An Innocent Murderer

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An Innocent Murderer Empty An Innocent Murderer

Post by Warrior Queen Hawk on Sat Apr 19, 2014 4:27 am

This RP is what I like to call "A Training RP". This is the rp you should join if you are hoping to become a better roleplayer or to flesh out a few characters. It is an rp that will help newbies place their feet in the sand and get a feel for rp-ing and it will be here to help those who wish to go further in rp-s. Say, perhaps, help them get into the Advanced Roleplays.

What does someone do when they are accused of murder? What should they when they are innocent and didn't even know the victim? How does this even work in the first place? It's worse when you are the one being accused.

After having a normal day at your school or being sick at home, men in police uniforms bust into your home and take you away, telling you that you are being accused of murder. You go to court and somehow they have evidence that you killed someone. How? What happened? The judge and jury find you guilty and your family is disappointed in you. They think you actually did it! Maybe it is because of the evidence being so thorough or because you have a bad past. Nevertheless you are taken away. Maybe you kick and scream as you dragged out and placed in a police car. Maybe you say nothing and take it.

But you aren't sent to a jail or a juvenile detention center. You are taken to a facility and placed in a white room with a bed, table, and two chairs. To one side there is even a bathroom for you, but you only have one door and and one barred window. For the first day, you just spend your time in that small room, explore, twiddle your thumbs. That night you are given food. What you didn't realize or care to think about was what you ate was a chemical. You were drugged into sleep that night. The next morning you wake with an aching pain and a person sitting in one of the chairs at the table. More food is on the table and the person is watching you with a clipboard and pen in their hands.

What did they do? Why are you in such horrible pain? Easy questions. This facility is for experimentation. They knew you didn't kill anyone, but they wanted specimen. You were just lucky to be picked. Maybe because of your race or your religion. No one knows. This place has a new... "Invention" which is a special ink. This ink is fused with energy that when injected into a human's skin, can heightened certain aspects. One case even showed mutations of the body to fit the tattoo's picture. Powers have also been reported which is why depending on the person, a new room is created to prevent the specimen from escaping.

Each day you are experimented on, you take tests to show your stamina, your abilities overall power, and find out if you are progressing in any other way. When will you finally get tired of it? Will you run? These are the questions you might ask...


  1. Follow the Ground Rules
  2. This isn't a democracy, this is a dictatorship. I am the law here and I can delete 1x1 rp-s if I see fit. Don't tempt me.
  3. If you have read the rules, you have the option to tell me what my character will be doing. Your options are mine will be in the same situation as you, or they will be a scientist working with those that put you in this facility. Put which you prefer in your post when you put up your bio. If you so desire, you also have the option of telling me the gender you would like my character to be. See what happens when you read the rules?
  4. Have fun!

Character Match-up
David Rossini (King Staragna) with Isabelle Clayton
Sarpe Cualli (TheDarknessofLoyalty) with Crow Haku
John Mertille (Aurum) with Sophie Haze
Stripes (Marchie) with Ricosha

Bio Template
[b]Race:[/b] (You will be human. I want to know if you are Japanese, Korean, Native American, ect.)

[i]Skills and Abilities:[/i] (All abilities must be related in some way. You can have multiple, but you will only have one at the beginning. Put your first ability as the first one you write. This ability will also be your weakest.)

[b]Tattoo Appearance[/b]



(Optional) [i]Character Theme Song:[/i]

Any Questions? Ask them. I don't bite...

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An Innocent Murderer Empty Re: An Innocent Murderer

Post by TheDarknessofLoyalty on Tue Apr 22, 2014 4:07 am

What Sarpe needs is someone too damn stubborn for their own good, able to shrug off a good number of hits and not being averse to snakes... Kinda vague but, even she doesn't know which ways she swings yet.

Name: Sarpe Cualli
Age: 19
Race: Egyptian
Gender: Female

Skills and Abilities:
Venomous: Her mutation gave her venomous fangs instead of canines akin to venomous snakes, such as the Cobra. This altration is permenant.

Forked Tongue: Further mutation has brought the smell-tasting forked tonge of snakes to replace Sarpe's old human one. Normal speech is possible despite the altered shape. This alteration is permenant. At this point she is also immune to reptillian poisons.

Coil: Further mutation brings with it the ability to alter her legs into a cobra's tail and back at will, although it takes some time to change and a great deal of pain due to a musculature an skeletal structure change. At this point her hair tends to stay in a shape akin to a Cobra's hood.

Permacoil: Eventually the Mutation will make the cobra's Tail permenant, effectively forbidding Sarpe the use of legs.

