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Post by Princess Holly on Mon Jul 07, 2014 5:59 pm

London is the home of the greatest heroes known to man. There’s blah blah blah yada yada yada , these men and women are part of an organization known as something Awesome and they fight to protect the world from villains. There’s a new evil rising up in Victorian England known only as The Shadow he is recruiting villains for his cause but so far the heroes have no idea what it is (and we don’t either), but it’s probably pretty evil. Meanwhile, besides having to deal with the Shadow, the heroes have been trying to convince the government to close the school and have the children “dealt with”. What school you ask? It’s the school where all young, brilliant, powerful, and quite dapper children attend. It is Maximoff’s School for Villainous Youngsters, and it’s approved by the government because they pay taxes and it keeps the villain’s children off of the streets.

Students’ are immersed in an enriching curriculum where they learn all of the basics such as reading, math, gadgeteering, the Acult, poisons, demon summoning, proper fashion sense, monologuing, and gym. There are a few others but they’re of no importance. All students must stay on the campus, but sneaking out is encouraged and you’re only in trouble if you get caught. You’re also free on holidays and mayhem is strictly for the classroom. If you have a giant robot there’s an arena for them next to the badminton court where there are tournaments once a month, and all pets aren’t allowed in class which stinks and is a stupid rule. If you wish to poison the water main then inform an administrator a week in advance so that precautions may be taken and the school will not suffer. And try to not be nice, sweet, kind, caring, innocent, polite, sympathetic, honest, modest, generous, or have a heart. Hearts will then be removed and then fought over by the science and cult departments in a duel. If there are any complaints please report them to the dungeon which is where you will be staying so be sure to acquaint yourself with the jailer, his name is Charles.

The staff are the best educators the children could ask for, a few are award winners held hostage and others are retired villains for your more exemplary subjects. There are no substitutes, so no teacher means no class… take that as you will. We have one of the finest nurses, but keep limb severing to a minimum because replacements aren’t always the best. The Head Master is our Lord Sir Maximoff and he rules with a literally iron fist which he occasionally uses to bake cookies.  They are so delicious, evil had to be at work, but don’t tell him you had one. He also lets us celebrate all of the important holidays like Cthulhu Day, Musical Day, Chibichan Day, Moffat’s Birthday, Pyro Awareness Day, Week of Worship (to appease the demons below the floors), Prison Break Day also known as Family Day, and our Lord Sir Maximoff’s Birthday (we can’t forget that one).

A few simple rules: don’t go out in public in costume (that gives you away to the super heroes), poisoning the staff is a o-kay as long as you don’t get caught (but not our Lord Sir Maximoff), raising an army of the dead is only acceptable on Tuesdays with supervision, dueling other students is permitted on weekends, make sure your food is dead before you eat it, smaller children aren’t step stools or foot rests, and just because your parents are good at their job doesn’t mean you’re entitled to anything. If you follow these you probably won’t die or at least stay dead.
So… how come you’re in detention? What brings you to this lovely cell?

1. Holly and Kaitlynn have the power! Which means our word is law.
2. No God-Modding unless given permission.
3. If going to be gone for a while give god-modding rights to a trustworthy individual.
4. Don’t eat my cookies but put cookie in the Bio if you’ve read this far.
5. Keep it PG-13, like a kid could go read this with their parents.
6. Plot Twists and in depth plot points are encouraged.
7. Try to be nice to each other and respectful.
8. Bios need to be completed but just post them here. Let’s make this simple. Don’t have your          charries know everything about everyone. They could have heard about them because of their parents but please keep rp-er and character knowledge separate.
9. If you’ve read this far, put cake instead of cookie in your Bio.
10. Let’s all have fun.

Bio Template:

Theme Song (Optional):
Quotes (Optional):
Other (Optional):

All Positions Closed. Talk to a host if wishing to join.

Student- Kaitlynn with Despair
Demon... Guardian?- Kaitlynn with Fredric
Student- Holly with Luke
Student- Tyriel with Blitz
Student- Katie with Minerva

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Post by inventiveAdventurer on Tue Jul 08, 2014 8:30 pm

Name: Minerva Wayward

Alias: The Midnight Raven (Midnight Raven if addressing her directly. Think "The Doctor" and "Doctor" format.)

Nickname: Min, Minnie (hates it), Nerva, Raven, Ray.

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Looks: The teenager has jet black hair that flows to her waist (normally worn in a bun) and startling green eyes, always full of focus. Her skin is always a fairly pale shade, sharply contrasting the black, calf-length pea coat she almost always wears. Under the coat she wears a loose fitting white shirt (loose for hiding weaponry) and dark-colored, tight pants with supple leather boots. She hardly ever wears skirts or dresses, standing out from the social norm. It often gets people into trouble, since they assume she's a boy. They quickly find out otherwise with a harsh verbal scolding. The billowing fabric hides her densely muscled frame and she always walks with a sense of certainty and confidence.

