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Dondé Estás, AkaiJose? Empty Dondé Estás, AkaiJose?

Post by AkaiJose on Mon Jun 16, 2014 8:42 pm

Uh uh uh... *Sweats* <.<'' I'm sorry for keep saying I will be on soon and not coming online. I really mean to get on when I can but but but but BUT BUT BUT BUT...


Long story short, school just ended, exams are *almost* over, my inspiration to write has FINALLY come, my interview (at least, the first of many...?) is finished and I got my volunteer internship (I just need to get my license and a job >.>), and I keep worrying over my future becauseweallknowMaryaherehasaroughtimedealingwiththeparentalunits.

To deal with it, I will be coming back online to write out my stress. I swear on my life I will!!! >.< I just... UGH. And I'll be spending weeks at the public library doing college app stuff because again, parental units cannot hover over me or else I will freak out. So yea. Hopefully that all goes through.

I'm sorry I haven't kept in touch :cccccc I really want to be online but time is sucked away from my grasp because SCHOOL SUCKS AND I STILL HAVE ONE MORE YEAR, YOU JERKFACES WHOO ARE GRADUATING UGH I CAN'T STAND YOU GUYS I WILL CRY YUDODISTOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Anyway, yea, that's where I've been. I'll be on really soon. I'll finish the bios (I'm so sorry to everyone who joined my RP; I really wanna start it but like... yea. I haven't let it go, I promise!) and I'll get to work soon! And I will make my bios soon too @-@ Yaugh. So much writing... need to plot some characters while procrastinating on this stupid U.S. History Regents... (yes, we have regents. No, I don't need to study) Yep. So bye, mah peeps.


Added Note: I love all your faces (even if I haven't seen them). Don't stop bein' you :P

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