Voice: Soft and normally half-hushed from nerves. A slight lisp causes an elongation of her s's. If agitated she actually grows more quiet, but can carry her voice far further.
Appearance: Thinly built yet rather lithe, Sarpe's grainy yet stil slightly pale body is below average in most areas, save for musculature, especially the bust and rear (The former only being slightly larger than B-cups). Her Brown eyes gaze out, framed by thin lashes and elbow-length brunette hair. While she tends only to wear close-fitting clothing, hating the feel of baggy ones atop her 5' 3'' frame, she is rarely, if ever seen without her only piece of jewelery, refusing to part with it under any circumstances. A Scarab Pendant from her homeland.
Tattoo Appearance A coiled cobra, eyes in red and the hood viewed side-on.
Personality: Secluded of both mind and mannerism, Sarpe has trouble trusting other people to the point where she will actually refuse aid from even the kindest of people. Some have made the mistake of thinking she's ungrateful, or even uncaring, and felt her wrath. Just like the desert that was so close to her hometown she sees no reason to show mercy to people, Believeing their pain a just reward for, what is in her eyes, their sins. This also leads her to being quite the Combat Pragmatist. If it's a fair fight, she'll still play as dirty as she can... Especially against men. While she cherishes what she has, she does not seek material weath.
Likes: Tea, Cobras, Solitude, Quiet, Rain
Dislikes: Noise, Lust, needles (more a fear than a dislike), drought.

History: A remote Egyptian villiage lays claim to her birth. Her parents both forced to work many hours of the day just to afford to keep them with a roof and food, leading to an austere upbringing. At a young age, however, the desert heat threatened to claim her frail body and, while she resisted the abyss' call the brush with the reaper so close to her birth made her vastly different to her parents. Where they preached avoidance of risks, She was more than willing to take them, if she felt she benefitted more from taking it. Where they allowed mercy, she showed none.

This behavioral shift estranged her from the community, rough as it was to begin with, and it was not uncommon, after a short time, for her to have to fight her way to and from school. She felt, however, too empty when her mother contracted an illness from when she was doomed to never recover from ad both she and her father withdrew inwards to cope. This conincided with the typical hormonal imbalance of Puberty, which caused a grave dislike of those that approached her out of the blue with comments she didn't feel were welcome, most answered with a silent punch or kick. It was during this time that her mother had saved enough to purchase her pendant. In an unbringing like hers the simple trinket was something to be treasured and guarded in her mind.

She stayed silent but glaring when her mother perished, the same day she was accused of murder. Only when the trial had finished, and her verdict sounded out for all to hearm did she finally speak to the court. "Venom runs deep. Beware how much you Intoxicate lies, someone will always bear the cure." She was led out unrestrained from the court, her right hand clasped tightly over her pendant.

Strengths: Quick-footed, Keen eyed (from having to peer through the occasional sandstorm), capable of snap desicions, oddly skilled at brewing tea.
Weaknesses: Very judgemental, Finds it hard to trust people, 'clingy' to her Scarab pendant, Fearful of needles.

Character Theme Song:

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An Innocent Murderer Empty Re: An Innocent Murderer

Post by Warrior Queen Hawk on Sat Apr 26, 2014 1:28 am

(King Staragna)
Name: David Rossini
Age: 21
Race: Half Italian, half Puerto Rican.
Gender: Male

Skills and Abilities:
Artificial Photosynthesis: He can keep plants healthy in any conditions. His presence is a substitute for water and the sun. This ability is passive and cannot be turned off.

Regeneration: Any dead plants will revive if he wants them to. Also, fruit and flowers will grow from the plant if he so chooses and it has the capability.

Viral: He can intoxicate any plant at will. When said plant is ingested or its fumes inhaled, any ailment he wishes will be inflicted on the recipient, up to and including death.

Caretaker: Any seed he plants will grow as quickly or slowly as he wants, to the point where a large tree may grow to full height instantaneously three years after he plants the seed. This also works in reverse; he can revert a plant originating from him as far back in its life cycle as he wishes, as far back as the seed from whence it came.

Herbokinesis: Any plant he wishes will instantly rise out of the ground at his pleasure. This plant can also be as large as he wishes, and is not limited to its strain's normal capacities.

Voice:Light, smooth as silk baritone. When he is aggravated it loses its natural warmth, but does not rise or fall in either pitch or volume. His voice carries and fills the room, yet is not commanding. Instead, it begs to help remedy a situation. His light timbre has won him many a friend; however, his quick tongue and ease of manner occasionally make him seem untrustworthy. When greater persuasive skills are needed, he takes on a lower voice that lies on the edge of threatening. This will usually get the point across quite nicely. His singing voice, though untrained, is fully equipped with vibrato and tremendous power due to his Italian heritage.
Appearance: He is dark skinned with long black hair going down almost to his shoulders as is correspondent to his Puerto Rican mother. However, he is 6'2, tall for that side of the family, and very skinny. His dark eyes give off a constant display of mischief. He dresses mostly in old t-shirts and torn jeans that have obviously seen better days, though since his arrest he's only been wearing the orange jumpsuits the jail provided him. He was never one for piercings, but eventually his buddies decided they should just give him a nose piercing in his sleep. He eventually decided he liked it.
Tattoo Appearance A surprisingly detailed apple located right in between his shoulder blades. A worm protrudes from it.
Personality: David is a liar. In fact, he hates the truth almost as much as he hates his parents. This may be a byproduct of the fact that lying comes incredibly naturally to him. He chooses his words carefully so as to optimize his natural "gift". His voice and eyes beg to be believed, and most are inclined to do just that. He is not very loyal to anyone, including himself. He has learned that if he doesn't stay loyal, he doesn't have to trust anyone; that's just the way he likes it. He gives in to peer pressure quite easily, as he is very weak willed. However, more often than not he is the peer that is pressuring his victims. He is very slow to anger, and when he does it is not apparent. He is very patient and would rather watch his antagonists suffer than tear them apart where they stand. He is not forgiving by any sense of the word and will dedicate his life to make others' miserable. However, this is not a usual occurrence, and he would rather share a drink and a girl with some friends than pursue revenge.
Likes: Women, alcohol, getting what he wants.
Dislikes: His parents, order, the law.

