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Down the Rabbit Hole {OPEN, WIP} Empty Down the Rabbit Hole {OPEN, WIP}

Post by Jay Skyla on Fri May 09, 2014 1:35 am

Down the rabbit hole is a land like no other. It is a land of magic and color, of strange creatures and mystic adventure! A land with a Queen playing croquet in her rose gardens.The children of our world dream of rabbits in little vests and playful liquids with tempting labels.  

Oh, how wrong they are. Her Majesty and the other whimsical characters aren't nearly as friendly and lovable as they are told to be. Lewis Carroll could not have dreamed of these things in his lifetime.  

In the Country of Hearts, there lies three territories. Each has it's own band of strange and dangerous characters called Role-Holders. These 'people' were very special indeed, for they had facial features and roles in society beyond basic peasantry. The Faceless, as the rest of the people were called, had blank faces and were of no import. They were simply men and women that could be killed, repaired, then killed again. See, the entire country ran off of violence and needless killings. Luckily for them, though, the people had no beating hearts, only metal clocks in their stead. When they die and their clock stops ticking, it is taken to the Mortician, who spends his days fixing them and repairing the extreme carnage.  

Of the three territories, the Castle of Hearts was in the middle, and quite possibly the busiest. Within the walls, the Queen of Hearts lurks. She is a beautiful, refined lady with an elegant air to her. However, she is dismissive of the lives of her subordinates, often having their heads for abysmal reasonings. With her is the White Rabbit, the guide to and from our world to theirs. They bring Foreigners to Wonderland, and initiate the game. They also serve as the Prime Minister of the Country of Hearts below the Queen. To complete their triad, the Castle houses the Knave of Hearts, or the Knight. He is their loyal guard and attack dog. He is the best swordsman in Wonderland, but lacks some common sense.  

On one side of the Castle is the Hatter Manor, where the Mafia reside. The Mad Hatter runs the show from there. He is a charismatic fellow, well dressed and formal, but with a lining of danger and ruthlessness. He is not to be trifled with. His Gatekeepers, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, are twins who, normally, stand guard as a pair of children armed to the teeth. They have proven worthy opponents, however, when they take up their adult forms. Lastly, there is the March Hare, who serves the Hatter with utter loyalty. They seem to have a bloody past, but no one can pry it out of them.  

Lastly, there is the Amusement Park. No one in the Amusement Park is a normal person. There is the Cheshire Cat, Boris, and the Dormouse, Pierce. The cat often chases Pierce around, and he loves riddles, games, and guns. Pierce, however, loves cute things and hiding, particularly from Boris. Their boss, Mary Gowland (the Duchess), is a gentle man who likes to tinker with his rides and make chaos in his park. He does not give out his full name, and cannot stand the Hatter. No one knows why this is.  

To balance the clashing territories and their violent disputes, there is a safe heaven in the Clock Tower. It is a neutral territory in the middle of the Country of Hearts where Julius Monrey, the Mortician, works the day away. He fixes the broken clock hearts of the Wonderland people, allowing them to be reborn and start anew.  He is visited by the Caterpillar and the Lizard, who reside in the Clock Tower in the Country of Clover, but otherwise he lives alone. This is where the Foreigners usually stay until they find a more permanent home.  

On occasion, there is also a travelling circus that visits the Country of Hearts. The Joker runs the show there, doubling as the Ringmaster (then known as the White Joker) and the Prison Warden (Black Joker). The Wonderlanders like to avoid his circus as best they can, for he is not friendly and his prison always has empty cells.  

Wonderland is thrown off balance when Foreigners are thrown into the mixture. These people come from our world, brought by the Rabbit, to play the game. They are given a vial and must interact and form bonds with the Role Holders to fill it. Only when it is full can they leave, and they have to achieve this whilst staying safe in the world of violence and clocks.  

Not only is the everyday violence an obstacle, but there are mysterious circumstances as well. The previous Foreigners were all picked off, one by one, and very few had come down the rabbit hole since. It is the Foreigners' job to learn the land and decide their fate; will they return home, or will they remain in Wonderland to fill Roles only they can hold?

1. Follow site rules
2. Go to me with your inquiries.
3. I am able to dictate this rp if I need to. If we have unplayed Role-Holders, I will likely be the one pushing them around.  
4. I will be looking for a select few traits in each Role-Holder, so I may ask you to slightly alter your bio.
5. Role-Holders of major standing (Gowland, Queen, Hatter, Joker) will be able to advance the plot by calling for parties at their respective territories. This will need to be announced.
6. Respect the wishes of others, please. Seriously.  
7. I WILL ONLY ACCEPT TWO FOREIGNERS! Sorry, but too many will make things overwhelming.  
8. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THE WORLD OR CHARACTERS, CONSULT ME OR STEPH!! This is based off of a manga/game (Heart no Kuni no Alice), so it's easy to find details about the world.  

