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Post by Warrior Queen Hawk on Wed Apr 23, 2014 6:03 pm

Greetings to all who join. I am known as many different names. Warrior, Hawk, Warriorhawk, Warriorhawk06, DragonMusic, Freak, Crazy, Stevey(No, that is not my name), and Kitsuhawk.

I live 15 miles from an actual town so my friends and call it "Narnia" or even "The middle of nowhere". There are other ones so if someone titles where I live as barren or deserted, you now understand why. 

Uh... I have roleplayed for about two, almost three years. I have learned tons of techniques and creative ways to create characters during those times, so I humbly offer my services to help anyone who needs it when it comes to writing, roleplaying, or the like. The only thing I can think of that I am lacking in is grammar and catching the audience in the beginning without the character speaking or something wild happening. That's why all the descriptions you see for the forums and welcome banner are made by King Staragna and sound AMAZING! 

As well as helping to give you guys as much space and room to create characters as I can, I have also put in the "Information" section a few videos, tips, and tools to use in your replies. I also have an FAQ in that same section for those who want to ask questions and get answers from your peers. I doubt any of them will think negative of you for seeking the experience of others to help you.

I ask for the members who come here to give me help in return for my own. It's very simple to and there are MANY ways for you to do it. First and probably the easiest is if you have a suggestion on how to make this forum better than it already is, post a suggestion in the "Suggestions" forum. It could be as simple as saying "The dropdown menu is a little too hard to see" or "Can we make this image be the button for 'new topic's?" The second way is to help your peers. If you see someone needs help and asked for it, don't wait for an admin to help. Ask if you can. :)

The final way to help is a little on the strange side but will definitely be a big help. At the very bottom of any of the pages here, there is a button in the left corner labelled "Contribution". Basically, you help this site by give us credits. What's that? They are used to give us more storage, our own domain name (so we don't have to have "forumotion" in the url), and other cool things. The reason I know a lot of you won't do that is because to give the site credits, you have to pay for credits. See? However, contributing money to us will help us so much and we will reward you with picking how we spend the credits, have you in a spotlight on the forum (A scrolling announcement will appear at the top of the homepage, and you get a personalized title of your choice :)

Anyway, enough of that. This is supposed to be about me. Uh... King Staragna, one of the admins here, is also my boyfriend. Been dating a year and a few months now and we are very happy. We will not let our relationship get in the way of this forum though so don't worry about that. We also make a good team which is another reason I picked him to help me with this site and it's creation.

Uh, so, some other things? Favorite color is blue, I love birds and books, music is my life, video games are addicting, and food is really good. Bam. I'm done. Continue with your day.

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