History: David's father, Johnny Rossini, had dreamed of working for NYPD since he was a little boy. When he finally achieved that goal, he was ecstatic. He was determined to let nothing get in the way of his career. When he was put in charge of the illegal immigration task force, he could never have been happier. He never had been one for the damned aliens, and now he could actually do something about them. Or so he thought. After three successful months on the job, he had grown arrogant. It was obvious to him that his job was much too easy. Johnny wanted a challenge. Then he found one where he least expected it; in a woman. She was supposed to be just another job; she was an alien that needed to be sent back to Mexico or wherever the hell she belonged. But this one was different... When he saw her eyes he saw something different. There was a fire in this one unlike anything he'd ever seen. The woman noticed this lapse in character and pounced on him. Johnny knew he shouldn't let her get the better of him, but he couldn't help it. Before long, she was pregnant and he was off the force.

He was able to get a job as a body guard, but he always resented their son David for ruining his career and life. As such, he brought David up with a belt and, on occasion, a baseball bat. Johnny constantly told his son that he wasn't loved and wouldn't amount to anything. He constantly had whiskey on his breath. David wasn't allowed to play any sports as, in his father's words, he "had taken enough money from dis family by bein' born. Now git off yer lazy ass and git me dat beer in da fridge!" His mother was too scared to help her son, as she would get his punishment tenfold if she interfered. David grew up knowing only fear, and never felt love. At 16 he was thrown out-quite literally-into the street.

The young man soon made friends who were in a similar position as he. Against all odds, he made a comfortable living for himself with his natural talents of deceit and the sociopathic tendencies he had learned from his father. He was rarely caught; when he was he would slip the name of one of his rivals and be set free. He was arrested for murder on his 21st birthday while drinking the first beer he had bought legally.

The irony was not lost on him.

Strengths: Very convincing liar, extremely skilled in the art of persuasion
Weaknesses: Physically weak, lacks education

Character Theme Song:

(Warrior Hawk)
Name: Isabelle Clayton
Age: 20
Race: Half German and half Irish
Gender: Female

Skills and Abilities: Heightened hearing and better balance than the average human is all she has.

Voice: Her voice is a warm mezzo-soprano. Depending on if she is happy or otherwise, her voice will move between a hopeful and welcoming sound to a more intimidating and demanding one. Her voice isn't in the best condition to sing, but every once in awhile it can make a peek and sound beautiful to anyone who lends an ear. With training her voice has potential to make her a decent singer. In the meantime she sticks with only using it when she is answering questions or yelling at people.
Appearance: A fair skinned girl who burns easy in the sunlight. Her hair is a crisp auburn that only reaches her shoulder blades and her eyes are colored hazel. Light freckles sprinkle over a face that always seems to be paying close attention to its surroundings. She has a balanced build and is around 5'5". She carries herself with just enough confidence to show she isn't afraid of people, but she isn't as arrogant as most her age.

When she is outside her work, she wears a lot of sweaters and turtlenecks with nice jeans or occasionally she will wear a long skirt and blouse. Her hair is normally left alone to lay on her shoulders and curl in at the bottom. When she is in the facility, she pulls a white labcoat over her clothes and puts her hair up in a clip with a pencil behind her ear.
Tattoo Appearance On the inside of her wrist is the eyes of a wolf and a moon behind them. The actual picture isn't any bigger than the eraser of a pencil.
Personality: A girl with a logical thought process and an attitude toward those who are strangers to her or who have any connection to her dad. Her mom being the exception. When she works, she tries to keep a stoic face around the specimen she records and watches for the organization. She limits how much she talks to them, and doesn't try to get to know them. Her problem with that is she enjoys talking about certain aspects of what she finds. This isn't helped by the fact that she is always stuck in a place full of older people who are more interested in talking than listening. The benefit in that is she learned to be patient and to listen to others woes and complaints.

Isabelle has some daddy issues to say the least. Ever since she found out her dad had agreed to have her imprinted with the experimental tattoo, she hasn't trusted him since. She hates him for making her what she is now, but she isn't allowed to leave the research facility because of what happened to her. The father problems are also why she is easy to anger and can snap with a click of someone's fingers.

