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Post by Tsubaki on Mon Apr 28, 2014 11:58 am

Zarea looked through the catalog once again, still finding nothing that interested her. She handed it back to Emmy, her personal assistant. "I am not trying to be difficult, there just isn't anything in there that really.... ya know.... pops!"

"Pops?" Emmy looked at her skeptically.

"Yes, pops! It is my spring formal, I want to be the prettiest girl there."

"You are the prettiest girl everywhere." Zarea was never sure if Emmy was a suck-up, a genuinely nice person, or a lesbian; but compliments like that were frequent from her. Zarea smiled at her and shrugged. She did not really care either way, Emmy was her tenth assistant in five years, and for once they actually got along. She was not going to scare her off by accusing her of being a gay kiss-up. She had already scared two off that very same way. Was it her fault girls always seemed to be attracted to her? She was twelve and a half afterall, she was practically a woman now.

"Lets just go shopping and find something."

Emmy sighed. "Ms. Zaea we have been shopping four times and you have bought everything imaginable, except a dress!" Emmy was pretty adorable though, she had to admit. She was only six years older. Zarea shook her head. Focus! You have to find a dress!

Zarea used her most effective tool for getting her way, puppy-eyes. Emmy smiled and shrugged.

"First I have to go get daddy to give me my credit card back." She hopped to her feet and strolled in the direction of his office. Noticing a certain someone in the hall she lowered her eyes and made sure  Emmy would be between them when they passed.

When they got to the large double doors that lead into her daddy's office she quickly messed up her hair a little and rubbed her eyes to make it look like she had been crying. She practiced a good sad face as well. "Okay, I'm ready." She knocked lightly on the door.

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Post by TheDarknessofLoyalty on Tue Apr 29, 2014 1:16 am

"No." The Zoroark stated bluntly into the cellphone held to his ear. The man on the other side sounded feverish to find a way to get a different answer with the incoherant babble the single word was answered with. When the man paused to catch a breath, the gijinka simply asked, "Finished?" It was clear the man was of no mind to listen to more the babble, and that clarity struck the caller instantly.

"Good. I told you the same thing last week, and I do so hate to repeat myself. 3k upfront or else. Have it delivered by tomorrow," with that he severed the call and growled under his breath. He was never amused with those who paid protection to him. He keeps them out of the law's eyes and makes sure they have business. It's a simple batter for that business to pay him back!

Rising from his office chair he stretched, in time to get another call. Grumbling loudly he answered and spat out the usual greeting, "What do you want?" It seemed the guy on the other line was trying to offer him something from he way he inquired after his name. "Who do you work for, and how did you get this number? And I don't want any Arceus-damned half-assed tramp's answer."

No answer for the second half... The Zoroark growled with unusual volume, ending the call there and then and making one of his own, "Gordon. Find the nearest branch of this 'vordalia' company. Make sure their databases get fucked up until they pay the security firm you 'run' to fix it." The moment the confirmation was sounded he finished the call and put the phone down.

Finally some peace. He walked over to one of the sets of shelvs in the room and fingered through the folders on one of them, quickly removing the one he was after and thumbing through the files within. "Here we are... Oh... Well that was merciful of me. He's got 6k outstanding not 3k." He smirked, before putting it away and returning to his desk, hearing the knock just as he sat down, "Enter!" He called starting to note something down on his computer.

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Post by Tsubaki on Tue Apr 29, 2014 8:38 am

Zarea overheard a bit of the phone conversations her daddy was having and thought he sounded a little grouchy. She turned to Emmy, "It would probably be best if you waited out here. He sounds grumpy." Emmy nodded and when daddy said "Enter." Zarea opened the large door.

She had already messed up her hair and reddened her eyes, but upon hearing the tone in his voice she decided on another method. She put a huge smile on her face and peeked in before coming inside.

"Hi daddy!" She said in her sweetest little girl voice. "Do you have a moment for your darling daughter?"

She stepped inside and batted her eyes at him. She skipped over to his desk and threw herself onto his lap, wrapping her skinny arms around his strong neck. She may have been trying to get her credit card back, but she did love being this close to her father. He had a very distinct smell that only belonged to him. She laid her head on his chest and forgot for a moment about the spring formal and her credit card. Sometimes it was nice just to enjoy being her daddy's little girl.

"Oh, I wanted to ask you about something. I know I lost my credit card for being irresponsible. But I learned my lesson now and I am very sorry. I promise that if you give it back I will do my very best to be more mature." She shot him her best puppy-eyes. "Besides, you have so much to deal with already, you don't need this aggravation! In fact, maybe you can just give it to Emmy? Then she can monitor my usage... spring formal is coming daddy and I need a dress!"

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Post by TheDarknessofLoyalty on Wed May 07, 2014 12:29 pm

Malakai smiled at the sight of his daughter, chuckling as he returned her embrace. The repose from worry her presence cause had effectiely evicerated any anger he had earlier. As he was about to speak to her, she began speaking, and he mentally facepalmed. This again? He asked in his mind before speaking, "Remember what happened last time you promised to be more mature, Zarea?" he asked, his scarlet eyebrows raising slightly, "You nearly bought out the store,"

The puppy eyes. He thought to himself when that look can come into play, They always come about when she wants her way, He tapped his daughter on the nose before saying, "I am aware of the Spring Formal though," He gestured to his computer, the program on it showing a rather elaborate black dress with a light red trim in a good number of places, "Take a look." He said with a fatherly smile.

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