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A Band of Merry Mutants Empty A Band of Merry Mutants

Post by Warrior Queen Hawk on Tue Jun 03, 2014 5:31 pm

Your Prayer Was Heard
Wait Strong

This is the message most in the damp cages of the lab found one night. Yes, cages. There is a laboratory that steals babies from their mothers and fathers and stashes them in cages to wait for painful tests. Most children have never seen true daylight. Most children don't live to their 14th birthday. If you were lucky, you died swiftly. If you were truly lucky, you weren't one of them.

So, why are they taken? Experiments. As most laboratories, they are helping to create the perfect race or something similar. They have many projects. The Philosopher's Stone project, the Permanent project, and the Black Wasp project are just the tip of the iceberg. And some experiments are just created to test new ideas.

You live in a cage and you get maybe two meals a day consisting of stale bread and some water. Depends on how much use you are to the scientists. If you prove to be of great use then you may be rewarded with more. The most helpful to the scientists' cause are the lupine, wolf, experiments who act as guards and are very well organized in their packs. But, there are other experiments who work for them as well. Some experiments live past their 14th Birthday and if they prove to be smart and loyal, may be taught by the scientists and elevated to a position equal to theirs. These are the ones you watch out for because they can be crueler than the scientists. In their minds, its their turn to finally cause pain.

This message... you found it in your cage after you had dealt with some sort of blood test orpossibly a fatigue test. The message ignited something that had been long lost to you, hope.Someone might be coming to the rescue! You don't even care who it is. You just want to see the sun... maybe read a book? Hell, bungee jumping might be exciting! Anything would be better than staying one more second.


Only a select few will be needing rescue and most of you will already be saved. Your leader, Brian Robespierre, takes care of you for the price of helping the group. Stay on his good side, and you just might make it in this strange world.


  1. As the host of this rp, my word is law. Arguing with me results in deadly consequences. As the co-host of this rp, Hone's word is also law. We work together. If you try to coax your way to one of us and the other ends of despising you, you still won't be in good graces. 
  2. I want bios PM-ed to me. I will not accept your character unless you send the bio to me. Once sent to me, I will send them to my co-host.
  3. Follow the rules of the site please.
  4. Upon delivering your bio to me, if you are one of my students, I will dissect the bio. You have no choice.
  5. You have two parts to getting in. The first is sending me the bio. The second is Copy-pasting your appearance in this thread. I know it can be slightly hard to keep names together. Therefore, there is another bio template for what you put HERE. Good? Great.
  6. If you don't have fun, I will be very upset. I worked hard!!
  7. Brian is the rebellion leader. Not listening to him COULD put you on the streets. 
  8. I will have everyone's bio saved. If you need a refresher, ask for it. Though I suggest keeping a copy of the bio for yourself.
  9. Because the band will know quite a bit about those in its mist, those who start in the band are required to highlight points in their bio of what your character has told to others. I can send it to them or you can send it to them. I don't care. If you send it to me, highlight your bio. How do you do that? (Hint: Use color in your bio. Tell me if the color is for what the group knows or doesn't know. Thanks.) For those being saved, you have a choice. Does anyone know you in the band that they need information? Maybe you both were in the same room for awhile before you were moved? Figure it out. Send them the information. Why am I doing this complex stuff? I think it will add more experience for the writers and the readers. You all are also forced to co-operate with each other before the rp begins. We are so mean, aren't we?
  10. Be Dedicated and Hard Working. If you’re going to be gone for awhile like a week or two then give your character to someone to god-mod. Especially if a battle is occurring. If you’re gone a month with no one god-moding, either your character will be god-modded a tad or it will be killed off. We probably won’t kill them off, but it will be put up for a vote because democracy can be cool. Also, when you do come back... we kinda expect you to be caught up. Ask someone or read for yourself.
  11. More than one character per person is allowed. Just don't have four. Trust us, it gets hard to write decent replies with four or more characters. Takes dedication to do more than two.

For those of you who aren't sure about projects, here are some ideas on what you can do. You can also leave it blank if you so desire. Don't worry too much.