Her mind is her strongest asset, but only in knowledge. When it comes to questions that can't be answered through science, she gives up and convinces the person to change the subject. Being raised in such a sterile place tends to make people stop leaning on imagination and start using logic to figure things out.
Likes: Sweets, observing, talking, and planning.
Dislikes: Riddles, abstract ideas, lies, her dad, and messes.

History: Before Isabelle was thought of, her dad was working for an organization that wanted to help the human race progress in evolution. They had just come up with the ink with the mysterious energy and her father was eager to try it out on someone. That's when his wife told him she was pregnant. He was joyous and told the scientists he worked with. Soon they would have a way to test this new invention. None of them even cared about how experimenting on humans was illegal, or how this could affect Isabelle for the rest of her life. They were too busy celebrating.

Three years after the baby was born, they injected her skin with the ink and even gave her wrist a design. When she woke the next day, she was showing no sign of change. It took her three weeks before her ability to hear better than the average human came. Her father was so happy. He had a daughter who was unique!

The excitement died when she turned seven. Her mom had somehow been oblivious about everything, and accepted that the reason her husband continued to bring Izzy with him every week was because of routine check-ups and groceries. Sometime the occasional "Take your kid to work day" was slipped in the mix. His daughter soon noticed the lies and constant secrets her dad made her keep from mom. Her tests also became harder and much more annoying. What had started as simple blood tests and vitals became tests of intelligence and her ability to work harder. This was when she started bottling an anger toward her papa.

All hell broke lose at eleven though when she went through puberty. The new hormones that had been dormant mixed differently with the ink that was put into her skin when she was younger. For three weeks she was in a coma and everyone was afraid she wouldn't come back. When she did though, something was different. Where her tailbone was, she had fur and a new limb was growing and her ears were shaping themselves differently. Three months past and she had a wolf's tail and ears with reddish brown fur that covered the tail. Her ears only gained a bit of fur, but only enough to help her catch more sound. This was also the time she learned to used her tail for balance.

Because of this new change to her body, she despised her dad and the issues began. She decided to work at the lab since they wouldn't let her leave permanently and would visit her mom every weekend. She now had a room of her own in the lab as they started to bring in more people to use as specimen. She hated the idea of bringing more people to meet her fate, but what could she do? Stop them? She was only a kid... And now she is still unable to do anything.

Guess she just has to deal with David.

Strengths: Her hearing, being able to explain things in a scientific manner, and having a extensive amount of knowledge on humans, some animals, and science history.
Weaknesses: She has almost no imagination and her thoughts are calculated and always planning her next move instead of daydreaming like most girls. She is also easily angered.

Character Theme Song: (To be Given...)

Name: John Mertille
Age: 17
Race: Half French, Half Scottish
Gender: Male

Skills and Abilities:

Waterdraw: He is able to draw existing water out of the terrain and move it around. It is limited to the amount of existing water; however, he does not have to drain the supply.

Aquaform: He can manipulate the form of a liquid in order to create a solid object. The size of the object is limited to the amount of the liquid.

Voice: John has a kind, low-tenor voice with a slight middle-class British accent. He has a very authoritative tone, helping to create trust and loyalty among people. His voice is much harsher and louder when angry.
Appearance: John has messy, dark-brown hair and a slightly tan complexion. His eyes will change color depending on the amount of light, varying from grey to green to blue. He has toned muscles from being a farmhand and is about 6’5”. He prefers to wear a shade of blue, as it is his favorite color. A scar runs across his right calf from engaging a bear in a fight to save his sister Gabriella. He dislikes wearing anything fancier than a pair of jeans, though he prefers shorts. He wears a necklace made for him. He also likes to wear a mixed gold and silver ring on his right hand. He pays no little attention to fashion and is likely to be found wearing mismatched colors and styles.
Tattoo Appearance: An ocean wave down his right arm.
Personality: John is a very kind and sometimes quiet teenager; he helps when needed and is courteous to all. However, he is lazy when it comes to housework like cleaning his room. His messy appearance models his nature. He is very loyal and will stand by his friends until the end if need be. Though slow to his anger, he becomes very violent in his uncommon outbursts. It takes a while for someone to gain his trust, and if it is broken, he almost never trusts them again. He respects his few enemies, though he believes they do not understand him. Being very knowledgeable, he can be blunt. He is fairly oblivious to romance, and as such, he has never had a girlfriend. He loves to eat.
Likes: Friendship, food, life
Dislikes: Insects

As a young boy, John felt that he was different from other children. His quiet nature was “weird” to the other kids in his elementary school in contrast to their loud and obnoxious natures. Growing up, he helped on his parents’ farm, but was often scolded because he did not do his other chores. John’s parents were kind and wise but also very strict. They did not understand why John couldn’t get along with any of the kids at his school. His eight-year old sister Gabriella understood but was too young for them to listen to her. He often had the thought that there must be another person like him, and he spent most of his childhood hoping to meet them someday. He often had a faraway look in his eyes thinking of the future and wishing for a friend.