Personality: Independent, collected, and confident, she isn't a girl to mess with. She has a temper that is quick to ignite, slow burning, and hard to put out. Her revenge, though, is definitely served cold, calculated and exact. She is somewhat focused on her own well-being, with no true moral compass. Her own best interests come first. (Chaotic neutral.) If that coincides with the goals of others, good for them. She couldn't care less. If you get in her way, look out. If you openly try to stop her, run. Run far, and have a cover identity handy to go into hiding. Even then your chances are iffy. Despite her tough outer appearance she has a secret love of poetry and science. Experimentation, in particular, is one of her guilty pleasures. The other is her love of pastries, particularly cake.

Parents: Her father is a hit man, well-known in the darker underbelly of London. He simply goes by the name of London Hawk. He has no signature style; his hits range from tragic accident to horrific and blatant murder. Her mother had no knowledge of her father's business; Minerva never even knew her mother. Her cousin, though, was Dr. Frankenstein himself.

History: She was raised by her father, knowing no mother figure as she was growing up. Her father tried to live a sedentary life at one point in his life, using a false identity to fit in with standard society. The woman he fell for was just an ordinary person, and eventually they had a child. When Minerva was an infant though, one of her father's rivals tracked them down and attempted to poison them all. The father recognized the poison but wasn't fast enough to save his love. He fled with is daughter, resuming his position as an assassin, but then he was a full-time parent as well. He was a fairly strict parent but tried to be kind as well, even though it went against his general personality. She found him caring enough, despite his strictness. She went to standard school during the day, but trained with her father in the evenings and early mornings, eventually withdrawing from school to dedicate more of her time to training. Her father taught her everything he knows, so she would quickly become just as revered/feared as her father in the assassin community. In addition, her cousin bequeathed to her all of his research and notes, including those for the Frankenstein monster. He was the only other blood relative she met, and they became very close. He was her best friend growing up, even though he was older. But alas, all good things come to an end- he died. That was how the notes came to be in her possession. It was there that she found her calling for the scientific, her curiosity ignited by the figures and chemicals in his research. Her father saw her growing skill but thought she needed a more structured environment, and he also wanted to devote more time to his own career. He found the school and decided she could fine tune her own style there.

Strengths: She never goes anywhere unarmed, and her arsenal varies every day: poisons, explosives, revolvers, daggers, needles, and even miniature spring-launched arrows hidden in her sleeve are present on her person in varying quantity 24/7. No one knows what she carries or where, since it's all very well-hidden. Daggers and knives are her favorite tool to fight with. She has extreme skill in hand-to-hand combat, so any opponent would be hard-pressed to defeat her. Her training as an assassin included hiding and escapes, so she knows how to hide in plain sight and is essentially a parkour master.

Weaknesses: She is hesitant to form any kind of bond, whether it be familial or friendly, or just a temporary alliance. She's convinced she works better alone. Sooner or later that'll get her into trouble. While she is very fast, she isn't excessively strong. Her strength is better suited to leaps, climbs and the like; quick, agile movements. She also has no magical skill, so she would be vulnerable in the face of a magic-wielding opponents.

Theme Song: Riders by Two Steps From Hell

Quotes: "Alright, when can I actually do something fun at this school?" she said to no one in particular, throwing her daggers into a makeshift parchment target she pinned to the wall.

"Are you trying to make me angry? Trust me, you don't want to see that."

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Post by Wackybubble on Tue Jul 08, 2014 9:23 pm

Name: Despair Evanescence(to disappear gradually; vanish; fade away.)
Nickname: Dessy
Alias: Honi (child who returns to life)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: Despair is one of those people where the name doesn’t fit the person. She has unnatural bright teal eyes that normally shine with happiness, though looking into them there’s something unsettling and strange. She is rather short, standing about 5’3” and has an average stature. Her hair is a obsidian black that turns paper white at the tips, no fading between colors. Her hair reaches to a little above her shoulders and is lightly curly, giving it a light bounce when she moves. She often wears in a clip to keep it out of the way when she fights or is working on incantations. Her skin is rather pail and never seems to tan or burn, not changing form day to day. She also doesn’t bruise, but if she gets cut bad enough it may leave a scar when it heals.
She often wears a bright blue dress that poofs out from the waist and ends between her knee and ankle with a line of black lace. The top is covered by a jacket with no sleeves, but a line of black ruffles, that is the same color as the dress and has a faired up color. It buttons from the collar to a little over the waist, from there it opens in a v and goes around the poofed skirt ending an inch above its end. She wears black tights and black leather boots with brass buckles. She loves to wear little bits of jewelry, like studs and necklaces, things that won’t get in the way. Over her shoulders rests a black cloak that her parents gave her. Despair also never goes anywhere without her steal parasol.

