A Haunting Reunion

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A Haunting Reunion Empty A Haunting Reunion

Post by inventiveAdventurer on Sun Nov 02, 2014 7:38 pm

There exists a happy band of mystery solvers, consisting of some teens and their talking dog, investigating suspected supernatural occurrences of all kinds. They are called The Ghost Inquisition. While their group seems a bit Scooby Doo-esque, there is no mask to pull off most of the time. Their exploits are far less earthly and much more dangerous. They are very experienced in investigating such matters and have become rather famous.

However, not all was well in their little group. One of them was intensely jealous of the group's leader. He resented the leader's natural charisma and, more importantly, how he had captivated the attention of their lady friend. Once, when they were investigating a haunted cave, the group split up. The jealous one was an easy victim for the spirit living within, and tragedy ensued. Latching onto his resentful feelings, the spirit possessed one of his arms and pushed the group leader off of the edge of a steep drop. The leader fell to his death, becoming the very thing his friends had vowed to hunt and eradicate- a ghost. Using his newly acquired supernatural abilities, he wiped all of their memories of the circumstances of his death. They only remembered that he had died. Meanwhile, the evil spirit's corruption had continued to spread from the teenager's arm to the rest of his body. The dog, a kitsune and left with no other choice, removed his arm. He received a nearly perfect robotic replacement. The group mourned, but no one was sure what the jealous one felt over his death.

Weeks became months, and moths became a year. They all moved on, but never forgot his loss. Especially the girl, his former girlfriend. On their way back home from their most recent investigation, though, they will stumble across a mysterious mansion in the middle of a forest. The same mansion the former leader had taken residence in. The Ghost Inquisition's curious spirit will inevitably bring them into the mansion's interior- and in contact with their lost friend. A former friend, in the case of his murderer. A ghost hungry for revenge, lost friendships, a lost love and an aspiring love combine in one haunted mansion. Under the crescent moon, an incredible drama will unfold.

1. Katie is in charge. Her word is final. All questionable character suggestions must be run by her before implementation.
2. Unless you have been given permission, no God-Modding.
3. If you will be absent, give someone permission to God-Mod for you.
4. Keep this PG-13, please.
5. Plot twists and complex points are greatly encouraged.
6. This is a no-hate zone, be nice to each other.
7. Post all bios here, but keep RPer and character knowledge separate.

Now let's have fun with this!

Bio Template:
Theme Song (optional):
Quotes (optional):
Other (optional):

All positions are open.

The Ghost Inquisition:
Current Leader: Arthur (friend of Kaitlynn's, posting through wackybubble)
Dog (Kitsune):
Member: Vivian (inventiveAdventurer)

Phantom/former leader: Lewis (wackybubble)

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A Haunting Reunion Empty Re: A Haunting Reunion

Post by inventiveAdventurer on Sun Nov 02, 2014 10:01 pm

Name/Nicknames: Vivian Beaumont, Vivi, Vee.

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: Vivian is mildly average in height and build, almost considered short. Her frame is quite average as well. Her hair is light blonde and falls to the middle of her back in faint waves. She holds her bangs out of the way with an un-ordained blue headband. Her eyes are a brilliant blue, always shining with excitement. Vivian also wears a blue scarf all the time, a gift from the former leader of The Ghost Inquisition. Her outfit consists of a plain t-shirt, matching her headband, a pair of jeans, and athletic shoes.

Personality: Always looking for adventure, Vivian finds excitement in the group's dangerous exploits. She is usually excited and upbeat, the light of the group. She helps to maintain morale. She is a loyal and devoted friend. In matters of love, she wholeheartedly gives her partner her trust. In addition, her heart can only truly belong to one. As such, her emotions are quite intense in all aspects and each one burns equally bright when she feels them. She is also used to getting what she wants, but not to the point of arrogance.