He met that person in seventh grade. Her name was Kristin Heath, and when they met, John knew that she was the friend for whom he had been searching. He learned to trust her, and she trusted him as well. She made him a friendship necklace that was a string of shells gathered from when she took a trip to Florida. The two friends became inseparable until freshman year, when Kristin was kidnapped by a gang known as the Green Fire. John was angry and sought the gang out so save his best friend. By the time he got there, though, they had already killed her, and he flew into a rage, destroying their hideout and injuring almost all of them. John swore to himself that he would never forgive them as the police carried the gang off into the distance. John slipped into a rut, unable to focus on anything.

The following week, Gabriella was helping to water the farm. When she finished, she went to gather firewood. About ten minutes later, John heard a scream. He ran to the forest to find Gabriella facing a huge bear. It was the biggest bear John had ever seen, but he was not about to lose another important person in his life. He quickly told Gabriella to walk away as quickly as she could, and he prepared to fight the bear to buy her some time. He punched the bear in the nose as hard as he could. The bear reared back and made a deep cut in his leg with its paw. The pain was almost unbearable. At that point John’s father came with his rifle and shot the bear in the head. It died almost instantly. His father was glad that he and Gabriella were safe, but he was also angry that John was rash by starting a fight.

John’s grades fell, he became slightly more irritable, and his parents no longer knew what to do. John felt like he had no purpose anymore. When the police came to arrest him during his junior year, his first thought was if he had accidentally killed a member of that terrible gang. He went willingly, hoping that jail was better than his present life.

It was not.

Strengths: Physical strength, convincing, loyalty, intellect
Weaknesses: Overthinking, slow speed

(Warrior Hawk)
Name: Sophie Haze
Age: 17
Race: A little Japanese, and the rest of her is a collage of European countries.
Gender: Female

Skills and Abilities:
Accuracy Perfection- The natural and trained skill to aim almost perfect with a bow and arrow or a loaded pistol. Her aim with a gun that requires two hands is off by quite a bit.

Empathic Balance- Because she is around so many people and tries her best to comfort who she can, she has a skill most teenagers don't have; empathy. She does her best to put herself in other's shoes and make them feel better.

Voice: A beautiful soprano's voice that is soft and hits notes as she hits targets at a shooting range. When she gets alone time, needs to comfort a child, or has to have late shifts, Sophie will sing and play with her voice to get the best sound she can. Never has she been trained, so her voice doesn't carry well nor does it normally have the natural vibrato most trained vocalists have. At a normal volume for speaking, her voice has been known to crack when her heartbeat speeds up and when she is happy it gains a lighter sound to match her emotions. Most have trouble being mean to the girl because her voice gives most the impression of weakness or fear.
Appearance: The girl has dark brown hair that borders to black. The ends are tipped with a dark blue dye that reaches down her back to hit her at the middle. On her forehead lay bangs that are just short enough to stay out of her eyes. Her body is quite slender built, but she really had to work on her look for that to come around. She is proud of it though. Coincidentally, her surname suggests the color of her eyes. Her skin tone is tan and if she isn't careful can burn easy in the sun. Luckily, she can have the complexion she does without burning if she is careful and watches how long she is out. She stands at about 5"7' and doesn't care about the tall jokes she normally gets from the shorter women.

On her own, she enjoys wearing dresses that are modest. Her favorite ones are light blues and shades of purple. When she goes to work at the facility, she wears the traditional labcoat and pulls her hair back to keep it from snagging on something or getting in her way. The style she wears it differs from day to day. Sophie also wears slacks instead of her lengthy dresses during her shifts so she can walk around with ease and run from one hall to the next to help whoever is in need. She lacks the usual pen and clipboard that most scientists have and uses whatever scrap piece of paper she finds in her pocket with a pencil to write down any notes. However, she does wear the stereotypical glasses a scientist wears. They are only to read though, so she doesn’t wear them outside the lab.
Tattoo Appearance She isn't one of these special experiments. She only works here.
Personality: Pleasant, sweet, and to those who first meet her, weak. Sophie does everything in her power to be kind to those around her and she uses cheesy jokes to make that happen. For little kids, she will sing soft tunes as well as old children songs to cheer them up and get them to speak to her. Teenagers are harder for her to get past barriers. For them she just tells stories and opens up to them as much as she can without feeling vulnerable to them. Elderly people are easily entertained by her stories and her wonderful listening skills that follow her boundless patience.

Some, of course, try to take advantage of her, but she finally learned at the age of 13 that she can fight back. Because of her long distance weaponry practice and her parents constantly pushing her to be independent, she grew stronger mentally and physically. She can't take down a male without help, but she can look someone in the eye and not cower in a corner when she tells them "No". Her anger is never shown and when it comes to being annoyed, she has mastered the art of keeping it hidden.