Philosopher's Stone: A project to remedy the flaw of short life spans in the advanced experiments that were created.
Splicer: General DNA splicing to create a human with animalistic attributes. Splicer projects are normally test tube babies which become very unstable the more they grow.
Angelus: Splicing the DNA of an avian creature with a human to give the attributes of a bird to a human. Creatures in this project are put into the Meditation chamber to aid in wing growth and development for a period of time.
Sadrafa: Using reptilian DNA to create a humanoid experiment with reptile characteristics.
Black Wasp: Using two DNA patterns to create an experiment, giving the specimen more attributes than the rest. Most creatures in this project have failed and become unstable lifeforms.
Cyber: Specimen for this project have mechanical implants that enhance the functionality of the experiment. Examples include eye implants to enhance vision or mechanical legs to decrease fatigue.

More Projects will be added as I get bios or we come up with more. :P 

Key Words
Meditation Chamber: A vat of liquid where a specimen is placed inside. The liquid is full of nutrients and oxygen for the experiment to breathe and gain nourishment while inside. It is used to help certain creatures develop successfully.

Band of Merry Mutants
   Leader: Brian Robespierre- King Staragna
   Second-in-Command: CyberWackybubble
   Guardian: Emily Mirallia- TheDarknessofLoyalty
   Member: Null "Nelly" Katerton- Tyrial
   Member: Jarek Hauk- AkaiJose

The Hopeful

  1. Skylar Lara Clark- Warrior Hawk
  2. Briar Daniel Knight- Holly Mirror
  3. Maria Smith- inventiveAdventurer
  4. Lily Roberts- TheDarknessofLoyalty
  5. Calamity- Tyrial

As of now, there is only one other spot for The Hopeful. We will not have more than that. Brian needs some members too and everyone joins the rebellion in due time.

Bio Template(Here)
[b]Name:[/b](First and Last Preferred.)
[b]Appearance:[/b](Include Age)
[b]Position:[/b](Are you being rescued? What are you in the group?)
[b]Other:[/b](Whatever you want to tell us that is general information)

Bio Template(PM)
[b]Name:[/b](First and Last preferred)
[b]Age:[/b](Keep in mind about short life spans.)
[b]Mutation:[/b](You can put N/A if you have no mutations.)
[b]Experiment #:[/b](You were called something and it wasn't your name while you were in the facility.)
[b]Project(Optional):[/b](Basically, why were you created?)
[b]Position:[/b] (What are you to the group and are you being rescued?)


[b]Appearance:[/b](Realize, your clothing is ragged and you probably don't have much for belongings unless you are in the band. Brian might have let you get something if you have money somehow.)

[b]Skills:[/b](These are basically what you're good at. Cooking, drawing, singing, ect.)
[b]Abilities:[/b](These are what you are able to do as an experiment. Fly, move objects with your mind, poison people with a stinger. What makes you special?)

[b]History:[/b](I want details. Gonna be tough, but you can do it.)
[b]Character Theme Song(Optional):[/b]

Even though you have appearance here, I want details on appearance in the rp as well. You're first post BETTER have character appearance in it. 

And if you are worried about myself creating this terrifying character, relax. Holly Mirror, the co-host, will be looking over my bio and I will be looking over hers.

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A Band of Merry Mutants Empty Re: A Band of Merry Mutants

Post by AkaiJose on Tue Jun 03, 2014 5:37 pm

*Coughs* Sign me up as a member of the Band? I'll have to do a mass bio work session for everyone but yea. It'll happen in like a week's time. XD

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A Band of Merry Mutants Empty Re: A Band of Merry Mutants

Post by Warrior Queen Hawk on Tue Jun 03, 2014 7:23 pm

Don't worry about saving a spot. The spots for the group are limitless. It is the rescued that are. :P

Name: Skylar Lara Clark
Appearance: With black hair that reaches to the middle of her back and rich blue eyes, Skylar is a slender built eighteen year old. Her cheekbones are prominent and her lips are full.  Her pale skin easily tans and rarely does she ever burn even though she has never seen true sunlight. She stands at about 5'7" with a straight back and proper posture. Sky carries herself with confidence and take pride in her looks. On her back are a pair of caramel wings with black speckles scattered on them. The ends of the wings seemed to have been dipped in white paint and her wing span is 10'9".

