I'm writing this one 2 hours of sleep but it's supposed to be Break's backstory.

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I'm writing this one 2 hours of sleep but it's supposed to be Break's backstory. Empty I'm writing this one 2 hours of sleep but it's supposed to be Break's backstory.

Post by Skitts. on Wed Aug 06, 2014 2:38 pm

Break laid in bed, listening to the haunting sound of Asya his sister singing as she worked at the kitchen. “How did this come to be my dear sister?” he thought a sudden pain shooting through his chest as he remembered yesterday’s events. When his father had come back from the newly built town, Saint Petersburg, with very grave news, the stocks they had invested in had fallen out. Now his family was in a lot of debt to some very dangerous people.
With those troubling thoughts the young man started drifting back to sleep. “Breakimer! How long are you going to pretend to be asleep?” That was the voice of his youngest brother, Azidiah, just returning from the morning hunt. “Just because you’re older doesn’t me you don’t have duties yourself!” With that the younger boy flung himself onto Break’s bed punching and clawing at the man’s face and chest. Growling slightly under his break the older boy threw his brother off and onto the ground.
“You may want to think twice before attacking someone stronger than you boy” He snarled pressing his foot against Azidiah neck to keep him down. “Remember whose boss around here while father is gone” just then the afore mentioned father entered the cabin with a thunderous noise.
“BOYS! I HAVE A JOB FOR YOU TODAY!!!!” The man’s bellowing voice echoed throughout the entirety of the cabin and out into the surrounding woodlands. Almost immediately five almost identical boys lined up in front of the 6’10” tall man. Break looked to his right and left, taking stock of his four brothers. Azidiah was the farthest too his left, just beyond Vernon and Cheshire, the youngest boy had stark white hair and matching skin, his eyes were a pale green and extremely cold. Like the rest of the family the youngest was 6’4” tall, towering above his sister and mother. Cheshire standing next to him was a stark comparison, with hair black as coal, his eyes the color of the lightest sky and snow white skin. If one were to only look at their faces, excluding the eye and hair color, they’d see that the two in fact looked exactly the same, besides a scar running through Cheshire’s right eyebrow.
The same went for Chain and Breakimer. Breakimer had black hair and blue eyes and Chain had white hair and green eyes, on that note Vernon was the only one with different coloring. Due to a birth defect Vernon’s eyes were red and his hair was a dark burgundy color, which resulted in a lot of teasing from the other boys. Break shuddered at the uncanny nature of his family, never before had he seen a clan that looked all the same, not even his cousins were like this.
“Breakimer. Are you listening? I’ve been talking for a while now” Shaking his head to rouse himself from the daze the boy looked up at his father startled. It was rare that he made such a mistake.
“I’m sorry, Sir. I’ve been taken by a distraction” he said, his voice low and quiet.

(Corrections would be helpful :) )

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I'm writing this one 2 hours of sleep but it's supposed to be Break's backstory. Empty Re: I'm writing this one 2 hours of sleep but it's supposed to be Break's backstory.

Post by Skitts. on Wed Aug 13, 2014 9:08 pm

“Okay, we’re all set” Randi said after a brief pause, having finally finished hooking me up to a small microphone. She smiled at me just like she always has, her violet eyes sparkling and bright red hair blocking my view from time to time. “Just start whenever love”
I don’t know where to even begin…how do I tell the woman I love that I’m not at all who she thinks I am? It took me awhile to gather my courage, never before had I explained my story to anyone other than my brothers, and I wasn’t necessarily sure I wanted to. “Break, dear? Are you alright?” There’s that angelic voice again…slow and thick like honey and just as sweet. I was so transfixed I didn’t even notice her reaching out for me and flinched when she touched my cheek with the back of her hand “Don’t worry, no matter what you say…I’ll always love you.”
“Okay my heart” I said softly, finally looking her in the eye I took a deep breath “You may want to sit down…this will take a while” and with that, I began my tale:
It was a quiet morning when everything fell apart, my brothers and I all lived a ways outside of St. Petersburg, Russia with our pap, mom, and two sisters, and so that morning Asya had woken me up just like she normally did. “And over the mountains the goblins came, they fought for blood and thirst and flame. And once they had their fill of night, they ran away to escape the smite” which she sang over and over, you see she wasn’t even 14 years old when it happened…and her head wasn’t necessarily on quite straight.
I opened my eyes and lay there staring at the old wooden ceiling of the DeCarne manner and listening to my sister’s haunting voice as she sang her morning song. My lord it’s been quite some time since I’ve heard her sing so loud I thought to myself rolling over to watch her and my mother attend to breakfast. The babe, whom we hadn’t yet named for lack of a good thing to call her, was sitting in a basket happily playing with a washed rabbit’s skin. “Mum, why not name her Lika?” I called out, thinking of our native word for rabbit and drawing the idea from there. “Boy you must be out of your mind, we can’t name a child after an animal, for what if she turns into one?” My mother had a valid point, you shouldn’t name a child other than what you want them to grow into. My name, being Breakimer, was my parent’s rendition of the English word “break” meaning ‘to cause to separate into pieces’ and “imer” well because they thought just Break would be a bad, unsophisticated name.
“How about….Isabelle” this came from my brother Cheshire, who was sitting in the corner, quiet as always. “It means devoted to God, and the Lord knows we need one of those in this house” Our mother stopped and seemed to consider that for a moment. It isn’t really that bad of a name…it’s much better than all of the others. Asya, Vernon, Ches, Chain, Azidiah and myself…. It would be the first semi-normal name. Being lost in my thoughts I didn’t notice my mother’s quick nod. “Yes…yes…I actually like that. She will be Isabelle Randieline DeCarne. It’s perfect.” As my mother said this the baby, scratch that Isabelle, giggled as only children can and clapped her hands. She seems to like it...I thought smiling at the child, who like the rest of the DeCarne’s had very pale eyes and even paler skin, excluding our mother of course. Our mother was a beautiful woman, with bright red hair, brown eyes and tan skin, short too, how she managed to put up with five boys and a challenged girl and then have another one is beyond me. Still trying to wake myself up I started to drift off thinking about my family. Well I had been until my mother, very loudly for such small stature bellowed out “NIKOLAI! WE HAVE FINALLY NAMED THE CHILD!” as she slammed a wooden spoon against one of her pots. It wasn’t even a minute

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