The poor girl has a problem with words though... Sometimes her thoughts are scattered and unable to be deciphered by herself. When she speaks they can't be explained nor are the understood by some. Daydreaming is also a constant activity she partakes in. Probably the reason she should never lead things is because of her obsession with her abstract thinking and her unusual way of explaining things.
Likes: Poetry, riddles, music, daydreaming, dogs, and happiness
Dislikes: Sorrow, pain, explanations, and her leadership

History: From the time she was born to when she was 13 years old, she was her daddy’s little girl and a “mini me” of her mother. She never cried unless under emotional stress or she was picked on at school. Her morals, her beliefs, and her personality was all modeled from her caring parents and everyone liked it that way. Having no other children made it that much better too. She could be spoiled to her heart’s content! What could be better?

Her mom thought being able to stand up for herself would be. Little Sophie was always taken advantage of in her elementary school and her teachers had to intervene on more than one occasion when the kids pressured the girl to do stupid stuff or give them her snacks. Her mom finally took a stand and decided to teach the little girl how to say no with an assertive tone and ask questions with no hesitation. She read up on a few psychology books and brought her daughter to shooting ranges for both guns and bows. This became similar to mother-daughter day activities that most normal kids have in their home. In no time she was able to kick that peer pressure and grew as a person.

Her dad was furious. Why would he have been in agreement to make his daughter a tough cookie? He loved having a sweet child and feared because of her mom’s work, she would turn into a rebel teen. The man didn’t even give his wife a chance to explain or let his kid talk to him. He began yelling and screaming and soon Sophie’s life took a new turn downhill…

Her parents divorced and were given dual custody over the girl and she decided to help them both by getting a job somewhere. She hoped that somehow she would be able to make things easier for the both of them if she could make some money to keep things going. That and she didn’t enjoy feeling useless to her family while this hard time was taking place. When she started applying, this facility took her in with few requirements and she jumped for the chance. It helped that the lab gave her more than just minimum wage.

Strengths: Sweet, kind, sympathetic, empathetic, accurate
Weaknesses: If she is in doubt for a while, she can be actually be persuaded into doing things with hard work, she has a weakness for chocolate as well.

(Optional) Character Theme Song: One Girl Revolution

(Warrior Hawk)
Name: Crow Haku Utina
Race: Native American with a little bit of Irish blood
Gender: Male

Skills and Abilities:
Black Feathers- With the feathers of a crow, the boy is able to turn completely into that creature. His attitude must also be in the right range. For this ability to completely work, he must be in a cocky, smart-aleck mood. He then can feel the feathers grow and his body shrink. His clothing also is shred when he shifts. When he changes back to his human form, the feathers molt from his body and are spread across the floor making for an annoying clean up.

Howling Moon- Using the pelt of a wolf, he is able to change into that wolf. For the shift to really work, he must be feeling loyal, or protective, perhaps even thoughtful for the fur to grow. When he returns to his human form, he sheds a bit of the fur on the ground.

Furry Vengence- With a bear’s pelt, the boy can change into a bear. Simple enough. If he is feeling angry, cruel, vengeful, or annoyed, this shift will occur. When he shrinks back to his normal size after the bear shift, he sheds just like the wolf only more so.

General note: When Crow is low on energy, he can’t change into these forms and he shifts back to human involuntarily when he is too low on energy.
Voice: An easy baritone whose voice can hold a variety of tones. He can’t sing anything but sour notes yet his voice is charming and almost silk. He is quite the womanizer with his voice, and he uses this to his advantage.
Appearance: Crow has black hair that hits his ears and deep brown eyes. His skin is tan with an edge of red in its color. His body build is weak and seems too bony for the average teenager. He is 5’11” and loves his height which increases in his bear shift. His clothing is simple and clean. Normally jeans and a t-shirt suffice and he hates clothing that shows how skinny his torso is. He has high cheekbones and wears a colorful bracelet on his right wrist.  

When he changes his forms, it isn’t hard to tell in a flock of crows, a pack of wolves, or a group of bears which he is if you know what to look for. When he is in his crow form, there is a crack in his beak from a scar he got when he was younger. This scar is shown in all his forms. On his wolf form, it is on the inside of his right leg and in his bear form is it noticeable across his right shoulder.
Tattoo Appearance over his shoulder blades are deep black wings that stretch down so the tips hit his sides. To connect the wings together, there is a pair of paws in between them. The scientists were trying to see if they could give someone a shift that made them into a mythical creature.
Personality:He is a kind hearted kid with a lot of feeling for being a spiritual guy. He loves to joke around and be around other people and rarely gets shy around people he doesn’t know. When he makes enemies, he isn’t your normal guy who would seek revenge. He would rather taunt them to the point where they ask for simple revenge. It also makes it that much easier to finish them when they are angry and unsure of what to do.

He isn’t big on being a leader of other people and has no reason to be one. He does what he wants and will follow orders if given by the right person. He can be slightly flirtatious when he wants to be and can hold his own in most fights by being swift and accurate even if he isn’t very muscular.
Likes: Women, company, talking, winning, and bitter-sweet candy.
Dislikes: Spicy food, isolation, being alone.