Personality: Sweet, kind, and overall not that evil could be the easiest way to describe Despair. She often likes to spend time making people happy and dabbling in the cult stuff like her parents. She will try to befriend or chat with random people and convince them to aid her in random schemes. She likes to look pretty, and loves to have people notice all the effort she puts into it. She can sometimes be stubborn, but if Fredric or someone she holds highly argues with her, she will sometimes change her mind. She can sometimes be considered to have a darker mind, often thinking of killing things or speaking to the demons under the floors of the school. She tends to be more than a little mischievous, finding it fun to explore places shes been told not to and try to learn anything that revolves around her parents cult.

Strengths: Despair excels in all things surrounding the dark arts and cult rituals, though she is unable to perform any herself. She can use runes if she prepares them, but that takes time and then you have to carry them around, so she just doesn’t bother unless necessary. Because of the cult rituals performed on her all her life she has gained amazing abilities. She has almost complete invulnerability, healing rapidly when she is hurt, and super strength, which is what the steal parasol is for. One of her most important powers, or gifts, is her demon companion Fredric. He is her permanent guardian, Fredric is forever bound to reside in her shadow, only able to leave it when she allows him to freely walk around her location and when he is protecting her. His powers will be listed on his Bio.

Weaknesses: Despair has a crippling fear of fire. If there is a fire that isn’t under full control, such as torches or candles, she will become so scared that she can’t move or will just freak out. She also can’t cast spells, she can read them just fine, but can’t cast them. Due to her inability to cast any spells, she is susceptible to being hurt by them. Things of faith also make her uncomfortable depending on the level of faith behind it. It isn’t at the level of demons, but holy things maker want to leave and can sometimes hurt her or disrupt her powers. If she gets hit bad enough with good magic or holy stuff she may need a few days to recuperate. She also dislikes water, she’s not sure why, but it makes her uncomfortable.

History: She was borne to the leaders of the Semper Filios (Forever Children), Elizabeth and Ambrose Evanescence. When she was 3 her parents found that their work was dangerous and could lead to others wishing to hurt her, so they gave her Fredric. She was afraid of him at first, but when he approached her looking like he was a young boy her age she grew to love him as a brother. Fredric became her guardian, raising her since her parents were never around. He taught her to read and other things, and she was content. He would cook and help her clean things, and most importantly protected her form other cultist or heroes.
At age 5, her parents decided that she was to be the subject of their cult rituals, naming her Honi which was a name form the cult. She would often wake up in the morning and find that a day had past and something was always different. She could never quite remember what had happened, often just having nightmares for several weeks after and waking up not knowing what it was about. To comfort her Fredric would often snuggle her so she could get back to sleep. One of the first changes was her eyes, her pretty brown eyes had changed to bright teal. She didn’t mind it much, she found them pretty, but Fredric was sad for a while after that. Every time she woke up with a new feature or power Fredric would be sad and she would try and she would never understand why. She would try and cheer him up by saying how cool it was to have powers like strength or that she looked prettier with the new colors. She didn’t like not knowing what was going on, but she decided that she would have to find out on her own.
When she was 11 they started letting her join in on some of the less intense rituals, or see the effects of them. Letting her start learning how to use runes and other spells, which she was amazing at casting. She was quick to pick up magic and summoning, but didn’t like the prices of it so she didn’t participate. When she was 12 Her parents summoned the same demon every Monday for a whole year, a young demon prince who couldn’t even cast basic spells. This was a mistake every time, but never the less it happened, every Monday. Despair felt bad for the demon and would often bring him little snacks to make up for wasting his time.
At age 16 something was different. Some nights Fredric would try to convince her to run away or to set up wards on her room, but wouldn’t say why. She could tell he was upset about something but dismissed it, saying whatever he was worried about he could handle. Then one night she ate with her family, which was rare, and felt insanely tired. The night is mainly a blur after she went to her bedroom. She remembers Fredric being upset and stuff falling, but then it goes dark. She work up two days latter, feeling strangely different, but couldn’t place why. Fredric was even more distressed by this time than normal, but it had been a while, so she thought it was just cause he wasn’t use to it again. A month after that, her parents were caught kidnaping officials for sacrifices. They were traced back to their house were they found all sorts of dangerous cult practices taking place. They arrested as many of the cult as was there and condemned the house, finding destroying it or dealing with what was inside would be to dangerous. They took Despair and placed her in the school, hoping to not need to deal with her further.

Theme song: “This is Gospel” by Panic at the disco

Name: Fredric
Alias: Umbra, his last name is forgotten with time
Age: looks 17
Appearance: He has three forms depending on what is happening. He has his wispy shadow form that he uses when he isn’t trying to do anything. If he is doing little things and if he is just trying to prove he is there he will use this form. He appears to be a billowing cloud of balk smoke that has the vague humanoid shape.
Then there is his humanoid form. He appears to look whatever age Despair is, so he looks like a thin 17 year old boy. He has solid blood red eyes that glow like embers that glow brighter when he get mad. His skin is paper white that’s only flaw is a tattoo symbol of his family crest. He has a pair of horns that come back in a faint “S” shape, staring white and slowly fade into black tips. His shoulder length black hair that is slicked back, but he is unable to tame the ends so they fray out. Fredric either shows up wearing a solid black suit, with black shirt and gray vest, or in black robes and trousers, like that of a cultist. He almost never smiles, except for sometimes when dealing with Despair.
His last form is his true form. He is a large billowing shadow creature that only has a solid looking form from the waist up. He stands about 9’ tall and his wings and horns make him seem larger. His chest looks skeletal, every rib showing through his black form. His fingers are long claws. Fredric’s face resembles a bull with large glowing red eyes, “S” horns off the top, and rows of jagged sharp teeth. Huge raged dragon wings extend form his back.