Role: (If Foreigner, say so)
WoC: (Weapon of Choice - Role Holder only)
Vocal Quirks:
History: (if applicable)
Additional Info:

Role Holders:
Queen of Hearts
Mad Hatter
White Rabbit
Knave of Hearts
March Hare
Tweedle Dee
Tweedle Dum

Cheshire Cat - Boris Airay ♂ (Jay Skyla)
Mortician - Julius Monrey ♂ (Jay Skyla)


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Down the Rabbit Hole {OPEN, WIP} Empty Re: Down the Rabbit Hole {OPEN, WIP}

Post by AkaiJose on Sun May 11, 2014 10:45 am

((Question: Are the Role-Holders supposed to be the characters from the manga? Or are original allowed? {If so, can I make the White Rabbit?}
Also, hi Jay :3))

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Down the Rabbit Hole {OPEN, WIP} Empty Re: Down the Rabbit Hole {OPEN, WIP}

Post by Jay Skyla on Sun May 11, 2014 3:05 pm

They can be original, if you want. Stephy and I are making originals for the Twins. This is just me reposting Hito-chan's RP, if you remember her. Go forth and make the White Rabbit!
Also, hey.

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Down the Rabbit Hole {OPEN, WIP} Empty Re: Down the Rabbit Hole {OPEN, WIP}

Post by Miki Tee on Fri Jun 06, 2014 3:01 pm

((Can I make a foreigner? And possibly the Queen?? (: ))

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Down the Rabbit Hole {OPEN, WIP} Empty Re: Down the Rabbit Hole {OPEN, WIP}

Post by AkaiJose on Sun Jun 22, 2014 8:29 pm

Name: Finnian “Finn” Blanc

Age: 19 years.

Gender: Female

Role: White Rabbit

WoC: A twisted staff whose head ends in a curved blade. This staff is made of Lignum Vitae wood (in other words, it’s quite hard to break). It’s about four feet in length and has a nice ebony color with a smooth finish, except at the area where Finn would usually handle the staff (about a foot and a half below the head) which is rough to allow for more grip.

- She is able to fight with her curved staff, for one thing. It is a bit difficult to handle, as its weight distribution is different from the average sword. But she uses it in general defense rather than provoking a fight and brandishing it like it really is a sword. She only uses it for protection, in case things take a turn for the worst.
- Finn is able to turn into a white rabbit. Why? Well, it’s just in her blood. The ability can come in handy when she needs to hide elsewhere, though the white pelt can easily give her away. In addition, she is good at hiding, in both human form and bunny form.
- Her senses, in both human and rabbit form, are heightened from those of a normal human. Her hearing and sense of smell are two of her best senses, as she can be perceptive of what smells are in the air or where something is based on the sounds of movement it makes. Her eyesight is lower key, where she can see movement from far away, but she cannot focus when things are up close to her.
- Lastly, Finn has an amazing running speed of twenty-five mph (almost similar to that of a rabbit’s, but her human body prevents her from hitting that speed exactly). She cannot, however, use this continuously or else she will tire out. She can only run in short, quick bursts when she needs to.

Personality: Finnian is a bright individual whose charm (I believe it’s cuteness factor, as she can look a bit like a kid… or maybe it’s the bunny form?) is very effective in capturing the attention of humans. She may seem a little formal and strict at first, but she only sticks to the formalities for so long. In this professional mode, she does her business-like tasks with focus and efficiency, making sure she doesn’t waste precious time. Past that, she is known to break rules and do what she wants, without heed to authority (though she does listen to the Queen of Hearts—but only Her Majesty, because no one else really matters). She is easily bored and this boredom can only be quenched by what she calls “adventures”. These little events can range from friendly games to playing pranks on the other Wonderlanders, often being done with the Foreigners themselves. Finn is fun-loving, yet she does not openly laugh or else she feels embarrassed. Then again, she’s embarrassed by many things: her height and her bust to name a few. But her weakness, her dreaded weakness! Whenever anyone knows of where she can be petted, she falls into submission. This is hard for her to control, but she really hides them since only a few people can ever know of them. Ever. She’s like a child in that manner, where she will start getting upset and flustered when someone threatens to pet her.
Though, she is not without her violent streak. If anyone dares to harm the humans, she will go into a rampage, not holding back even if there is a considerable difference in strength. She’s very strict with time too, often punishing people for being late (though the punishment is less of a rampage and more of a “I will hit you really hard in the head with a staff” punishment).