History: When people of his tribe are born, they don’t have an official name. They are named after whatever they are found to do or an animal that they are associated with. Sitting Bull, Red Hawk, Three Eagles, ect. At the time, his parents settled for Haku for his name, just because it rolled off the tongue. A few years passed and his dad had a dream about his son flying with the black birds of the sky. The next day he went hunting and found a flock of crows in his hunting grounds. On the ground laid an injured bird with its wing in knots. It would be impossible for the poor thing to live without pain again, so he had mercy in mind for the winged creature. Haku’s dad killed it and used the meat for dinner with simple berries to go with it.

The next day, his mom had sewn the skin and feathers together as a hat for the boy to wear. From then on he was known as the bird whose skin he had as a hat. When he turned 16, he went off on his own to scavenge for food and came face to face with a bear. The boy did his best to stay out of its way, but something in the creature seemed to crack and it attacked him. With the help of a simple passerby, he was able to get away from the bear with only a scar to his shoulder that went down his chest.

That was six months before he was taken away from his family and put in a court house. He sat in the room for an hour as he was told he had killed a Japanese man with a lead pipe. His was told his motive was because the man had killed his cousin, Kristie, and even his parents believed this tall tale. Especially since his cousin had died only a week after his trial. He was taken to the facility and placed a in a room with another guy. Why? He doesn’t know. Right now he just hopes his roommate is friendly.

Strengths: He is quick and has a lot of endurance. He isn’t easy to put in a temper and he has fun tormenting others simply through taunts.
Weaknesses: He gets carried away in things and is horrible when it comes to thinking when he is under pressure though it is hard to tell under his smug smile.

Character Theme Song: Just a Little Girl by Trading Yesterday. This is more of a song he would sing to a girl who hurt him or how he always deals with pain caused by others around him.

Name: Stripes
Age: 19
Race: Caucasian
Gender: Male

Skills and Abilities: "Fire Bending" ((creating and focusing fire at will, very short range)) "Summon Familiar" ((Calls forth a 2 foot tall Flaming Tiger that he can talk to and will fight with, and for, him)) "Claws" ((Grows metallic claws covering his hands)) "Transformation" ((Turns into a much larger version of his little Flaming Tiger))

Voice: Baritone
Appearance: Fucking sexy, imagine the hottest man alive and add two. Tall, about six foot, and lanky. Skinny arms and legs that still have visible muscle mass, but he's not overly buff. Stark white shoulder length hair with an orange stripe starting at the middle of his bangs and going over his left ear. a scar over his red (left) eye and a clear blue (right) eye. Always wears a cape, rarely wears a shirt, prefers skinny jeans and leather pants.
Tattoo Appearance: A Flaming Tiger, pouncing as if to claw at whosoever looks upon it.
Personality: Flirtatious, boasting, and quick to respond to a challenge. He is very trustworthy with close friends but not very trusting of new people.
Likes: Capes, Girls, Cats, Fire, Hand to hand combat, chocolate, and the color orange
Dislikes: Shirts, Old Men, Dogs, Water, Long Range combat, Vegetables, and the color green

History: Orphaned for as long as he could remember, his only friend in the world had always been Sand. The two grew up in a ward together, both orphans, and even though they looked nothing alike, they were closer than if they were related by blood. The two worked out together and would spar often, so both were in excellent shape and were exceptional fighters. Stripes was always the trouble maker of the two, but Sand would always get them out of it somehow. They endured the orphan life until they were both 16, the age when they are forced out onto the streets.

They survived rather well, considering. With all their street skills from the Ward they were able to steal and scavenge for enough food to live and were even able to build a sort of house. They got free lunches at school and always skipped breakfast, but they managed. Eventually Sand even got a job, and was able to start paying for food for them. They were happy with their lives. Day to day life was pleasant; breakfast, school, sparring, dinner, sleep, and repeat. They rarely went out and did anything fancy, they didn't have the cash for it. Stripes never got a real job, but he got better and better at fighting and burgling. His eyesight was incredible, even in the dark, and his reflexes were cat-like. It may have been some higher-priority heists that brought the facilities attention to himself, but who can say.

The Day Everything Changed: Truant again, he decided to stay home. You don't need to worry about your parents when you haven't got any! His brother, Sand, had long given up trying to make him go to school every day. Stripes was one of those "Miss every class and ace the final" kids. He was feeling kind of down because his most recent girlfriend broke up with him. She said she wanted someone who "Would rather hit the books than another person." This was due to his "part time job" as a black market cage fighter. He almost always won so he didn't see the problem with it... almost. He had earned his scar when facing up against a cheater who brought a knife into the ring, the blood in his eye had stained his iris red. He was asleep on his bed when the police came, with cat-like reflexes he jumped up and was able to knock two of the incoming police with one punch each, but it's hard to keep fighting with a tazer gun in your abdomen. 

