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Kingdom for Demons (WackyBubble) Empty Kingdom for Demons (WackyBubble)

Post by Tyrial on Sat Sep 13, 2014 12:31 pm

Post your bio.

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Kingdom for Demons (WackyBubble) Empty Re: Kingdom for Demons (WackyBubble)

Post by Wackybubble on Sat Sep 13, 2014 2:22 pm

Name: Lylon d’Anjou, second in line to a noble family

Age: 18

Gender: Lady

Appearance: Lylon is about 5’2” and average build for that height. She has straight strawberry blond hair that comes a little past her shoulders which she pushes behind her ears. Her eyes are a hazelish-blue color. Her skin is lightly tan with freckles sprinkled across her nose.
She often wears slightly poofy blue dresses with a small v cut. She likes wearing bits of jewelry here and there, but finds it gets in the way at times if there is too much. Around her head is a small silver circlet with a tiny teardrop shaped blue gem.

Personality: Lylon is kind and likes to make people happy, often changing her mind to appease others. She dreams of escaping the castle, feeling trapped by it rather than protected. She wants moments of adventure like in stories she read when she was younger. Treasures any trips out, she looks at all ventures with a gleam of excitement, even if it is just to town spending time in the market place. She is well mannered from growing up in high society, but finds it rather boring and just a way to please pompous old nobles.
She is curious about what lays beyond her kingdom, wishing to see and learn more than she can cooped up. Reading almost any book she can get her hands on, she is well educated for a lady. Her one problem is that she takes a while to trust people. She never knows if they are being genuine or just trying to get close because of her status.

History: (just a note, this is in like a renascence time) Often being kept around her parents small house the only thing she had was learning to master her magic abilities. Magic wasn’t really looked on as lady like or even socially acceptable, so she practiced in secret with old tomes form the library. At a young age her mother started teaching her proper edict and how to be a young lady, she didn’t like that much. She liked to play with her brothers in the garden and play sword fight. The only real lady like things she enjoyed were the poofy dresses and the jewelry. Her older and younger brothers are given more freedoms, but also the job of helping protect against the neighboring kingdoms. In her lifetime there have only been two major skirmishes between her kingdom and one of the four others, each being put down by her father’s army.
At age 14 her father was killed by an assassin from one of the four neighboring kingdoms, of which there is little certainty. Her mother was forced to rule along with the help of her eldest son, Elliot who was 17 at the time. Lylon always worries for her family, even though they say it will never happen again. But who’s to say someone else won’t be next due to petty rivalry’s.

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Kingdom for Demons (WackyBubble) Empty Re: Kingdom for Demons (WackyBubble)

Post by Tyrial on Sat Sep 13, 2014 2:36 pm

Name: Sarah Du'Marix (Saryni Duvarion)
Age: 17 (???)
Personality: Sarah is utterly submissive, stuttering her way into obediance at the slightest sight of a harsh word or a hard look. She will cower and scramble to obey if hit and if she every speaks it is soft, with stutters and the ocational squeak. (Saryni has the arrogance that both skill and power give you. She views the world with contempt as she has spent much time in it.)
Appearance: Sarah has blond hair that is almost white in color, with pale skin to match. She has a thin frame, but still lightly accented by muscles. In her servants outfit any curve her body might have is hidden. She is on the small side, with hair long enough to hide her face, though it barely reaches her shoulders. (Will get to that later...when it comes up :3)
Other: Has rune like tattoos going down her back and around her wrists and ankles. She wears contacts to give her blue eyes as underneath they are violet with flecks of gold. (She is a demon.)

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Kingdom for Demons (WackyBubble) Empty Re: Kingdom for Demons (WackyBubble)

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