The girl has a few strange markings that go around the base of her throat and almost around her neck. A bunch of black feathers overlapping each other to connect and stretch for an eight digit number on the back of her neck. So far, the feathers wrap around the front of her neck and on either side they stop on the opposite side of the other to make a symmetrical pattern. 

For dress she wears, as of now she has a dirt ridden, white tank top and blue jeans with holes in the knees and the bottoms are shredded. Her hair is normally in a ponytail, the holder for it being a little black hairtie that someone dropped on day in the lab. She doesn't wear shoes nor socks and the bottom of her feet are rough. 
Position: The Hopeful. Soon to be a member of the team. 
Other: Her preferred weapon are two sleek daggers. She does not own a pair though.

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A Band of Merry Mutants Empty Re: A Band of Merry Mutants

Post by King Staragna on Fri Jun 06, 2014 3:08 pm

Name:Brian Robespierre
Appearance:Brian casts an intimidating figure at 6'3, and keeps everyone aware of this by standing erect, thereby exuding confidence with every step. His cold blue eyes match well his unsmiling lips. His facial features are sharp, betraying a harsh disposition that one might mistake for anger. His head is unusually large for a 17-year-old, but he is lucky that he got away with so little from the scientists at the facility; however, that is not the only memento of his time spent in slavery. He bears also a nasty scar on his arm due to his escape. Despite this, he is found relatively handsome by most women and some men thanks to his high cheekbones and lean figure.

Having been dirty most of his life, Brian does as much as possible to keep himself clean, in body if not soul. He washes up whenever the band reaches a body of water, getting as much gunk off of him as he can, a difficult task as his group often accumulates incredible amounts of filth while on the run. He is only truly happy when he considers himself clean, which is a rare occurrence indeed. That said, his dark hair is groomed every morning via his treasured comb, which he never goes anywhere without.

Brian wears an ill-fitting t-shirt and jeans for most of his correspondence, but he has also secretly stolen a tie from a men's clothing store. Whenever he has a chance, he puts it on and admires himself; this is the only vanity he allows. When in battle, he adopts a lean, hungry look meant to put fear into the enemy's heart. His arm and leg muscles flex, and it is obvious to anyone that he is ready for action.

When talking to most people, Brian's face appears disinterested, if a little annoyed. However, when confronted with an enemy, his face shifts to one of pure hatred. In addition to this, he has been known to smile while talking to little children. This is almost always a false smile, though it may appear genuine to the untrained eye.
Position:Leader of the Band
Other:You really don't want to disobey him.

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A Band of Merry Mutants Empty Re: A Band of Merry Mutants

Post by inventiveAdventurer on Sun Jun 08, 2014 3:07 pm

Name: Maria Smith
Appearance: Looking to be around thirteen or fourteen years of age, she wears slightly tattered jeans, a plain pink t-shirt, and black converse. She also has dirty blonde/light brown, shoulder-length straight hair and hazel eyes. She’s around 5’6” and rather muscular in appearance. Her gaze is piercing and intimidating to nearly everyone she meets. Her posture is perfect most of the time, unless she purposefully slouches, and when resting she is never truly relaxed. She has bird-like wings, as she was a part of the Angelus project. Her wings have a 14-foot span, and they’re mostly white with black feather tips along the bottom edge.
Position: Hopeful, to be rescued.
Other: She will only give a person respect if they've given her a reason to respect them. She doesn't trust people easily, and she is standoff-ish around any stranger she meets. She doesn't have any true friends, but she has a brother Leo who is the only person she really cares about other than herself. She was trained and created to be a weapon, with enhanced strength and speed as well as an extensive martial arts background.

