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Post by Wackybubble on Fri Oct 17, 2014 4:59 pm

Monsters are becoming more restless. Their numbers rising by the day, and they are not only destroying the mortal realm but Olympus as well. There have been reports that even the Titans have begun to stir in their pit, a problem that has not arisen in thousands of years. This is why the gods have called upon champions. The gods have no physical form, no way of stopping anything on their own, and need Champions to be their hand in the events to come. They approach those who they deem worthy and compatible, then ask for their assistance. If the champions chooses to accept, there are two options; to merge with the god or to just be their champion alone.

Those who merge with the god have far more power, knowledge, can access memories, and heal at an incredible rate because they no longer have a mortal body. The champion is essentially the god. But the god is not entirely gone. If the champion is rendered unconscious, the god has the ability to possess the body and get to safety. There is a price though for those who merge, they cease to be themselves. Their personality will meld with the god's and any obligations the god has, becomes their own. These people remain champions till they die.

The second option is to be just the god’s champion without the merging. This causes the champion to be granted with the god's powers, but a weaker version that their mortal body can handle. These champions also do not receive any of the god’s memories, unless the god tells them. The god will be a voice in the champion's head till the crisis is averted and they are allowed to go back to their normal life.

1) Kaitlynn is kinda running this solo, so she has all the power ‘n stuff.
2) No godmoding  unless permission is given.
3) If going to be gone for a while give god-modding rights to a trustworthy individual.
4) Plot Twists and in depth plot points are encouraged.
5) Try to be nice to each other and respectful.
6) Don’t make to op characters please.
7) Bios need to be complete and post here, we will let you know if something needs tweaked. Just make sure player and character knowledge are separate.
8) Let’s all have fun

Bio Templates
Name/ Nickname:
Age: (make sure your age makes sense for the god. Like Artemis would pick a younger person because she is goddess of maidens)
Theme Song (optional):
Quotes (optional):
Other (optional):

List of Champions:
Hermes: Wackybubble
Artemis: PrincessHolly
Athena: inventiveAdventurer
Denigod loophole XD: Tyrial
Ares: Hydrattler

If you wish to join talk with the Host

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Post by inventiveAdventurer on Sat Oct 18, 2014 3:08 pm

Name: Cassidy Allaway. Nicknamed Brainiac, Wise Girl, Owl.

Gender: Female

God: Athena

Age: 22

Appearance: A rather tall individual, standing at five feet nine inches, she possesses a commanding posture quite naturally. Her frame is slender to the point of being lanky but also muscular, though easily looked over in terms of attractiveness. Her eyes are a gray-tinged blue that gleam with intelligence and a sense of adventure. Thin, mousy brown hair hangs just past her shoulder blades. When blending into society, she wears a brown leather jacket and blue jeans, with a vintage print t-shirt. These clothes could quickly be transformed into a suit of bronze armor with a matching spear, complete with a helmet.

Personality: Before merging with Athena she was a very shy person. She rarely started conversations, but was able to carry one. Though she was not one for talking, she was willing to act. The merge changed her quite a bit. Always analyzing and strategizing, Cassidy has a very active brain. That aspect of her personality is and always was prominent, making her quite hard to get along with at times. However, bits of her true personality do shine through, giving her a kind and fun-loving attitude as well. She focuses when she needs to, but is willing to goof off occasionally if she so desires. As such, her occasional pranks are quite ingenious and hilarious. Any undesired emotions, such as fear or sorrow, she keeps buried deeply within her spirit. She does see it is psychologically unhealthy, but it serves her purpose so she continues.

Strengths: Having been fully merged with Athena, Cassidy has full access to her memories and abilities. That gives her the skill of a master tactician and seasoned warrior. Almost no battle could faze her, as long as she has time to think of a plan.

Weaknesses: Being the goddess of wisdom, she has developed a rather egotistical view of her intelligence. She is loath to admit being incorrect and likes to be right all the time. She also tries to accept all leadership positions, accepting more responsibility than she can truly handle. It wears away at her resilience after a time, making her succumb to stress and run away for days at a time.

