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Post by TheDarknessofLoyalty on Tue Apr 29, 2014 2:59 am

Faulacile: the Hybrid's Home (Pokemon Gijinka RP)

The world of Solumnira is a unique one, free of human influence the pokemon gijinkas propagated throughout for aeons. Most were conent to seek out those in their own egg group, and those that looked outside were taught that such a union was taboo. No-one was told why until a Gallade and Mawile broke that Taboo. The child bore the characteristics of both parents, oddly, but the famly was shunned and eventually exiled.

Others broke the taboo on many offasions in the following years and, over time, the exiles gathered in a place of safety: The Korallim Hills, the start of the town of Faulacile. As more came, the number of non-hybrids dwindled until there weren't any left, save for one. His lack of a second species in his blood had bore him prejudice over time that not only hardened his heart, but darkened his essence. he soon left, along with his half-sister, vowing vengence on their ancestors.

That was 300 years ago. Now, Faulacile boasts over 2000 residents, all hybrids. They have all but forgotten of the last single-blood gijinka's pating words. But they'll remember soon enough.

1. I am the host. Much as I respect the admin's forum authority, what I say in this RP goes.
2. You WILL obey the forum rules.
3. This is an Open Sandbox RP with a tiny bit of plot around it, which I will advance when I feel like it. And for the record it is a pre-gunpowder time period, so if you want a ranged weapon better take up archery!
4. This RP will allow imaginations to run more wild than a normal gijinka RP, as we're all hybrids here! Plus you don't have to be n upstanding citzen of the Law. You could be a vagrant or Hobo, a cutpurse, an assassin. Make those little grey cells (or what's left of them if that's the case) work.
5. And just like a Pokemon RP there are pokemon you can't have in the hybrids. The banned mons consist of the following: Ditto and the Legendary Pokemon (If you're wondering if a mon is or isn't a legendary ask, and I shall clarify)
6. There's also some limtations of Hybrids. You can't have a hybrid fo two mons from the same evolutionary set (For example: no Gallade/Gardevoir hybrids or Espeon/Umbreon, etc) and if even one of the mons is gender-locked you have to be that gender. So unless you're willing to have a hermaphroite character a Hitmonchan/Miltank Hybrid (or similar gender disonance) just isn't going to happen.
7. Remember. The only Stupid question is "Are we there yet?" so feel free to ask. I'll be sure to notify you if a specific Hybrid would have a custom ability.
8. If one side of the mon can mega-evolve both sides need to be fully evolved to access it. So a Mawile/Eevee hybrid could not, but a Mawile/Flareon could. Please keep this in mind. Also Mega-evolution stones are EXTREMELY RARE so no-one is starting with one unless they can explain it well enough.
9. You can use moves from either side of the hybrid's movepool, but there are no TM's or HM's. So anything not in the natural level up must be from Egg moves (such as Acid on a Chandelure/Armaldo hyrid)
10. Fun! 'Tis why I brought this RP into being. For fun! best thing is, if you wanna take a break from it, just take your Gijinka outta town, get 'em arrested, whatever, and you can come right back later and pick up the same character again (Unless you REALLY wanna kill 'em off... sadface.)

Syrah Wispe, the lethal chef. Umbreon/Togekiss (Aurum)

Bio Template (optional)
[b]Species Combo:[/b] (Name the mons in dex order. So it'll be Kangaskhan/Dratini, not Dratini/Kangaskhan)

[b]Skills:[/b] (These are what they have learned to do, what weapons they have learned to wield, etc.)
[b]Belongings:[/b] (Interesting things you own, like a nice silver locket with your loved one's face, or a speciallly crafted tool for your job. Weapons also are put here. You will need to defend your down eventually)

[b]Ability:[/b] (Some mons have custom ones, like Zoroark hybrids. Others just get access to one of the abilities avaialble to one of the two mons that make 'em up. http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-xy/ Should be the perfect source to find out what abilities are avalable to you, if the latter.)
[b]Mega-Ability:[/b] (Mega-capable mons only. Mega-evolved hybrids have unique abilities dependant on what they are a hybrid of. I will determine these as they appear)
[b]Moves:[/b] (Because Hybrids are two mons... it only seems fair that each side have it's own mveset of four. So you get 8 moves total, you also get to chose from the move lists of both sides! The above link should also help with this too)

