and hand.  A blade can spring out on any cardinal part of his fist.  I.E. top, bottom, and the two sides.  These blades can puncture through the point, or slice by the edges.  A similar blade exists almost permanently along his forearm, extending into a jagged point past his elbow.  This long blade, runs along the same side as the pinky rests.  If a target goes beyond the range of melee combat, his weapon can also shoot out spikes.  I must also mention that he has a matching set of these weapons, one on each arm.
Skills and Abilities:  Peri-mancers have no real known abilities or skills.  But Khol himself can see in the dark, which pairs well with his ability to walk and move without making noise.  These two abilities assist with his work as a spy.  He also has keen senses and surprising strength and speed. His range of skills run broadly, and are too many to name.
Appearance: What you might see when you first lay eyes on Kohl is a kid 16 to 17 years of age. A messy tumble of hair on his head, that gets in his eyes but doesn't seem to bother the guy. Following down his face you will be met with storm grey eyes, that are ringed with gold. The rest of his features might strike you as handsome, or cruel, depending on the moment and the light.

What will really draw your attention, and will probabaly be the first thing you notice are his ears. While most creatures that are part animal have two sets of ears, one on top of the head, the other human ones in their usual space. His human ones are a set of cat ears. In addition to this set of ears, he has sharp teeth, though unless you get him to smile, you wont really notice. And yes he does in fact have a cats tail, and he isn't afraid to show it.

His pale skin covers a lean frame, devoid of fat but with enough muscle to show. He has a tattoo like marking of symbols going down his spine, as well as a crescent moon right under his left eye. No scars or blemishes exist otherwise on his skin.

For clothing, he tends to wear a multitude of different options, so long as it is in dark grey. Out in public he wears a shirt with sleeves that extend past his fingers, over which he wears a darker vest. On his legs are loose, multi-pocketed pants. Made from a canvas like material. Around his neck is a scarf.

When on the job though, he wears a cloth mask that wraps around his head. It covers his mouth and nose but nothing else, though he can pull up a hood from the back of it if he so chose. On his chest he wears a form fitting shirt, where only one sleeve actually exists. That sleeve reaches to his wrist, with his glove of a weapon is strapped on over it. The other arm is bare, save for a single sheath with a knife on his upper arm. Across his chest are two bandoleers, making an X over the center of his chest. On the bandoleers are an array of vials that he uses. His pants are made of the same canvas material, though extra fibers are woven in, and they are much better of a fit, though the pockets remain the same.
 Kohl is a quiet person, one who knows his place in the war. And isn't afraid to do what is necessary to win it. He acts as if he has a contempt for his life and those around him, but that is only half true. He believes that he is alone, and that everyone else is the reason he is alone.
History: Kohl keeps his past pretty close to the chest, and only really came about when the war first started. He fought as a soldier on the front lines before he and his company simply vanished. From that point on, two groups were formed. The first being a spy network that he is a part of. The second is a team of ghost assassins, that is not known about. Any information that gets out about the team is instantly silenced and destroyed no matter what side holds it.

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