History: Cassidy was born into a poor family in the American Midwest. Her parents did all they could for her, but they struggled to support the small family. Though her parents were often away, leaving her with a babysitter, she taught herself many skills. She learned to walk at nine months, was reading by age two, and was starting to write at three and a half. Her parents helped with the reading and writing, but they were at work quite a lot. When she began kindergarten, armed only with a used backpack and scattered school supplies, it took her teacher two days to suggest to administration to elevate her to first grade. All throughout grade school, she was mostly alone. She only had one true friend, who was her mental peer, named Elliot. Both of them were ridiculed and shunned for being so different, but they found solace in each other. During recess they would chase each other, discussing how they would change the world. Inventions and dreams of grand imagination were tossed about between their minds. On one fateful day, they vowed never to part from one another. They stuck together through school and weathered the bullies together. Once he took the blows of the enraged pack for her; she treated his wounds. They muddled their way through the torturous social life of public schooling until high school. For their senior prom, fought down his fear and nerves to ask her to the dance as his date. She delightedly accepted, and they shared their first kiss on the dance floor. Cassidy fell head over heels for him then, realizing that her ideal boyfriend had been in front of her all along. Elliot was ecstatic, overjoyed that the girl of his dreams had agreed to date him. Their relationship continued through the end of high school, and they graduated as co-valedictorians. They were accepted to Yale, moving far from their small town origins. They helped and supported each other through their classes, up until their senior year. They had been accepted at two different jobs, on the opposite sides of the country. They agreed to stay in contact, and went out on one last date before graduation. As they walked to the restaurant, they were set upon by a group of muggers. Elliot attempted to appease them, but to no avail. The tallest one struck him over the head with a metal pipe, and he fell to the ground. He would not move again. The criminals turned their attention to her. Desperate for help, Cassidy prayed to whatever deity there might be to save her. To save Elliot. Athena answered her call. Offered a choice to become a champion of Olympus, Cassidy agreed. She allowed Athena to merge completely with her, fervently hoping there was a way to save her love. Their combined knowledge and strength was enough to fight off the thieves, but Elliot was already beyond saving. To Cassidy, her efforts had been in vain. With her vision of the future shattered, she decided to put her new abilities and memories to good use. She moved to Washington, D.C. to take up her new job, but stayed wary for the stirrings of the underworld.

Theme Song: Warriors by Imagine Dragons

Quotes: "No, don't bother me right now. I'm not in the mood to be bothered."

"Keep in mind, I know a thousand ways to prank you. And I won't leave a trace."

"I don't have to ask why you're doing this. The fact that you are makes us allies. But I know I fight for a purpose. I fight for all the ones that the world lost. Their sacrifices have gotten us, and past champions, this far. The least we can do is use what they gave us, to stand up and fight the titans."

Other: Athena is a friend to snakes, and Cassidy makes use of that gift. She considers snakes to be her friends and allies, completely lacking any squeamishness around them. They are her informants, her flies on the wall, able to slip anywhere nearly undetected. Most of the group would find it unnerving when they discover her snake charm.

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Post by Wackybubble on Thu Oct 23, 2014 2:41 am

Name:  April Stern (goes by Hermes)

Gender: Female

Champion of: Hermes

Age: 18 give or take

Appearance: Hermes has a messy dark-ginger pixie cut with sideswept bangs, often not bothering to take time to fix it due to flying messing it up anyway. She has a rather average build, leaning toward athletic, and is about 5’4”. She has blue eyes and light freckling across the cheeks and nose. Hermes often appears looking a little tired due to never really sleeping on a normal schedule.