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Post by TheDarknessofLoyalty on Thu Jun 12, 2014 1:02 am

Name: Lily Roberts
Appearance: Lily is only given the remainds of a brown burlap minidress to hide her young pallid skin and her thin, childish features are framed by shoulder-length burgandy hair, that is matted and frayed to the point it would take days to get back to a presentable condition and her once bright emerald eyes have lost their innocent sparkle. At seven years of age, she only reaches 3ft 3in high and her arms are anorexically thin, even for one her age. other than that, waist up is relatively normal for one born human. below the waist is where the mutation happened, however, as her pelvis, and legs are completely different. It is as if they had taken the human part of her body and spliced it onto a scorpion's Cephalothorax. Two pincers, each about half the size of her head, protude on their limbs right where her hips would start, and she has eight legs that keep her young form able to move, yet are also about as thin as her arms. Her segmented tail ends in a typical scorpion's sting and the venom within is unique to her (She is immune to her own venom). Her body has a typical carapace, some of which has found it's way onto her back and the backs of her arms, coloured burgandy under pure white light.
Position: Hopeful
Other: Unable to break out on her own. Scorpion genome is from the Buthidae family. Hates people touching her stinger.

Name: Emily Mirallia
Appearance: Reaching almost 4ft at the age of 17, she's not the tallest girl by far. Her once unmarred face has a few nicks and bruises on it and her blue eyes try to gaze out coldy, only managing an icy sorrow instead. Her facial features are thin and unpronounced, framed by neck-length hair that frays at the tips in a wild manner. She has wolf-like ears atop her head, instead of the normal human ones. The base of her spine is also where a bushy wolf's tail has grown from. Her hair is two-toned due to her genome being spliced with that of an arctic wolf. It starts off Raven-black but fades into a snow-like white. The rest of her body is marred similarly to her face, bruises cuts and other such lingering injuries dot her body. Her limbs are slightly more lupine in shape than normal, the hands and feet almost like a wolf's paw, although her hands still possess the opposable thumbs.

She scavenged a shirt and hakama on the band's travels, which have since become matted, dirty and worn beyond repair. The shirt has been modified into a simple bustwrap, to preserve modesty, while the hakama is still in enough shape to be worn normally.
Position: Guardian (She guards those unable to protect themselves among the band. Also acts to draw attention away from her fellows while rescuing mutants)
Other: Unarmed, devoted to Brian's cause. Has some trouble speaking

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Post by Tyrial on Thu Jun 12, 2014 8:31 pm

Name: Null “Nelly” Katerton
Appearance: 10, The most shocking and obvious thing you might notice is Nelly’s snow white hair, which seems to actually to be natural for her. It is almost always tied up with a red ribbon to give her a pony tail. Though that doesn’t stop her bangs from dangling into her eyes. Next would be her mismatched colored eyes. She has a mutation found commonly in cats and rarely in humans called heterochomia. What that means is that her eyes are of two different colors. Her right eye is a dark forest green with little flecks of gold throughout, while her left eye bright blue with a band of gray around the pupil. She has a heart shaped face with the perfection that only a child could have. The cat ears and tail gained the white coloring of her hair.
She stands on the short side, even for a child, but lacks the slight layer of fat most children have. The clothes she wears typically is a faded, form fitting green tunic that reaches mid-thigh, with worn jean shorts underneath. Nelly almost always has her backpack near her or on her, and inside is the only other change of clothes she owns: A simple white T-shirt and a pair of overalls. She compliments both sets of clothes with a reversible scarf. One side of it is a light gray, the other side pure black. The scarf is nearly long enough to reach her rugged tennis shoes. She is always working to take care of it, as it is obviously a memento of her mother. Finally she almost always has a smudge of paint on at least one cheek, and if not paint then charcoal.
Position: Member
Power:Null. Abilities stop working around her in a foot radius sphere. Sphere can go underground too. Weakness to power is things that are affected stay affected. I.E. if your ability is super strength. Your fist enters her little bubble and that strength is gone. however she still has a fist flying towards her face. You pull water from a river, heat it up and throw it at her, you lose control of the water when it enters her sphere, but its still scalding hot. Should you lose your power by being too close to her you will regain it the second you leave her little sphere of influence. This does not however stop physical mutations. If you have wings you can still pick her up and fly.
Other: She WILL beat you in chess or strategy games. If you are going to offer her a riddle, tell me the answer because I am not as smart as my character. She fully expects her mother to walk through the door or into the camp to pick her up and take her home. She will not listen to you if you try to tell her otherwise. Let me repeat that WILL NOT LISTEN TO YOU IF YOU TELL HER THAT HER MOM IS NOT COMING BACK. I expect this to be a recurring thing, and if you ever need a filler post and Nelly is nearby, your character can tell her that you have not seen her mother yet.