Personality: Fredric is very calm, collected, and patient. He rarely smiles, when he does its for Despair. Even though he is bound to Despair he does truly care for her. He will do anything to protect her from whatever he can. Finding it amusing to fallow in her shadow over all these years, he finds that at the school her main threat is herself. He often only speaks when spoken too by Despair and when he feels that his opinion will help someone close to Despair. He is patient with others after years of raising Despair, growing to tolerate a lot of randomness.

Strengths: His shadow form allows him to travel through cracks, into locks and undo them, and hide in shadows. He often does things in this form, for little things are really all that’s necessary for him on a daily basis. His voice can be heard coming from Despairs shadow when he doesn’t feel like showing himself, often voicing when something is a bad idea. His humanoid form is mainly just a curtsy to Despair, he has no point in being in this form. He is still strong, but there really is no other point than to comfort Despair. In his last form he has all his strength. His claws like knifes, his strength incredible. In his true form he can create skeletal looking creatures out of the shadows of those around him. He refers to them as the inanimatum, meaning soulless. They do his bidding, often fighting for him, these creatures claw and bite but aren’t clever. This takes a lot of energy to do, so he only does it when he feels it is the only option.

Weaknesses: He is bound to Despair, so if she decides he has to go back into the shadow or not do something he has to obey. Holy things affect him like any other demon, but in her shadow he is safe. However, certain light magic can trap him there, making him unable to come out until the spell is undone. He can feel pain when fighting, and if he takes too much damage he will retreat back into her shadow weather she is safe or not. Fredric’s main weakness is Despair, he will do anything for her and the thought of her hurt is horrible. If something were to happen to her he would be distraught.
History: Over a thousand years ago, he was the king of the Shadow plane, ruling only opposed by his sister. His greedy sister wished for nothing more than supreme rule and power that could not be rivaled. She wished to sacrifice their people to gain power, but Umbra said no. He would not allow her to harm anyone. She then went to the Fire nobles, asking them to come and destroy the Shadow dimension, allowing them to keep all the riches they found. The only thing she wanted was a way to get to the core of the Shadow plain. He did what he could to try and save it, but once the core was gone there was nothing to save.  Fleeing from a dimension pillaged and annihilated by the fire kingdom, he was forced to become a wanderer of a dying race. A king without a kingdom, he spent brief moments between different royal houses of allying families. 14 years ago he was summoned by two powerful magic users. In their ritual, if he agreed to the ritual, the parents would renew some of his lost power in exchange for him being bound to their daughter. The destruction of his dimension had drained a lot of his powers, and seeing the small girl reminded him of his sister he had lost, he accepted the deal.
Despair was initially frightened by his true form, so he changed into his huminoid form and matched her age, becoming one of her only friends which she promptly named Fredric. He found he enjoyed being her guardian, things were always happening and she always wanted him to be happy. She would ask him for help and speak with him constantly, young Despair making him little pictures and hanging them around the house. He quickly learned that her parents were never around, so he took it upon himself to raise her. Fredric taught her manners, right and wrong, and things like reading. He settled in to his new life with ease, finding it far more comfortable than the traveling. But the one thing he could never stand was her parents cult behaviors.
He caught on to what they were doing and had planned to do to Despair and disagreed with all of it, but there was a ketch to the spell binding him. Fredric was unable to harm the parents of Despair, no matter what they did to her. He was forced to watch as they would cast spell after spell, ritual after ritual while she was unconscious. She was vaguely aware that of what her parents were doing, often the only sign that knew were the nightmares that she never remembered. She would sometimes have things that were different, like her eyes had changed, her hair, she was stronger. Over years they did this and it hurt Fredric every time.
The final time was when she was 16. Her parents were desperate for one final thing to work, this would be the ticket for their cult to achieve their dream. They were going to turn their daughter into an automaton, and automaton filled with a soul. The ticket to immortality. They hand crafted the body, using a paper imbued with magic that made it strong and gave it human like features. They took extreme care and poured magic into every piece so that when they were done it was almost life like. Only if you knew it wasn’t real would you see it. Fredric was not going to let them remove her soul, he was going to protect her this time. He was ready for them to come in that night and nock her out with a spell while she slept, but this time was different. They had slipped something into her food, so she was out right after returning to her room after dinner. Fredric tried destroying the room to stop the parents, but he couldn’t intervene. The room was trashed and she was carried away, Fredric forced back into her shadow.
It worked, but their daughter was never informed. They put spells on her so that things wouldn’t seem out of place. She no longer needed to eat, so she would think she already did or wasn’t hungry. Her regeneration and invulnerability was from the most recent cult activity. The parents tracks were covered, and they knew Fredric wouldn’t have the heart to tell her. The parents hid the body away, against all Fredric’s complaints and threats. Shortly after, her parents were caught kidnapping an official. The heroes traced them back to their house and captured all of the cult members they could, and Despair. She and Fredric were sent away to the school, where they have lived since.