Likes: She has a liking for sweets and pretty things, like pretty jewelry, shiny coins and medallions, or colorful feathers and art. Of course, like everyone else, she is fond of the humans and babies them, trying to get them to like her and see her as a friend. She also really enjoys doodling on walls (sometimes the walls of castles, but she always needs to do it sneakily) and napping. Oh, and being on time, of course. Finn’s lesser likes include freshly prepared/baked foods, playing hide and seek, and being petted under the chin, at the back of her neck, or right behind her ears.

Dislikes: For starters, she is repulsed by sour food and ugly things. She also does not like it when the humans don’t like her, making her a little more violent or needy, often sending her into rabbit form to coax them into liking her again. She abhors people who interrupt her naps or try to pet her hair. And lateness is always, always frowned upon.

Appearance: The woman is quite petite, with a pinched waist and generally small stature. She’s about five feet three inches in height and can’t weigh more than one hundred pounds. To add to a rather innocent appearance, Finn’s skin is rather pale, seemingly whiter at her knuckles, elbows, and knees. She has narrow shoulders (though they are not sloped—she always stands erect and poised) and a small bustline (something she isn’t too proud of, but she doesn’t bring attention to it). Her arms and legs are the longer parts of her body, yet she still has small toes and fingers. Finn’s body also tends to get smaller than this when she is frightened or sad, making it look as if she were trying to disappear into nothingness. Her neck is long and slender, with a white, flowery design decorated right where it meets her right shoulder. Her face is heart shaped with sharp features; her nose is a little pinched upwards, a sharp jawline, and lips that are thin and pinkish. However, her cheeks are round like a child’s, with a faint tint of pink in them. Finn’s large, round eyes are different from the other features of her body, almost as though the irises were once white but were dyed a deep crimson color. Yet her hair often falls forward and shadows her eyes; she has pure white hair (like a rabbit’s), wavy and soft that is completely short in the back with long, wavy bangs on the right side of her face that hangs just below her chin. These bangs, again, are very soft and she cares a lot for her hair, grooming it so that it could retain its softness. Her ears are pierced, but her left has helix piercing (about four separate holes on the upper part of her ear and two at the lobe), often adorned with silver rings and studs.
In terms of clothing, Finn likes to wear black leather pants with laced up boots of the same color, a white collar silk shirt with a maroon ruffled cravat around her neck, a signature scarlet (with silver accents) waistcoat, a neat, low-high black coat with a cute little bow at the back, and a black officer-like cap balanced at an angle on her head. She likes to have a put-together appearance, with a small silver pocket-watch sitting in the breast pocket of her coat, chain hanging out. Also, she carries around a black messenger bag, potions and bottles clanking inside as she moves. Besides this, she has black leather wrist gloves that she wears almost all the time, for ease of holding her staff. Accessories can rarely be seen, besides her earrings and pocket watch.
Ah, and yes, she can turn into a white rabbit with red eyes—who knew?

Visual Appearance:

Vocal Quirks: Though it is light and soft (most of the time), Finn’s voice is clear and smooth with a put-together tone that matches her appearance. Her voice does not break often nor does she let its pitch stray too far off (not too high and not too low). Her laughs are rather high-pitched however, so she ends up masking it with her hand or by any other means she can find. Though, when she is rather peppy or cheery, her voice will become more melodious and sing-song-y with more lilt and emotion. Besides this, she does snicker and can chastise someone with a deeper voice than normal. She will never be found stuttering or tripping over her words, even when she is nervous or upset. She will hardly whine or make her voice raspy, no matter what (lest she becomes sick). In nervousness or shock, her words can quicken in pace and she will be more hesitant when speaking. But this is a little harder to do, since she’s scared by very few things.

History:  ((Help me out on this, since I feel like I may mess this up a bit ^-^’))
The Blanc family has an extensive history in serving the Queen of Hearts and being her faithful servants. And that was how Finn was born and raised: to serve the wondrous Queen and also help the country with bringing in Foreigners. But Finn found the way things worked odd. She didn’t like being told what to do and was a little more sensitive than past Ministers. She was always curious but always wanting to do something fun. So she snuck out a lot, after quickly finishing her duties, so that she could do what she wanted at her own leisure. Doodling was fun, but she’d soon change to something else. She would get lonely, but she realized that the humans were tons of fun, so she stuck around them and grew quite attached with each wave of them.
((It’s really simplistic and meh, but I wasn’t sure what to write ^-^’))

Additional Info: Hmm. There really isn’t much else. Oh, but I warn you… I will hate you if you pet her. >.>

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