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Post by Princess Holly on Wed Jun 25, 2014 12:57 am

Name: Briar Daniel Knight
Appearance: Briar looks like a nine year old and is odd for a wolf experiment. He doesn't really look that harsh. He has incredibly pale blonde hair that looks silvery in the light and light blue eyes. His skin is pale from staying indoors and is covered in past scars. That’s why he prefers to wear long sleeves and pants at all times. If he can find one, a hat as well. Luckily for him he doesn't have any scars on his face. He’s a cute kid with chubby cheeks, a slightly pointy chin, big eyes with long lashes, and an angular nose.  If Briar smiles, it’s a small little thing and on the highly unlikely occurrence that he gives someone a big smile. Then they would see a bunch of bright white teeth and two sharp fangs. Briar can’t turn into a humanoid wolf and back to a normal human. He always has his fangs, claws, and ears. But, his fangs and claws do retract a bit so that they’re only real noticeable if you’re looking for them. He also keeps his hair long and shaggy to make sure his extra ears are hidden while he keeps them flat.
Position: Hopeful
Other: Don't expect to be BFFs with him. That won't happen.

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Post by Wackybubble on Fri Jun 27, 2014 5:30 pm

Name: Cyber (Cy for short and it sounds like an actual name) 1953
Appearance: Being about 15 years old, Cy stands at 5ft 10in. with military like posture. His hair is slightly longer than most boys and shaggy, but it does not reach his shoulders. It’s strawberry blond and he has side-swept bangs that constantly fall into his face and cover his eyes especially when he no longer wishes to speak with someone. He often doesn’t bother to comb his hair, so he has a constant state of bed head. Cy is well built and muscular, having gone through years of rigorous training. He has a round, childish face with soft features which are hardly ever graced with a smile. His skin is relatively pale and freckled slightly. He never burns, only tans and gains a few more freckles. Across his chest he has huge scars from surgeries and experiments. He has metallic silver eyes that often convey worry. But no one ever notices his scars or eyes due to the very predominant features added by the facility. Cy has robotic arms that look like dull stainless steel and matching mechanical legs that go up to the knee. He often wears a loose fitting t-shirt and shorts, going without shoes due to the robotic legs. If he is to go out in public, he wears long black pants, long sleeved black shirt, gloves, and boots that look a couple sizes too big. He is one of the few predominantly normal looking members of the group, making it easier to be able to go to the store. He wears all black because he was told that it would make him appear “Goth” and then people won’t think he’s weird. They will just assume he’s Goth and that’s why he wears all the dark clothing when it’s hot out.
Position: Second in command
Other: Cy is shy and often just fallows the orders of his superiors, being seen as a “yes man”. He likes being around the group, so he will talk to people but he could get uncomfortable and not answer everything they ask. He enjoys cooking for the group, and is good at it despite not being able to read the labels or recipes. Yes Cy is illiterate.

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Post by Tyrial on Tue Jul 01, 2014 7:10 pm

Name:  Cal
Appearance:  Cal has a build attributed to a runner, lean muscle that shows but is not overly bountiful. His skin is flawless, unmarred by blemish or scars. He is on the pale side, but he hasn't been in the sun for a few years. He has dark hair that is long enough to occasionally fall into his eyes. His eyes are a stormy gray with black runes that seem to change if you look at them for too long. He has numerous tattoo's that range from simple bands around his wrists to large runic symbols on his back. These tattoo's change periodically as new ones rise to the surface of his skin after the ones in its way sink back in. He has a few permanent ones that never leave or change and that is three black rectangles under his left eye. And a black band around the base of each finger. For clothes he has obtained black karate pants that fit him well. On his chest he wears a grey skin tight shirt. On his feet he wears simple socks and military boots he gained in an escape attempt.
Position:  Hopeful
Other:  None.

