Cat and Dog Chase: An Innocent Murderer (Marchie)

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Cat and Dog Chase: An Innocent Murderer (Marchie) Empty Cat and Dog Chase: An Innocent Murderer (Marchie)

Post by Warrior Queen Hawk on Mon Apr 28, 2014 11:54 pm

Coat? Check.
Hairtie? Check.
Pencil? Check.
Clipboard? Check.

Isabelle exhaled a deep breath and picked up a tray of food for the next experiment. She had already looked over his information and found out he had an interesting name. What cruel parent names their child "Stripes"? Are they hoping for him to get beaten up? Do they realize how idiotic that is? 

Didn't matter. The girl didn't plan on calling him by his name anyway. His new name was a number and that's it. Just like the rest of us. She looked at the inside of her wrist and felt rage build up when she saw the marking on her arm. The tattoo that labelled her as a defect, a joke. Some failed experiment that didn't handle the procedure well enough to be considered information anymore.

She tightened her grip on the tray and walked off to specimen number 3672's room. Her thoughts got away from her as she wondered what she would be faced with this time. A weak kid with bruises up and down his arms because of the bullies he had to deal with? A muscular man who couldn't keep a conversation going without a pick-up line? Or maybe she would get lucky and they would stay quiet through the whole thing. That would be really nice. She hadn't had one of those in a long time.

Wolfie opened the door and locked it behind her, placing the food on the table and taking the apple off the tray. "You awake, 3672? I have food as well as answers to a few questions if you ask them." She said, before taking a big bite out of the apple. She found out over the course of watching over these people that if she ate some food with them, they were less hesitant to eat with her. Leaving her with a juicy apple, and the experiment knocked out with their face in the soup. It was a nice strategy to get in and out fast before the tattoo was given.

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Post by Marchie on Tue Apr 29, 2014 12:19 am


"I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!" He shouted at the guards as they dragged him, kicking and writhing, to his cell. Stripes managed to get one of his arms free and immediately punched the guard still holding him, he hit him in square in the face, breaking his nose; he could feel the mans nose give way under his knuckles and saw his chance to escape. The millisecond he was free, he tried to make a break for it but he was just barely able to take two steps before getting tackled to the ground. "Get OFF me!" He struggled as hard as he could but the guard with the broken nose grabbed Stripes by his hair and yanked his head up, craning his neck, to look him square in the eye and growled
"You're a real pain in my ass."
"Odd, I thought I hit your face, guess I can't tell the difference."
The guard scoweled and slammed Stripes' face into the ground, knocking him out.

About a week later~~
Man this is boring, jail is boring, locks are boring, there's no-one here to mess with. At least I can hold on to the slim hope that my warden's hot... Guess I could work out. he thought to himself.
He was laying down on his crappy prison bunk when he jacknifed to a standing position and then fell forward into push-ups: "one... two... three... four-" he heard the door begin to open "-hundred and six, four hundred and seven." He stood up and cracked his neck and knuckles saying "Whew, what a workout," he listened to what she said, walking closer to her ever so sexily. "One, Can I have your number? Two, I don't like soup, too wet. Three, do you have any steak? Four,-"
He reached over to her and grabbed the apple from her hand and took a bite of his own, "-apples are my favorite." He said seductively

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Post by Warrior Queen Hawk on Thu May 01, 2014 2:18 am

What did my dad do? She thought as she glared harshly at the boy and crossed her arms over her chest. "My number is classified information. If you would like a way to reach me, you can always ask the guards but I can almost guarantee you I will ignore the call to see me. Eat the bread if you don't want to eat the soup. Steak is a rarity here, so get used to bread, porridge, mystery meat, and fruit. As for the apple..." She trailed off and sighed while she put a few notes on her clipboard. 

"Have it. Just remember to finish up the bread or soup so you can get by to morning. I don't know nor do I care how much you used to eat. You get three meals a day, but they are normally not huge portions. If you have a picky diet, then I suggest learning to swallow with your nose plugged to get rid of the taste." She exclaimed and placed the pencil behind her ear. "Anymore questions before I leave for the night? Don't expect me to be here everytime and don't expect much from this place. It will end in regret."

She found herself shifting her wait from one side to the other as she waited for him to tell her what else he might need. Her tail was moving slightly around her left leg inside her pants, Izzy almost positive it was moving only enough for her to notice and no one else. She was ready to get out of the room. She didn't want to deal with this guy and she knew full well she was going to hate him.

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Post by Marchie on Thu May 01, 2014 3:03 am


Hmm, pretty, but mean. She's obviously uncomfortable here, but she doesn't seem to be afraid. I get the feeling she's done this many times before, I'll have to be very quick if I expect to catch her and-oh, I spy with my bloody eye, something in her pants she's trying to hide. She'll do just fine, he thought. He took another bite of the apple as he listened to her speak. "Well, how very kind of you to warn me so!" he exclaimed with an obvious over the top flair, "Had you left me so ignorant as I was, I NEVER would have survived!" he slapped the back of his hand to his forehead as if to swoon, "How lucky am I to have such a kind and benevolent captor-" with every word he shifted the tiniest bit closer to her, his years of deception, smooth talking, thievery, bodily conditioning, and survival had taught him a thing or twenty. He knew that if you wanted to surprise someone, do it while talking. He also knew to strike twice at once and always be ready to adapt.