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Post by Princess Holly on Wed Jul 30, 2014 5:28 pm

This is him in his later life but when he was younger which is in this rp. He was a hero known as The Butler. The Butler wears his normal attire except he also has a black Ninja Turtle mask over his eyes.

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Post by Princess Holly on Tue Aug 05, 2014 12:40 am

Name: Incendo Arach
Alias: Prince of the Fire Starters, Dragon Prince
Nickname: Luke
Age: 17 (he appears and is that age)
Gender: Male
Looks: Luke has three forms and he’s pretty comfortable in all three.
Human- When he’s in his human form there are only a few things that stand out but overall he appears to be a normal 17 year old. He’s 5’8” and average weight with tan skin. The only strange things about him are his eyes and hair. Luke’s eyes are a sort of red orange color with a gold rim around the pupil that bleeds into the rest of his iris. His hair practically looks like fire. It’s a blue at the roots and eventually becomes a dark red at the tips like a flame does. His hair isn’t really long but it’s not cropped short. He normally swipes his bangs to the side still covering his forehead, but he does style it for special occasions. If there’s ever a ball or something, he would part his hair on the side and comb his bangs to the side but off of his forehead. Since he’s trying his best to blend in, Luke tends to wear a hat a lot of the time to disguise the blue roots at least. Luke wears a brown messenger cap when going out in the city that matches his outfit. His clothes are only a bit ragged so that he doesn’t look like someone with wealth but not homeless. He wears a brown pilot jacket over a white button up shirt and with brown trousers. Luke also wears brown leather boots that match his messenger bag he carries. It’s filled with books. At school, he switches his brown messenger hat for a black one to match his plain black suit with a white undershirt and black tie.
Demon- Luke’s demonic form isn’t that scary but it’s still not normal. His skin is dark and glossy and looks like its obsidian. You can’t really tell though because he has red, orange, and a mixture of those two colors as scales. They cover him with the exception of his face, around his face the size of the scales has greatly decreased and thinned so that they just surround it. His eyes are the same color but the pupil is now slitted and the whites of his eyes are black. He has the usual claws, sharp teeth, and pointed ears but also a forked tongue. Luke’s hair doesn’t change but there are a lot of little flames that flash briefly all over him and especially in his hair. This is his natural form so if he’s greatly injured, he’ll revert back to it.
Dragon- Luke can kinda turn into a dragon, but he’s really young. That means he’s not large at all, more like the size of an elephant. He’s your stereotypical dragon with the giant wings and tail. Luke’s dragon form is covered in scales the same red, red orange, and orange shades as his demonic form. Then his claws look like they are obsidian just like his teeth. Luke’s eyes are the same as his eyes are in his demonic form and he doesn’t have horns in this form either. Luke hasn’t grown his horns yet.
Personality: Luke is stupid. Enough said.
Fine… I’ll give an actual personality. Luke is incredibly naïve. He doesn’t understand a lot about how the world really works and what he does know has been learned through books. He’s lived a very sheltered life which ‘causes most everyday things to appear new to him. That’s why Luke seems very curious and innocent. He tends to wander off if he sees something that interests him and doesn’t normally think about the repercussions of his actions. Luke also doesn’t understand the value of money, he’s always had so much of it that he doesn’t get why so many treasure it. If someone asks him for something or for some money, he would gladly give them the money or buy the item. All of this doesn’t necessarily mean that Luke is an example of all that is good in the world. Luke could actually be considered amoral in a way. He was raised by the worst Demonic King and Queen the hell dimensions have seen in a long time. If someone went up to Luke and told him they had killed ten people, he wouldn’t think too much about it. The same goes with stealing, witnessing a theft taking place would not concern Luke. But, witnessing a murder take place would shock him. It’s one thing to hear and another to see. Overall Luke is calm and patient. He can get agitated and angry at others, but this is usually only in certain situations. After being summoned so often and being taken on family outings, Luke has lost his patience and will always appear agitated if such a things happens again. He also gets angry when people constantly pester him when he’s busy. Luke is used to being left alone.
Parents: No one knows Luke’s parents’ names. Names have power and so they are kept secret and those who knew their names are now dead or have forgotten. They are only addressed by their title such as King, Queen, and your Highness. His parents are the rulers of a hell dimension, specifically the fire one. It’s one of the more powerful ones and known for its eagerness for battle… well, more like chaos. It is a harsh dimension where only the strong and merciless survive. That’s why Luke has no other family than his parents right now. His parents killed their own parents to show their power and Luke’s father specifically did it for the throne after he murdered his siblings. Luke will eventually have to follow in his father’s footsteps. The King and Queen will normally have several children, they do battle for the throne. The victor must kill their parents to prove that they are strong enough for the throne. Luckily Luke is too young for all of that. His parents have made a name for themselves as one of the more powerful and evil rulers the hell dimension has seen in a very long time. They developed a powerful lust for blood and chaos that it doesn’t take much to convince them to betray allies. This was manipulated by the sister of the Ruler of the Shadow Dimension. She offered them the chance to destroy a dimension, actually destroy and loot it. They normally would go in and wreak havoc in their enemies’ dimensions but it was an unspoken rule that you don’t destroy it. This time they did. They killed all of the citizens, burned the buildings to the ground, and took everything they possibly could find. It only lasted a few weeks but it’s still known as the best party ever thrown by any of the rulers. Then on the last day they all left and watched through looking glasses as the dimension’s core was sacrificed and the dimension’s collapse afterwards. After that the King and Queen did a few small raids and such, and when their son was born they kept it to a minimum. Now they just go and use their giant robots to destroy some buildings and kill a few people. They usually take their son with then as a way to slowly introduce him to their way of life. Even if they aren’t causing a lot of trouble at the moment, many fear them and their son who is believed to have the potential to exceed them in power by a lot.
History: Luke doesn’t have that much history. He has led a very peaceful life and his parents have been very supportive of him. They are still under that new baby rush. He grew up like a normal human child would have with a few exceptions, but overall not much happened in his life.