She wears a mainly nave blue outfit with gold and silver trims. Her short jacket is worn over her nave tank-top and comes down to about the end of her ribs and is belted across the front with two gold belts, leaving it mostly open. The shoulders have gold and silver decorative shoulder pads that match the gold bands around the upper arms of the sleeves. She has darker jeans with a silver belt and a large gold buckle and a pouch on the hip. On the belt is a skirt like thing that is open in the front and comes down on the sides. It comes to about half way down the thigh on the sides, then goes down farther in a v in the back. Hermes has a band-visor glasses that she wears with clear wing like symbols on the sides, looking like 3 feather like shapes that form the wings composed of light coming out of a gold rounded diamond shape.  Her shoes look like overly complicated sneakers, trimmed with gold and silver that come up the ankle much like hightops. On the outer sides of the shoes are another set of diamonds with wings coming out of them, much like the visor. Hermes fingerless gloves are blue almost black with a silver, simplified picture of her staff on the tops of her hands.

Personality: She can be sarcastic and often likes to push peoples buttons just to see what she can get away with. Quick to make brash decisions, often leading to trouble for her and others she happens to drag into the situation. If people ask who she was before she became Hermes she will get testy, often avoiding questions and telling them to leave it alone. Because of her past she doesn’t take loss well. If people disappear she will take it very badly. She will refuse to talk with people for a while and get angry at little things, blaming whatever she can for anything that is happening, no matter how small the problem. Hermes cant deal with people yelling at her, she will go blank and anything said during that time will be lost. She may respond with and ok or something, but again, everything in that situation will be forgotten or fuzzy. She is rather tomboyish when it comes to most things. Being part Hermes, she is extremely clever and witty, almost too much so for her own good. However, this also leads to her problem being fully meshed with her god. Sometimes she can’t help but pocket something. Another gods wallet, their keys, their weapon of choice on rare occasions. She never keeps it, she will give it back whatever she has taken almost immediately, she just can’t help herself. Her biggest problem being Hermes is that in her mind there is no way around delivering the messages that she is given by other champions or gods. Some champions in the past have abused this quirk, using it to make her run errands or get rid of her. She is fully aware of when people start taking advantage of this, and will be very displeased if they do, which has its own consequences. Hermes is oppositional defiant, but she will reluctantly listen to a point. But, she also feels like she has to do everything all the time because she doesn’t feel like she deserved this. She remembers all the kids that could have been picked and feels she has to earn her spot. Hermes could take far more brakes than she does, often working herself to the point she might just pass out. Zeus and others often have to tell her when to take days off.

Strengths: Hermes main thing is her ability to fly and go between dimensions with ease. She also has the silver and gold staff with the snakes, but that doesn’t mean she is exceptionally good at fighting with it. She mainly does distractions in fights. She is an incredibly gifted thief. From lock picking to pick-pocketing, she can perform any thief task incredibly well. Then she can tell where any god is because of her need to find them, with or without a champion. She is the connection between worlds in a way, so being able to communicate with everyone is important. However, if a god is bound to a champion she can no longer talk with that god, she has to talk with the champion.

Weaknesses: Hermes is not a fighter but will often jump into the fray if needs be. This also means that if Hermes is helping with something she may disappear on a whim, being summoned to deliver something.

History: April has vague memories of her child hood. A birthday with people she cant remember, mothers drunken stupor, and other things that don’t always mean anything. At about age seven she ended up in the foster care system, after her mother didn’t return home for three days. She then floated around the Foster care system of Arizona. She never really spent more than two years in any one home, and didn’t really care for a lot of the people that were there. The kids however were another story. She would sometimes pocket money and steal candy and sometimes small toys in attempts to try and make the children happy. She quickly learned when she arrived at a new home what stores had the best and worst security, only getting caught a handful of times.

At age 13 she moved to her last house. The wife was nice but the husband was a drunk and did not like the children. He would often abuse one of the kids, mainly April. April hated the man, she would steal money from him and spend it as quick as possible on the other kids that were there so that he couldn’t get it back. He knew it was her doing it, and the pattern of stealing and being punished went rounds. Little after April turned 14 Hermes approached her and offered her a deal. He explained that they could either merge or she could just be his champion, and April said that she would merge with him so long as she never had to go back to a place like that again. Zeus then came and she got reassigned and “adopted” by him, giving her a new home in Olympus. But just leaving the others wasn’t an option. She visited them as much as possible, but that really wasn’t enough. For as long as they were in that house things were going to be bad for them. Hermes was able to pocket a camera and video of some of the stuff on several occasions and send it to the board. The family was deemed unfit to house children, all of them removed within the week. Hermes lost track of them at that point, but she was happy she got them away from him.