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Post by AkaiJose on Sat Jul 05, 2014 4:15 pm

Name: Jarek Hauk

Appearance: Jarek is only average height for an eighteen-year-old, standing at about five feet nine inches tall with a weight nearing one hundred forty pounds (or at least he thinks so; it’s been a while since he last measured his weight). Because of his medium frame, he seems a little more gruesome when one stands next to him (unless one is taller), mostly because his torso is wider-set than normal people’s. He actually has very nice upper-body strength with quite long arms. Yet one can easily note the disfiguration of what is his left arm: starting just above the elbow, his skin shifts into a muddy-colored, scaly skin that bulges at the forearm muscle a great deal. At the hand, there are pads instead of a human palm; his thumb is not apparent and his fingers look like razor sharp, blackened claws that are about one inch long each. This part of him is a little heavier than the other side, so one can see him lean to his left more, one shoulder rising further up than the other. But he does not slouch ever; in fact, he makes it a point to always stand erect and poised, ready to act when need be.
He has honey-colored (if not a tad lighter) skin that has lighter scars from past experiments and skirmishes crisscrossing his arms and back. Jarek’s face is sharp and angular, only adding to his “no-games, no-nothing” demeanor. He has a sharp nose and eyebrows (looking always like they are furrowed in concentration or annoyance). One could even say his left eye is “sharp”, as it is a deep scarlet color with a ring of yellow around the center. As for where his other eye should be, there is a graying eye-patch with a string wrapped around his forehead. His smile, which can be seen now and then, seems a bit cold and forced. He has shoulder-length auburn hair which hangs down his face in untrimmed layers, usually greasy and tangled. He hardly can look put-together, but then again, there really is no need to be.
Clothing-wise, Jarek has little. A black, half-sleeved shirt (tattered at the edges) is a little on the short side due to his larger torso. He wears these fraying dark grey jeans (maybe they were once blue, but no one can really tell anymore) that are fairly loose and are held up by a pair of “old-people suspenders” (it’s what he calls them), as he could not find a belt that would work. On his feet, he wears a pair of high-top sneakers, as ripped up as the rest of his clothing. The guy really has no wish for anything but the basics, so he doesn’t add any “accessories” to his wardrobe.

Position: Your average Band member

Other: Once one gets to know him a bit better, one can see that he’s just a big teddy bear with a soft-spot for children. He’s really not what he appears to be.

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A Band of Merry Mutants Empty Re: A Band of Merry Mutants

Post by Lord Coake on Sat Jul 05, 2014 9:20 pm

Name: Scott Williams
Appearance:18, He wears a dirty, stained white button-up dress shirt with the left sleeve missing, a pair of black dress pants with a hole on the right knee, and damaged dress shoes. He has a start of a small beard on his face, and a scar running down his left cheek. He has brown hair, and green eyes.
Position: Member
Other: He is decent at both firearm combat, and knife-fighting.

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A Band of Merry Mutants Empty Re: A Band of Merry Mutants

Post by Warrior Queen Hawk on Mon Oct 13, 2014 10:47 pm

All right everyone. Here's what's going to happen. Since we lost several people, I need someone to volunteer (As tribute) to be the psuedo-leader OR the permanent leader. I don't care. If no one wants to be the leader permanently, I will have Sky become the leader AFTER she is busted out, okay? Great.

Whoever wishes to continue this rp, post here in the span of say... three days. I want a head count as well as a new leader in this span. If I don't get a leader, I will make an NPC and a substitute. I will be re-creating the IC thread and Hone will be starting us off with the Hopeful. 

Any questions? Message me. Because I was messaged, this is coming back. That's how powerful a message is >_> Use it wisely.

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A Band of Merry Mutants Empty Re: A Band of Merry Mutants

Post by Tyrial on Mon Oct 13, 2014 10:50 pm

I'm still here, Cal could leader only after he is broken out. Nelly could lead...nah, she couldn't.

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Post by Wackybubble on Tue Oct 14, 2014 2:49 am

Totally in but Cy cant lead... Holly is in too but wanted me to say it cause she didnt have time today.

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Post by inventiveAdventurer on Wed Oct 15, 2014 4:31 pm

Hey, I'm in, now that I have time to say it myself. Maria wouldn't be a good candidate for leader, she wouldn't know what to do.

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