History: Vivan grew up in a pretty wealthy family. They had a large house and were never short of money. She was a single child and was pampered quite a bit. When she was four and asked for a pony for Christmas, her parents gave it to her. When she turned six her parents threw her a lavish princess party, complete with tea time and a royal banquet. She got most of what she wanted all of her life. She did go to an ordinary public school where she was never a part of the stereotypical popular crowd. She did, however, have lots of friends.

When her friends decided to start The Ghost Inquisition, she was delighted to support with her family’s funding. They were equipped with the best paranormal detection supplies available and a comfortable van to transport them all. Throughout the group’s many missions and investigations, a leader emerged. Vivian eventually realized she had developed a crush on him. One day they faced a horribly difficult mission- banishing a vengeful spirit. Almost everyone in the group was terrified, but she never seemed to let her fear show. In one particular frightening moment involving a lot of flying kitchen knives, she confessed her feelings for him. After they successfully banished the evil spirit, he confessed that he shared her feelings of attraction. They started dating not long after. The two were very happy together and brightened each other’s lives. But alas, fate had other plans. Or, more specifically, another spirit. She mourned his death for months, and her usually sunny countenance was replaced by sullen indifference. For the longest time she was lost. But she did eventually learn how to live again, relying on her friends and family for support. Whenever anyone asked she said she had moved on, but in truth she thought the love in her heart had died with him.

Likes: Excitement, being with her friends, Lewis, completing investigations

Dislikes: Fights and disagreements, especially between friends, being upset, evil spirits

Theme Song: Shake it Off by Taylor Swift

Quotes: “I know we might not make it out of this, so I’ll say it now: I’m in love with you!”
“That was awesome! When can we do it again?”

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A Haunting Reunion Empty Re: A Haunting Reunion

Post by Wackybubble on Mon Nov 03, 2014 1:53 pm

Name: Lewis Davis

Age: 17

Gender: Dude

Appearance (pre death):  Lewis stands about 5’7” and had a very fit, athletic build with broad shoulders. He often wears his short, brown hair that is stiled in a pompadour. He often dresses with an nice white shirt with a dark purple almost black vest over it, accented with a little magenta neckerchief. He wears nice pants and a pair of nicely kept convers, wanting to add a little flair to it. The one thing people didn’t know he wore was a gold locket tucked under his shirt with a picture of him and Vivi in it, a gift from her.

Appearance (Dead): Wearing a dress black suit with a magenta tie, the suit he was buried in, he haunts the earth. 3 rib like ascents on either side of his chest, arching around the outside of his coat. A scull with fire hair colored floats where his handsome face used to be and skeletal hands to mach. In the sockets, a glowing magenta fire acts as pupils. A gold heart, about the size of your hand, rests on the left side of his chest, beating as if a real heart.

Personality (pre death): Often described as a gentleman, he liked doing things for others. When the group started up he found he was able to help people deal with their problems. He often got into some trouble with his overwhelming sense of curiosity. He is very loyal to his friends, and even more so to Vivi, and will often act tuff to comfort them in dangerous situations. Lewis is very smart, often logical but not cautious. He gives off an air of confidence, often called the leader of the group for his willingness and skill at talking to people and being organized.

Personality (death): Brash and spiteful, he has been all but consumed by his rage at his murder. He will do most anything to fulfill his vendetta against his former friend. He has forgotten all the good things he had or was.