Luke was born and his hell dimension rejoiced at the first of several heirs having been born. The battle for the throne is the equivalent of the Olympics for them except far longer intervals between. In his very early years, his parents never left his side. At least one of them was always present to ensure that assassins would not take their son from them. After a few years and failed attempts on his life, his parents had successfully convinced everyone what would befall them if they tried anything.
Eventually they taught look how to read and that’s where his education ended. Neither of them were really the teaching type, but they figured Luke could teach himself. They had taught him to read so anything he wanted to learn he could read about in books. He taught himself basic math but got bored when it came to the advance stuff. Instead he read just about everything he could, even books from the human dimension, mostly that actually. Most demons don’t write books. He also taught himself to play the piano a bit but only knows like three songs and still messes up on one of them.
Luke’s childhood can be viewed as lonely considering he never had any friends, but he doesn’t see it that way most of the time. He views it mostly as quiet. His parents never really saw the point in taking the time to introduce him to other children such as other royalty or even lesser demon’s children. There are also not many kids his age. The only time Luke ever interacted with another child was when he got summoned a bunch by a family. It was terrifying, annoying, and nice in a way. Being summoned is always a scary experience because a dark portal opens up underneath and then the demon is dragged down by these inky arms. Then being surrounded by a bunch of strangers who totally don’t look like demons and are all wearing the same black cloak is terrifying just by itself. But, it was also the only time he got to talk to another kid or really talk to someone besides his parents. Luke’s parents did spend a lot of time with him considering who they are. They would sometimes play with him, train him to use his powers, and bake with him. Then there were their family outings where they would destroy stuff until a hero showed up and then just teleport him home.
Eventually Luke got tired of being by himself a lot and just doing the same things day after day. He asked his parents if he could go attend school or something. They decided to allow him to do so because they believed it was time for him to learn to socialize and he might learn something from school. Luke was sent to Maximoff’s School for Villainous Youngsters because they knew the school could provide for him and that he would be relatively safe there. They also made sure Luke had diplomatic immunity before allowing him to leave. The school was a nice change for him except he had a hard time really fitting in. He wasn’t devious like other students, understood any of the classes, or really knew how to talk to anyone. In the end Luke just ditched class, spent time in the library alone, and if he was actually in class he would try to pay attention. He wasn’t very depressed or anything about it, maybe a bit lonely but he didn’t know anything else. Luke figured that he would just stay there, try to learn something and eventually he would meet people and create alliances but right now he had no need for allies anyway.
Strengths: Luke isn’t very strong when compared to most but then again, he’s very strong for his age.
Fire- Luke can control fire, but what he can do with that power is very limited. He can’t make fire appear in his hands, cover himself in flames, or even manipulate a campfire. That’s why he seems so weak. Luke is able to breathe fire, hold a flame in his hands, and obviously can withstand high temperatures without getting burned.
Magic- Luke has absolutely no idea how to really perform magic. He hasn’t been taught it by his parents or really read any books. All he really has is raw magical ability. A seer would probably see him give it off like an aura. If he was handed a spell and told where to point, it would probably work.
Transforming- Luke is able to transform into two forms. There’s his human form which is weaker than his demonic form considering that’s not what comes naturally to him. He has to concentrate slightly to keep it and if weakened he’ll revert back to his demonic form especially in his dragon form. That one is still new to him and it’s kind of hard for him to keep it up for long periods of time. It’s also not very useful considering he can’t fly.
Healing- Luke has accelerated healing but it really depends on the injury. A paper cut can heal instantly, barely three seconds pass. But a broken bone could take two weeks to heal.
Weaknesses: Water and Spiritual stuff
Water- Demonic Prince of a Hell Dimension, specifically the fire one? If water wasn’t a weakness… I am an idiot. Luke can’t drink or come into contact with water. To him it feels incredibly cold and could cause him to become hypothermic but that’s after long exposure. Drinking water would also burn his throat a bit, like touching ice with your bare hand.
Salt- It causes some frost to appear where ever it comes into contact with him. Salt can also be used to trap him, but he would eventually be able to break out of it after like 20 minutes. It’s one of the many perks of being a prince. Special symbols and such like a protection circle. Once inside it’s as if Luke is surrounded by invisible walls that shock him a bit if he makes contact with them.
Holy stuff- Crosses don’t really bug him that much. Being near one is kind of like being near the door of an opened freezer. Touching it would probably burn him though. Luke reacts to Holy Oil the same way he reacts to water, but not Holy Water. Depending on the amount of Holy Water and the level of faith within the person who blessed it, Holy Water could cause ice to form on Luke. If not then it just burns him. Luke can also step onto hallowed ground like going inside of a church and this is because he isn’t pure evil yet. He has a soul that hasn’t been sold to the devil yet, he’s powerful, and not evil. This allows him to enter but once inside it would be as if he was in Antarctica.
Theme Song (Optional): None so far, I’m still looking.
Quotes (Optional): “Come on guys! Could you people stop summoning me? I’m trying to read a book, and I can’t grant wishes.”
Luke: “Mother and father. Why are you parading around in a giant robot when you can just destroy the city with, I don’t know… your powers?”
Mom: “Because sweetie, giant robots are way more fun than using our powers. We built this thing ourselves.”
Dad: “Now come on son, watch us closely because someday you will take my place and will need a destructive hobby and these lesser beings are the best thing to mess with.”
Luke: “Sorry, but I’d rather read my book than wreak havoc or whatever. It’s a nicer hobby.”
Mom: “But sweetie, we must show our dominance over them, even in small ways. You are young but you need to at least understand how to use our robots.”
Dad: “Honey let him be, maybe he’s more of a burn the city to a crisp type rather than a robot kind of guy. At least he reads books and isn’t a moody rebelling teenager. Some of the other princes and princesses of the other hell dimensions are becoming heroes. Right son?”
Luke: “Sure dad, whatever you say. I’m just going to read this book and see how far I can get before a hero flies in and starts punching everything.”
Other (Optional): If you have any complaints feel free to give them or have some cake instead. I recommend the second option.

