A Haunting Reunion

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A Haunting Reunion Empty A Haunting Reunion

Post by inventiveAdventurer on Mon Dec 01, 2014 6:45 pm

Vivi stepped out of the yellow van's passenger side door with a sigh. "Are you sure the check engine light wasn't on?" she asked as she kicked one of the van's tires. The crescent moon hung lazily in the starry night sky overhead. The sky's black blanket was poked by the spindly, jagged tree branches of the surrounding forest. The stone wall beside the wall was crumbling and weathered, but Vivi leaned on the bricks anyway, looking at the ground. She looked up at the van, and for the first time caught sight of the spectacle on the other side. An ancient-looking mansion towered in front of her. The boards were old and looked unsteady; the once opulent home looked like it had been unoccupied for years. The windows were softly lit by an unearthly purple glow. She gasped in wonder.

"Arthur! Arthur, do you see this?!" she enthusiastically asked, grinning from ear to ear. She stood up and ran around to the other side of the van, their engine problems forgotten. "We have to go in there!" she exclaimed, hopping repeatedly where she stood. Vivi lived for the thrill of their ghost investigations, and the mansion was begging to be explored. It was practically calling her name like a siren's song. She wanted to go inside so badly, she was willing to drag her companion along with her. One way or another she would go inside that possibly (but most likely) haunted mansion.

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A Haunting Reunion Empty Re: A Haunting Reunion

Post by Wackybubble on Wed Dec 03, 2014 12:06 am

Could it be? Could it be him? No, no this is far too easy. And yet, I recognize that van, from a time I can scarcely recall I know that van. It must stop here; I will make it stop here at my mansion, my tomb, my trap. Its tattered walls and boarded windows, oh yes they will come. How could they resist? The glowing purple will ketch their eye, the thrill of a haunt will bring them in the door, and then by my hands I will keep them here and I will get my revenge on that man… oh how I have counted the days for this, I have waited so long that I can’t remember when I died. There used to be tallymakrs somewhere, counting the days, but that grew to annoy me more than the fact I was trapped here. I look out the window at the car slowly driving through the winding forest path, at my old van that he stole from me. The flames on the candelabra near me flair up with my rage, then I chuckle. Soon there will be no need to be angry anymore and I will no longer haunt this plot of land. As the van draws closer I can see the bright words scrawled across its side, that’s my van. I feel a smile stretch across my face. I had never had guests, it was time I did. I flick my wrists and purple lightning sparks around them, and the vans lights sputter as it slows to a stop outside my fence gates. Soon, the mansion will draw them in, I know they will come in. They will come in the doors that will lock behind them and be trapped like me! Like I have been all this time!... and then he will be here with me. I watch as they start to climb out of their van and look around to find the sores of the problems that only I know. The van cannot leave till I will it to leave. And I will not till he has been dealt with… but I can wait till the enter my home. I leave the window and drift into the depths of my home. I have all the time in the world.

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