History: Lewis grew up in a middle class family with one younger sibling. They all ate dinner together every night and he loved helping out around the house. He went to the local public school and got good grades, participating in some sports after school but only for fun with friends. He hung out with many people, finding he fit in best with a tight nit group with three other people, one of which was his friend since elementary school, Arthur. After a while with them he found he had a crush Vivi, but he didn’t want to ask and make things awkward for the group if she said no so he didn’t say anything.
Several of them were into the paranormal and things that were hard to explain, so they formed the Ghost Inquisitors with Lewis as their leader. They travelled all over the place, experiencing many strange and bizarre things. Dering an extremely dangerous mission, Vivi told him that she liked him as well, and was ecstatic. Once they escaped he hugged her close and told her he felt the same way, asking is she would accompany him to a movie the next day. He enjoyed her presence, trying to find ways to make her smile and laugh, and she made him incredibly happy just by being there. She was so kind to him and complimented him perfectly.
The last mission they went on was one Lewis had heard about, a cave said to be haunted by a vengeful spirit. He couldn’t resist, he convinced the others to come along and they quickly were off. Vivi ended up getting split up from Arthur and Lewis, who ended up on a cliff overlooking a deep chasm. The view was amazing, and Lewis got to have a close up look at the bottom. He stood close to the edge, trying to see as much as he could when he felt a swift hard push to his back. The ground came quickly, and the last thing he saw was the outline of his childhood friend staring over the edge of the cliff watching him fall. Then sharp pain as he hit the ground, snapping his neck and several bones.
He awoke as a ghost latter, watching as medics carted his body away and everyone saying it was such a tragic accident. No one knew that Arthur had pushed him, nothing was done for justice. He was enraged to see Arthur comforting Vivi outside the cave and swore that he would get his revenge on his murder. Time had no meaning to him in death and its passing didn’t faze him, its only affect was that as it went by more happy memories were lost to the vendetta. His ghost powers grew and he constructed a mansion that inevitably leeward them to him. The trap was set, the only thing left was to take what was due.

Likes (per death): Reading, Vivi, hanging with Friends, sports, adventuring, music, history, and generally learning

Dislikes (pre death): Arguments, math homework, cats, and rain

Theme song: Mystery Skulls Ghost XD

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A Haunting Reunion Empty Re: A Haunting Reunion

Post by Wackybubble on Sat Nov 08, 2014 8:49 pm

Arthur Bio:

Name/Nicknames: Arthur

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance [ Pre Incident ]:
Arthur is a young man, with a rather, what you would say "feminine" body type. The male's height ranging around 5'5. Though he is defiantly shorter than Lewis, he is taller than Vivi slightly. His golden blonde hair moves in an upward direction, it being a bit spikey. Having a slight widows peak to go along with it. Long cyburns lay on either side of his face, the color getting gradually darker as it nears his chin. Two, brown pieces of hair stick out from the middle of his widows peak. One strand longer than the other, and a small brown gotee on his chin. His eyes were a bright, yellow-orange. Arthur wore a regular, white tee shirt. The sleeves were rolled up, and a puffy, orange vest that was worn over the shirt. Brown leather bracelets wrapped around each wrist. Arthur hardly ever removing them. The male's pants were a similar color to his hair, except slightly darker. Brown, tennis shoes were found on his feet, completing his outfit.

Appearance [ After Incident ]:
The only thing differing from his original look, would be his left arm. He soon replaced the missing appendage with a fully functional robotic arm. His leather wrist band still intact.

Personality [ Pre Incident ]:
Arthur had always been the cheerful type. He hated to show any sadness, resulting in his negative feelings being bottled away. He would always try to lighten the mood if he could. Cracking jokes, or making ridiculous gestures, (regardless if they were appropriate/good to begin with). Arthur can also be a coward at times. Him being the one to hide behind Lewis if there was any real danger. Though, despite all that, he is an overall caring person. Making sure his freinds were alright, again, trying to cheer up any sad face he comes across. Although, he would let his mood overtake his actions. This being a result of him bottling his own emotions.

Personality [ After Incident ]:
Though his mind was erased, Arthur remains his cheerful self. Once in a while, something would trigger a small remembrance of the horrific night. If this were to happen, a glazed look would wash over the his features. One of almost pure terror. One would not be able to shake him from the memory until the flash back was concluded. Sometimes whispering words or short phrases depending on the memory.