Strengths: Close Combat, strong willed, smooth talking, heat.
Weaknesses: Hot women, cold, compassion for his brother (like if he's used as a hostage or something)

Name: Drevan Orion
Age: 20
Race: Norse (Country of origin: Scotland)
Gender: Male

Skills and Abilities:
Fading Presence (Passive):
Drevan slowly fades away completely from a person's memory. This does not happen instantaneously. The amount of time varies with how long Drevan interacted with these people. Such as when a person sees him for just 10 seconds they would completely forget about him over 20 seconds. For longer amounts of time to be erased will be flexible. The reason this is flexible is so that this can help create a more interesting plot.

Mind Sculpt:
Drevan can manipulate 30 seconds of a person's memory. The ways he can manipulate this is by replacing the memory with a fake one. Or he can simply erase it. This ability cannot be used often since when it is used Drevan can lose himself and believe he is the person he is trying to manipulate. However, if he limits it to once a week though he will not lose his identity. This is activated when Drevan concentrates on the certain individual. This is outwardly shown by his tattoo glowing.

Empathy Link (Passive):
When Drevan is within 60 feet of a person he can sense what they are feeling at that moment. From there he can deduce whether or not if the individual constitutes a threat. If there are multiple people within the range of his senses it can intermix making it extremely difficult as well as possibly painful for Drevan.

Voice: Baritone… (I am not very musically inclined…)
Appearance: Very tall and athletic build (6 feet 2 inches), his head is triangularly shaped. With black hair that is curtained styled and his eyes are brown. He is white and has a healthy tan on his skin. He does not have any facial hair and slightly smaller than average ears. A person looking at him would think he is very ferocious. He usually wears jeans and sometimes a kilt along with a T-shirt with various designs on them.
Tattoo Appearance: It is a tattoo that colors the whites and iris of the eyes. Drevan’s whites are colored a deep dark blue while leaving a small white circle around the iris.
Personality: Drevan does not tolerate bullying of any kind due to his past. However, he is a social reject since he tries to keep himself distant from society. He is shy, but in the way he talks a person would not be able to tell. He has solid morals in not cheating, lying, or hurting other people if he does not have to. Again, bullies and various other unkind/mean people are the exceptions. Drevan is a master of the ‘poker face’ and subsequently seems more robotic in nature than human. One last note is that he is also a momma’s boy and would do anything to defend her honor.
Likes: Rugby, teammates, schoolwork, his parents
Dislikes: Bullies, arrogance, insults, racism, vulgar jokes.

History: Growing up in Scotland was a malicious experience for Drevan. Malicious would be putting it mildly since it was traumatic and depressing. The biggest reason is the fact that he is an orphan. Because of this Drevan as a child reason that he was unworthy to be their child. Because of this he was distant from other people except to adults just in case they were his parents he wanted to show them he was worthy to be their son. The kids around him could never understand him and a few bullied him quite often. Being alone drove him further into depression and an extreme introvert around kids his age.

When he was nine years old a family that lived in Kirkwall, Scotland adopted him. The parents were nice and understanding and treated him as if he really was their child. He knew that these were not his blood parents, but accepted them to be his true ones anyway. This sprung him out of his depression and was happy for the first time he could remember.

After awhile he realized he would be an only child and homeschooled making him feel lonely. Realizing this, the parents did not want him to go back to the depression that the orphanage told them about. So they sent him to school so that he could make some friends. At first apprehensive, Drevan was eventually coaxed to talk and surprised himself by making a few friends. Then half way through his first year a kid that had made fun of him in the orphanage arrived. Her name was Nidalee and she had always despised him. When she found out he went to the school she went around spreading rumors about him at the orphanage. Drevan before his eyes saw his whole world crumble except for a single loyal friend.

His name was Redgie, red being his nickname. Unfortunately he moved away halfway through second semester leaving Drevan without a single friend. Then got into a fight with his parents about his grades Drevan resolved to commit suicide. He drank pure bleach but only had a small sip when his mother saw him drinking it and subsequently stopped him. His parents drove him quickly to the hospital and did not suffer any permanent injuries. The parents then got him a therapist so that they could figure out how to bring him out of this stupor. Thankfully, the therapist told his parents to take him out of school and to keep him under constant supervision. Drevan’s parents complied and helped him out of depression. He even joined a rugby team and was proclaimed the best player on the entire team. Harvard scouted him and gave him an offer for a scholarship. This helped him recover from his trauma and became confident in himself for once in his life.

Then the day came for him to leave for America and pursue his dreams in college. He bade farewell to his parents and flew to America. Later on, he settled into the dormitory and said hello to a few of his soon to be teammates. Throughout the semester he made more friends and had amazing grades. Finally rugby was in season and was immediately seen as a superstar athlete. His whole life was looking up until he was arrested….

Strengths: Having gone through many experiences with bullying, Drevan does not tolerate it at all and stops anyone from committing such an act. Distrusts people he first meets.
Weaknesses: He can be explosive over bullies which can quickly lead to a fight. Shy towards girls and is an introvert that tries to speak coherently. He also distrusts most people he first meets.

Character Theme Song: Breath of Life by Florence and the Machine

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