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Name: Glorificus
Gender: Female
Appearance: Monster hunter hat, Black trench coat that goes down to almost the ankle, black vest, white button up shirt, black trousers, and black leather boots all adding up to make her look more like a villain than a priest. She has devoted her life to taking down all things cult and demonic, carrying on her an assortment of holy symbols and runes to ward off and fight against evil. Her belt has pouches on it containing things like holy water, salt, and other items used to deal with the unholy. She has two holy symbols of her god tattooed on her hands, using them as the source of her holy spell casting.

Glorificus stands about 5’8” at 24 years old. Her powder pink hair comes to the center of her shoulder blades and her bangs are styled dramatically, often covering her left eye. She tends to tie her hair back in a low ponytail to keep it out of the way. She also has lavender eyes and freckles, making her look cutesy to her dismay.

History: She had a normal family life for a while, a mom, a dad, a younger brother, and when she was seven she got a baby sister. They weren't rich, but it was fine. One night she woke up to a man in black robes holding her down while another tied her up. She screamed for her parents, but no one came to save her. The men dragged her down the hall and outside where they threw her into the back of a wagon with her family.

When the wagon finally stopped they were taken out of the wagon one by one. First the baby, then her parents, then her brother, and then it was her turn. They came for her and were about to remove her form the wagon when a flash of bright white light blinded her. She heard screaming and a load commotion as if things were being thrown and people were running. When she could see again everything was quiet and nobody was nearby except a young man in white church robes with a cross around his neck. He untied her and spoke to her calmly as he picked her up and carried her away from there. She was sent to live at an orphanage ran by the church. She was later told none of her family was found alive at the scene, and that they were all killed to be sacrifices to the cult. She swore that she would do whatever she could to stop things like this from ever happening again. She spent the next ten years learning all she could about holy magic and how to fight against dark magic. Even risking her life with experimental magic in an attempt to better protect her and prepare for fighting. This spell ended up changing her hair and eye colors to what they are today. She then began to rid the world of evil, fighting to save everyone from the cults that were destroying the world.