[b]Personality:[/b] (A good paragraph or so should suffice here)
[b]History:[/b] (2 paragraphs minimum here. Not because I like a lot of words, but because it makes the character come to life more! and it gives me easy fodder to mind ra- *ahem* I mean Gives me a bigger insight into why their personality is the way it is *innocent whistle*)

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Post by Aurum on Tue Apr 29, 2014 8:36 pm

Name:Syrah Wispe
Species Combo: Umbreon/Togekiss
Gender: Female

Appearance:Syrah is very short for an adult. She stands at barely five feet, and her ears, shaped like Umbreon’s, only give her a few more inches. She has shorter hair, white and pale skin. She has an Umbreon’s tail as well. Her favorite article of clothing is a white dress with red and blue triangles on it. Her eyes are sharp hazel. She has tiny feet and weighs little more than a hundred pounds.

Skills: Syrah’s main weapon and trick is her charm and guile. With her versatile move-set, she can cause a variety of effects on the others. She also knows how to wield a knife quite well and uses it for a variety of situations, which ranges anywhere from cooking to slitting throats. However, her physical strength is very weak.

Belongings: Syrah owns a special pair of gloves. They were her mother’s, decorated with the family crest, a gilded W that curls around itself. She wears them for special occasions. She also owns a set of knives, each with a different purpose. Her main one has a red oak handle and a five-inch blade, stained with blood. She keeps this one hidden in a secret compartment in her drawer. The compartment is very well hidden and would be difficult to find even if someone knew it existed.

Ability: Super Luck: Ups chance of critical hits.

Moves: Metronome, Sweet Kiss, Feint Attack, Mean Look, Last Resort, Extremespeed, Wish, Charm

Personality: Syrah is a calm, quiet girl who keeps a lot of secrets, even from her good friends. She is not afraid to kill, nor does she have a problem with getting rid of those she does not like. She hates when people make fun of her shortness. She likes fruits, but no vegetables or meat. Her dark side comes during a night when the moon is visible. She begins to act on her hatred towards those people who make fun of her and bully her. Those people end up mysteriously gone in the morning… But Syrah does her best to remain loyal to her friends without revealing her dark nature.

History: Syrah was once a peaceful, adorable child who received lots of love. Her mother sang songs to her every night, songs of days past, when hybrids were shunned, then accepted, then encouraged. The songs were mesmerizing, and Syrah quickly grew fond of their history. Syrah evolved very quickly under her mother’s loving nurture. Her father was gone often, however; he worked as an excavator, searching for stones that could be sold for lots of money. He almost always came home with no luck, but occasionally he came back with a star piece, which is worth enough for his family to live off of until the next find.

One day, when Syrah was about 15, Syrah’s father came home with a large sack full of rare stones and said that he and his friends had found a large quarry of evolution stones. They split them amongst themselves, but everyone was still able to take seven of their choice. He took a few Fire Stones, a Water Stone, a Leaf Stone, a Dusk Stone, and a stone he knew specially: the Shiny Stone. The Shiny Stone would help Syrah evolve, but he was going to wait until she was 18 to give it to her. That night, a burglar, hired by one of his friends, came and tried to steal the stones. He stopped the burglar but was mortally injured in the process. Her dad decided it had to be now. He gave Syrah the stone wrapped in a bag, and she opened it. She evolved immediately, and her father said, “At least I was able… to see… this… moment……” Syrah watched as her father died.

A year later, her mom succumbed to an incurable disease. Syrah grew up quickly, metaphorically speaking. Her height after using the stone was set at five feet, and some still made fun of her for it. But she got a job as a chef, because she could cook really well. She made enough money to survive and had eventually saved up enough to buy something of her own. Her boss, however, took that money away and used it to buy a set of knives for the kitchen. Syrah was furious. That night, there was a crescent moon on a clear night. The light of the moon enhanced her anger, tempering it. She went and took the knives for herself, chose one, and decided what to do. Syrah broke into the house of her boss, cut his throat while he was sleeping, and buried him a large distance away from the town. The next morning, everyone wondered what happened. Syrah still calmly worked at the kitchen, but the knives were at her house. They have seen many a victim since.

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