April, now Hermes, spent the next 4 years in Olympus, only visiting the mortal world to deliver things to other gods. She gets to welcome new champions and deliver orders straight from Zeus. Hermes enjoys the job to a point, when gods start abusing the messenger privilege she starts getting annoyed. Dionysus has been the only one to date that has abused it to an extreme so far, having her go on god equivalent of beer runs for him.

Optional: Most pre-established champions will know Hermes, maybe not on a personal basis but rather if they see her they know its Hermes.

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Post by Tyrial on Fri Oct 24, 2014 2:20 pm

Name/ Nickname:  Alexandira Krimi  (Alex), The Endeared One

Gender: Female technically.  Switches genders randomly to female, male, both.

God:  Herself

Age:  Centuries.  Time wasn’t important to her while serving Artimus, but her best guess is she is a millennia or two old.

Appearance:  When Alex was a girl, she was unique in her village.  Drawing the attention of the males even when she was too young for marriage.  Amongst all the lighter hairs and tanned skin of her village she was raven haired with light skin that didn’t tan or burn.  She has features that make her fit both male and female.
Puberty was kind to her and generous with curves.  But they didn’t stick around because as soon as she entered puberty she was claimed by Artimus.  Under the goddess care Alex grew strong and beautiful.
After the curse ravaged her she is pale and sickly looking, but godhood granted her even more beauty.  She makes the sick and weak look work well.  The curse as well highlighted the features that make her look both male and female.

When female or transgender under her curse she can fill a 32C bra size.  When male or trans…she would be considered well endowed.  The curse grants her the best of both worlds, as well as the curse of both worlds. (Her time of the month can and has been compressed to deal with all the ‘fun’ in as short as an hour.  Every discomfort she would feel during the whole thing would happen in the short time.)

Personality:  Alex is free spirited, prone to sarcasm and teasing.  She doesn’t second guess herself, doesn’t question her actions, she just does it.  She deals with life purely on instincts, and usually her instincts are right.  She can be viewed as go-lucky and naïve but in truth she has a keen mind and understands those around her.

Strengths:  She has a mortal body and so has no need for a champion.  She is her champion.  Being in a mortal body naturally gives her greater strength and speed and power in comparison to the other gods.  But she is limited by her mortal body. She can go full blast for 2 minutes total before she will pass out. Full blast she is stronger than the gods, but it wanes the longer she uses it. She is stronger at the start of two minutes, weaker at the end of the two minutes.

Weaknesses:  Her devotion to Artimus is eternal.  Though the goddess has cast her off forever, due to her curse and a transgression following the curse.  Around anyone else she is spirited and lively.  But around the goddess she is quiet, subdued, and melancholy.  Her powers are another weakness.  She had godhood dumped on her and it doesn’t fully agree with her mortal body.  Using the powers and strengths that godhood has granted her hurts her body.

History:  Alex grew up in a small village bordering a forest.  Growing up she spent a lot of time in the woods, making friends with the animals inside.  It was during her time in the woods when she was older that she stumbled upon a different sort of tracks.  She followed it to its source, and tripped over the source, falling right into the lap of the goddess Artimus.  Both were shocked and surprised at the sight of each other.  The girl had never seen a person so beautiful, the goddess had never thought a mortal could track her.  The girl and the goddess spent a lot of time together, as the girl returned every day and the goddess.  Eventually other gods came to see why the goddess was visiting this place so often and they got to meet Alex.  She won them over but before they could claim her Artimus hugged the girl and asked if she wanted to join the goddess in the hunt.