Personality: One word that describes her best is stubborn. She never backs down and never admits that she has bit off more than she can chew. She often thinks she is prepared for anything the world can throw at her and if not, then she can handle it. Glorificus will not let any dark magic go unpunished, if she sees you using it she will confront you and proceed to attack you and bring you to justice. Evil demons and evil spirits she will immediately try to banish or exorcise. She is cold toward anyone who is affiliated with these dark things and will treat them harshly and without sympathy. She often monologues, saying how they are abominations for what they have done and how they will be smited by holy justice.

Quotes: “Abomination! You are all obscenities in the eyes of our God, you must all be cleansed.”

“Truth shall descend upon thy wickedness as an angel of riotous fury.”

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Chosen Name: Alexander Wulfric Cornelius Blackwood

Age: 42

Gender: Male

Looks: Slightly short compared to most men, he always had a slight build and thin frame. His hair is clipped short, brown with streaks of gray showing. His skin is tanned and worn-looking from many days of travel. His eyes are green with a sharp edge to them. His body is covered with various scars from his days of combat, and the collection tends to grow rather steadily. He prefers a slightly flamboyant style overall, wearing maroon velvet robes with intricate embroidery along the edges of the robe, following the bottom of the robe, sleeve edges, and along the middle division. The embroidery resembles a Celtic Knot pattern with an indigo coloring. He carries an ornately carved staff made of ebony wood, four feet tall and set with a single fist-sized crystal at the top.

Personality: He is very idealistic and focused when he creates a task or goal for himself. While he is a member of the wizard council, the others regard him as a radical or even an extremist. The death of his sister Catherine sent him into a long period of grief and self blame. He trusts very few people, but holds his blood-related family very close. Like his niece, he is easily offended and angered and it simmers as a lasting grudge. Otherwise he is rather pompous and arrogant as far as magic is concerned, refusing to admit inferiority or being incorrect on any matter. He is only egotistic and arrogant when it comes to magic; otherwise he is somewhat friendly in day to day conversation. However, his demeanor does often convey arrogance and a superior attitude.

History: Learning from his father at a very young age, he showed magical potential early on in life. His younger sister showed equal potential, but their mother insisted that she learn more ladylike crafts. The young boy felt sympathy for her, though, and resolved to teach her tidbits of spells and incantations he learned. Together they learned in secret, and they burned the midnight oil in the stuffy, dusty attic practicing what they knew of the arcane arts. As a result there are still places in that attic where dust refuses to settle. Despite Catherine's stifled and meager understanding, Alexander became very skilled in his craft very early on, developing an egotistic and arrogant side as he saw himself as superior to the rabble with which he attended regular school.
The siblings remained close throughout their childhood and into adulthood. Alexander was always watching out for her, much to her chagrin. While she did resent being hovered over like a child, she understood his motives had good intentions. Despite her understanding she implored him to loosen up some and give her a little freedom. When his sister married he was pleased that she would settle down into a happy, financially stable life and start a family. When he discovered her husband's supposedly former profession he became very worried for her safety. Alexander was constantly at war with himself, wondering whether or not to tell her about her husband's sordid past. He always lost whatever mettle he might have amassed when he saw them interact, knowing that their feelings were genuine and they were truly happy together. He couldn't solidify his resolve enough to irreparably shatter that trust his sister and her spouse shared.
After Minerva was born he had taken to visiting rather often and grew quite fond of the infant girl. Upon Catherine's death he fell into a lengthy period of depression in which he blamed himself for being too inattentive. Time after time he replayed moments in his head, wondering what he possibly could have done to change the events that had transpired. He blamed himself for not telling her about the risk, and for letting the husband abscond with his infant niece, whom he had never seen since and might never see again; she was all that was left of his departed sister. He directed his feelings of despair and anger into a new project- tracking down the assassin that killed Catherine. Any other assassins he found along the way? Fair game. He proceeded to gain a reputation as the assassin hunter- he who hunts the hunters. Minerva knows of his outward appearance, and his true name, left to her in a letter from her maternal grandparents. Alexander only knows her name, and that she survived the attempt on her parents' lives.
His quest to end all assassins has been met with controversy in the wizard council and they have threatened to suspend his position until he "release[s] such a foolhardy and impossible notion" and returns the majority of his focus to matters of the council. He has reneged on the extreme fervor with which he pursued his goal, but he carries on his work in secret. Most of the council is oblivious, with only the head of the council and a few senior members privy to his continued ambition.

Weaknesses: His spells draw from energy in the world surrounding him, but that includes himself. The number and strength of any spell he casts is limited to surrounding power supplies and his own energy reserves. If he is not careful he could drain too much energy, potentially sending him into a comatose state for an extended period of time, or even end his life. He sometimes allows his anger and ego cloud his judgement, which usually leads to unpleasant and sticky situations. He refuses to relinquish his ways, saying that the narrow escapes make for good storytelling.

Quotes: "My name is Alexander Wulfric Cornelius Blackwood, The Hunter, and I expect to be addressed as such. You would do well to memorize that."

"You will meet your end at the hand of justice- mine."

"So the saying goes, do unto others as they would do unto you. It's simple, they had it coming anyway."

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