Arthur grew up in a typical house hold. Being an only child. As a child, Arthur was rather shy. Not being the one to start any conversations. By the time he had hit kindergarten, he had met his long time friend, Lewis. Lewis being the one to gradually help him out of his shell, and into the goofy self he wound up to be. As the boy got older, he found out that he had been deeply interested in the paranormal. At about the age of 13, Lewis and Arthur got a group of tight nit people. One of them being a girl named Vivi. Arthur would always want to be around his friends. Feeling the most comfortable around them. A few years after meeting Vivi, Arthur began to realize he had developed feelings for the girl. Though, each time Arthur thought about telling her his feelings, his shy attribute would reappear. Causing the male to clam up, and stutter in an idiotic manner.
During his school years, Arthur was occasionally bullied. The bullies would comment on his hair, or would make fun of the fact that he was into the paranormal. Although he was made fun of, Arthur would always put on a smile, joking around with them. Saying it was weird that he was into those things, or that that is hair was different, but he was proud for what he had/what he was into. It was what made him to be the person he was. Although Arthur seemed strong in frint of hos attackers, what they said would still get to him. Only to bottle those emotions away, until it overflowed all at once.
As Arthur entered high school, he was invited into a paranormal group between the group of friends. Without a second thought, he jumped at the opportunity. Thus, beginning the adventures of the Mystery Skulls.
The Mystery Skulls went on many adventures. The would travel around, jumping on any opportunity they saw fit. Regardless if the it was dangerous. The group became very close. Doing mostly anything together. Lewis happened to be the leader of the group, him being the one to come up with the idea. Lewis and Vivi followed close behind, with their dog, Mystery in toll. As the years went by, Arthur still didn’t have the guts to tell Vivi his feelings, and he soon missed his chance once he heard that Lewis had confessed to her. Though he was upset himself, he thought nothing of it in the beginning. Congratulating both Vivi and Lewis on their hook up. Though, as time went on, his jealousy began to grow. While Lewis, Vivi, and Mystery sat in the front, Arthur sat alone in the back. He would rest his head against his hand, sulking in the background. Unfortunately being oblivious to his own feelings. Though while they were all exploring, he would be fine once more. Everyone having a good time, and Arthur hiding behind Lewis and Vivi if anything was to scary by his standards. One day, Lewis came up with the idea to head to an abandoned cave that was told to be haunted by a vengeful spirit. Arthur quickly was convinced, and the group was off by the time sunset was happening. Once they arrived at the cave, they entered, Lewis being the one to bring something to see with. As the ventured through, they soon found a split in the path. Lewis voluntarily paired with Lewis, taking the left path, hiding behind him as they ventured through. After a few minutes, they stumbled upon a clearing with a cliff just a few feet away. As Lewis went ahead towards the edge of the cliff, Arthur stayed behind. As Arthur watched him, something began to happen. All of a sudden, his negative emotions began to build up inside of him. Before he knew it, he had stepped forward, pushing his grade school friend from the cliff. Watching him fall to the jagged rocks below. Arthur felt as if he was in a gaze, not really aware of what he was doing. Something snapped him out of the daze, returning him to the real world. His expression went pale as he found his left arm green, and soon came to realize he couldn't control that side of his body. Arthur then began to panic. His breathing quickened as he tried to rack his brain of what just happened. Only moments later, Arthur felt an intense pain, his adrenaline now in full over drive, causing the pain to subside slightly. Though, not long after the world around him would begin to fade. Hitting the ground as Arthur blacked out. When he awoke next, Arthur was on a stretcher outside the cave. His memory was in a haze…not remembering how he got to this location. His body felt weak, and nearly helpless. When he decided to sit up, he realized it was rather difficult. Looking to his left arm, a robotic appendage stood in its place, his leather wrist band still intact. The next thing he knew, Vivi had rushed over towards him, her eyes wet from crying. She pointed to the carrier with a body covered up. He was flabbergasted to hear who it was, his expression becoming pale. Arthur began to comfort Vivi. Not enjoying the sad expression on her face. The group now was down to three. Both Arthur and Vivi oblivious to what happened to their dear friend.
Jokes, Hanging with friends, Paranormal, Mystery Skulls, Vivi, Adventuring, and Science.
Negative feelings of any sort, math, blood, jump scares, and being alone.

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