With that simple question, Alex became the goddess’s.  She worked with the other maidens, gained their trust and became Captain over all the maidens.  Alex was happy, she traveled with the woman of her heart, learned under her, protected her back, and in the end took a curse that would have killed the goddess.  The goddess did everything in her power to try and save the girl from the curse, but all she could do was remove the deadly part of it.  And so the curse changed making the girls gender fluxuate from female to male to both completely at random.  The goddess’s love for the girl was still there and she would have kept her around if the curse hadn’t also made Alex do the unthinkable as one of the goddess’s maidens.  After a change Alex was overcome by the curse and when she woke up she had killed a trio of mortal girls, and had removed them from being maidens.
No matter how Alex pleaded with the goddess, she was enraged and told Alex to go North alone, to the frozen woods.  Alex was to do her duty as one of Artimus’s own and die there.  But Alex was too good, had learned too much.  She didn’t die in the hostile lands, she thrived.  It was Zeus who eventually found where Alex had disappeared too and he brought her back to Olympus.  When he heard the tale he was enraged not at Alex but at the goddess for abandoning Alex when the curse and its consequences had been Artimus’s fault.  It was only at Alex’s pleading that he refrained from enacting judgment on at Alex’s request.  And so instead he gave a gift to the girl he viewed as a daughter.  He called his two brothers and the three of them gave Alex the gift of godhood.  She had returned from time to time, to visit her family of gods and always to beg forgiveness from the goddess she wishes with all her heart to serve.

Other (optional):  She wears a silver locket around her neck, inside of which is a picture of her and the goddess Artimus.  Both are smiling and happy.
Alex has three companions that she has made during her time serving in the north and they come with her.  One is a great eagle, its entire self as tall as a mans torso with a great wingspan.  She also has two four legged companions.  Both appear as wolves, both are as high as her hip.  But one is a spirit, the other is alive.  Eagles name is Alair.  Wolf’s name is Fenir.  Sprirts name is Thron.

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Post by Princess Holly on Mon Dec 08, 2014 2:44 pm

Name: Elena Felicia Brennan

Nickname: Len, Lici (Her brother only), Lena

Gender: Girl… duh

God: Artemis

Age: 16

Appearance: Elena has bottled blonde hair that she normally straightens and her bangs are long side bangs that reach just below her chin because she’s been trying to grow them out. She doesn’t have a set hairstyle, instead she’s constantly trying out new things. Some days she could be found with her hair in some elaborate bun, in a braid or several, or anything else she can find on the internet. Her eyes are a normal brown green hazel combination and she frames them with a pair of oval glasses. Elena chooses not to wear contacts because she believes the glasses add an air of sophistication about her, and contacts cost a lot. They are just a normal bland silver wired pair.
A basic tenet in Elena’s life is that you must always look your best because your appearance gives off an impression and you always want that to be a good one. That’s why Elena must always do her hair and use the essentials; mascara, gel liner, pen liner, eye shadow, moisturizer with at least spf15, concealer, and foundation. Then a well coordinated outfit to top it off.

Personality: Elena is stubborn and must always have her way. She is also never wrong and will argue with you until you completely and thoroughly prove to her that you are right. She also loves attention and always has something to say. A conversation cannot occur around her without her entering it, even if it doesn’t concern her. This also means that she can’t be some person who stands on the sidelines and only acts when told to do so. Elena has to be in the middle of the fight, even giving orders. Sometimes she doesn’t want to do so, but Artemis commands it and having Artemis yelling at her for long periods of time, unable to escape her, is good persuasion.
As well, she is one of those people who must always be doing something, if she’s not being productive in some sense then she is wasting her life. Elena also enjoys helping people even if they do not want her help, she’ll try to help them anyway. That’s why she wants to be a doctor and agreed to be Artemis’s champion. Artemis essentially guilt tripped her into it, but Elena knows it was the right thing to do, to say yes. But she still tries to live her life. Elena’s mortal life with her family, friends, and school is still incredibly important to her. She has dreams, unattainable dreams, but dreams nonetheless. And abandoning all of it is something she can’t do. That’s why as a champion, she doesn’t seem that invested, dedicated, or to have the best work ethic. Elena’s trying to balance two lives at once.

Strengths: Her ability to joke while also being entirely serious, a keen fashion sense, and she can make the perfect cat eye. Elena actually doesn’t have any abilities. All she has is a magical bow that allows her to hit her mark every time. That’s it. Well… and Artemis in her head to tell her what to do… kinda.

