The Spoiled Brat. (WarriorHawk)

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The Spoiled Brat.  (WarriorHawk) Empty The Spoiled Brat. (WarriorHawk)

Post by Tyrial on Sat Sep 13, 2014 12:53 am

I am not normal, I am a fake. I was placed in this body, augmented, changed to suit your needs. I was given only one command. Protect you, and I have since you were a little child. My outward appearance has changed to prevent you from knowing, but it has always been me. It will always be me. Over the years I have changed personalities, jobs, places, forms. But through it all one thing has been constant. I am yours but sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be myself, be my own person. To be like you.

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Post by Warrior Queen Hawk on Sat Sep 13, 2014 12:57 am

Name: Isabelle Clayton
Age: 19
Personality: Stuck up and mean, Izzy isn't a person most people will deal with. Her sharp tongue always gets her in sticky situations and her cold hearted curiosity helps worsen the situation. She doesn't much care about the feelings of others and won't back down just because of some stupid threat.

A girl with a logical thought process and an attitude toward those who are strangers to her or who have any connection to her dad. Her mom being the exception. Izzy enjoys talking about things she learns if you can get her talking and if she can, she would much rather talk than listen.

Her mind is her strongest asset, but only in knowledge. When it comes to questions that can't be answered through science, she gives up and convinces the person to change the subject. Being raised in a world where soon she would have to take care of an entire kingdom tends to make people stop leaning on imagination and start using logic to figure things out.

History: Isabelle has had some dad issues ever since he was the one to put her in the multiple classes based upon history, science, social studies, and even therapy when she figured out her tongue could be used to insult those she didn't care for.

The girl is princess with her mother a subservient female to her father and her father being controlling and knowing she will try to do anything to go against what he wants. Class skipping, running away, insulting guests are some of the normal. She is smart enough to not anger high ranking officials, but respect is something that is hard to earn in her book and no one has. 

For a couple years, her dad has kept her under tight security and only a handful of times was she able to get out. The only thing she looks forward to is when she goes to her karate and taekwando class and is able to let out her frustration on toy dummies. 

Appearance:  A fair skinned girl who burns easy in the sunlight. Her hair is a crisp auburn that only reaches her shoulder blades and her eyes are colored hazel. Light freckles sprinkle over a face that always seems to be paying close attention to its surroundings. She has a balanced build and is around 5'5". She carries herself with just enough confidence to show she isn't afraid of people, but she isn't as arrogant as most her age.

When she can get away with it, she will wear a tank top and jeans. If she has to play nice with her father, she wears solid color dresses with as little frill as she can muster.
Other: Since she has never fought an actual person, her classes don't do much for her. If put into a bad situation, she would have a tough time getting out of it.

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The Spoiled Brat.  (WarriorHawk) Empty Re: The Spoiled Brat. (WarriorHawk)

Post by Tyrial on Sat Sep 13, 2014 1:16 am

Name: Sarah Du'Marix (Saryni Duvarion)
Age: 17 (???)
Personality: Sarah is utterly submissive, stuttering her way into obediance at the slightest sight of a harsh word or a hard look. She will cower and scramble to obey if hit and if she every speaks it is soft, with stutters and the ocational squeak. (Saryni has the arrogance that both skill and power give you. She views the world with contempt as she has spent much time in it.)
Appearance: Sarah has blond hair that is almost white in color, with pale skin to match. She has a thin frame, but still lightly accented by muscles. In her servants outfit any curve her body might have is hidden. She is on the small side, with hair long enough to hide her face, though it barely reaches her shoulders. (Will get to that later...when it comes up :3)
Other: Has rune like tattoos going down her back and around her wrists and ankles. She wears contacts to give her blue eyes as underneath they are violet with flecks of gold. (She is a demon.)

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