Weaknesses: Elena didn’t merge so she is physically a normal human being. She’s not that strong, quick, or can aim real well. There’s also no accelerated healing factor. Her real power comes from Artemis’s bow that she’s able to use because she is Artemis’s champion. If she is separated from it, then Elena will be powerless.

History: Elena was the second child, born about six years after her brother Aleczander, also known as Alec. Her family doesn’t have much money but that has never bothered her much. They’re all happy, healthy, and together. That’s all that really matters in the end. They live in a three bedroom apartment, two of them could be barely considered rooms, in New York City. Elena has lived there her whole life and the closest she’s gotten to being in the country is the park. But she likes the city, so in her opinion she’s not missing much. Growing up, her family’s situation wasn’t much better. Her mother dropped out of high school and her father only got his diploma. They were young parents with Alec, but loved him anyway. Then later on they would have Elena because they didn’t want Alec to be an only child.
Alec and Elena have never been close siblings due to their age gap and differing personalities. Growing up, she was his annoying kid sister who would run into his room wanting all of his friends to be a part of her tea party or to play ER with her. She was always vying for his attention and it would just get on his nerves. Alec is practical, realistic, and a cynic according to Elena; while Elena is impractical and a hopeless dreamer. They tend to get into arguments quite easily and the arguments are never really solved. Alec believes that Elena must accept, like he has, that they just need to find stable careers that won’t cost a lot. Elena on the other hand thinks that the best career is one that you can help people and be happy in. She also doesn’t see what’s so wrong about stealing since she sells most of it to help pay their bills, but Alec just thinks it’s wrong and causes more problems for them. All he wants is for his sister to listen to him, grow up, stop breaking the law, and be semi-successful. He loves her even though she causes him problems. Their parents would sometimes have to work overtime or there was no one to take care of them, so Alec was left in charge. He sees Elena as his responsibility which is why he’s so hard on her. But because he tries to control her, Elena fights with him and their relationship is frayed on the edges.
Even though Alec took care of Elena, that does not mean her parents were never there. They actually tried their best to be there for her, even not working on weekends so that they could spend them with their kids. That’s why family is so important to her. She was taught that from a young age. Her parents told her that they could work the weekends, earn more money, find a nicer place, and in the end hardly see her and her brother. They wouldn’t be much of a family then, and family is more important than money. Elena’s close to both of her parents but more so with her mom. Her mom has always been there to play dress up, dolls, and tea parties with her and now that’s she’s older they still talk. Elena and her father are food buddies, they dare each other to eat the spiciest foods while Alec and her mom try not to be sick. Overall they’re a really close family, that Elena loves being a part of so she tries to not let her duties as a champion get in the way of that.
She also tries to not let her duties as a champion get in the way of her school work. School and Elena have a love hate relationship. She hates the boring classes and the work but she loves hanging out with her friends and sometimes learning things that pertain to her dream. Elena wants to be a doctor so health class, anatomy units, and first aid are her thing. Everything else she could care less about. Except she needs semi-good grades to go to college, so she kind of has to care.
When Elena was 13 she was confronted by the goddess Artemis and given an opportunity to do something amazing. She could become a champion and save lives or reject Artemis’ offer and force the goddess to wait years for another worthy champion to come of age. When put in those terms, the choice was rather easy to make. Elena became Artemis’ champion and would spend the next few years hunting down monsters and beasts for the betterment of Olympus and humanity.

Theme Song: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Quotes: “I don’t care what the crisis is. I have a test tomorrow and some of us have lives that are going to go on after all of this.”
“We need to do something about that outfit. I think it’s my kryptonite.”
“Really? Another fight? I just did my nails!”

“Artemis, shut up! I didn’t merge because I want to have a life! And that was hard before all of this.”
“Did you guys see that article about overalls? Those are never going to trend, only people who want to be ‘out there’ ware those.”

Other: Elena cusses. Apparently that fact shocks Kaitlynn so I’m putting it here.

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