Quick as a cat, he struck out towards her face, as if to claw her, and snatched the pencil from behind her ear, simultaneously throwing the apple at her abdomen with his other hand. When she bent over from the hit to her gut he immediately grabbed one of her wrists and held the pencil, point first, to her throat.

He raised her arm behind her back painfully and pushed her against the door so that it couldn't be opened and so she couldn't back out of his hold. He brought his face very close to hers and bared his fang-like teeth, showing her only his blood red eye,

He hissed into her ear, so close she could feel his hot breath, "As it so happens..." his voice suddenly viscous, "I do have one or two questions I feel you may have the answers to. One, who the hell are you. Two, who the **** do you think you are dealing with. Three, why have I been 'arrested.' Four, where is my brother. Five, what kind of exciting secret do you have stashed away in that pant leg of yours. And six, just how long do you expect me to stay in this hell hole." With every sentence he pulled her arm just a bit higher behind her back, forcing her neck down and adding pressure against his make-shift weapon.

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Post by Warrior Queen Hawk on Fri May 02, 2014 1:04 am

The girl's instinct didn't respond. She wasn't normally the one to get attacked by her experiment. She was always lucky. Now her luck had run out. She cringed and her tail tightened under her jeans as he pulled her arm further up her spine. 

In a flash guards burst through the room and tore the boy away from Izzy. They stripped him of his weapon and put his arms behind his back to keep him from moving. Maybe her luck wasn't fading...

"I will leave in a moment, guys..." She said and narrowed her eyes at the boy. 

"Here are your answers, 3672." She began, her eyes never wavering from his. "I am a girl who might end giving you hell if you don't cooperate with me. This involves keeping you temper and staying away from me. Otherwise, you can and will be terminated from this facility and Earth. Or we can make this more of a living hell than it already is. Keep that in mind." She growled.

"Next question. I know you are a confused idiot who thinks he can do as he pleases. I have news for you, 3672, this is all you are, a number. You might soon have abilities you can't explain, but this place is armed to the teeth. If one scientists dies at a specimen's hands, the experiment is restrained and most of the time they end up departing from their life." Her body moved closer to him as she rubbed her arm slightly to get rid of the pain. "Three is irrelevant. Your community put you here. Ask them. As for your brother, he is probably at home thinking of how disappointed he is about you being a supposed murderer. I wouldn't be surprised if your whole family was in tears because you went to jail."

"We expect you to be here for as long as we wish. You can accept that or die. Pick your poison. You aren't leaving here alive." She finished and walked toward the door. "Sedate him. Let him cool down from his outburst and let's hope he figures out what he is dealing with." She spoke to the guards and one of them took out a syringe. With their strength they managed to poke the needle through Stripes's skin and by that point Izzy was out of the room, walking down the hall to find her dad. She had quite a few words for him as well as the doctor she was going to have to see when her dad saw the security cameras.

Stipes, you are going to have one hell of a time here. Good luck.

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Post by Marchie on Fri May 02, 2014 1:45 am

He struggled against the guards to no avail. Though kicking and thrashing, he listened intently and committed her words to memory. He felt the needle pierce his skin and suppressed a yelp. His eyes immediately fell out of focus and his vision became blurred and distorted, every fiber of his being grew heavy and dragged him to the cold ground.
everything is pudding and applesauce he thought absently as his form crumpled. He fell unconscious before his head hit the ground.

He woke some time later to find a small bit of bread and an apple in his cell by the door. Christ, my head hurts, he tried to rub the throbbing but found he could barely lift his arm. He forced his eyes open and stared at his hand for a long while before he could make sense of what he saw. Starting at his wrist and following his tendons, then completely covering his fingers and ending in deadly points, flawless silver claws gleamed in the low-light. In a panicked impulse he reached out to his bed to use it to stand but found that his claws sliced through the mattress with no resistance and buried themselves into the hard concrete floor.

"Oraaguarcghrhghhhghhh!" he shouted and collapsed as his tattoo began to burn as though it were covered in hot coals. His screams grew louder as the feeling started to swell and envelop his hands as well.

"Shut up, you crybaby!"" a guard exclaimed, pounding on his door. Not wanting to seem weak, Stripes held his tongue as tears stung his eyes and the claws receded. His hands were back to normal and the pain in his head was all he could feel again. He rubbed the soar spot and reached out for the bread with his other hand. His hand came away soaked in blood and he decided to try and ignore that and just focus on his bread.

I have a feeling I'll see that girl again. I wonder if those claws were even real, stuff like that doesn't actually happen, does it? He contemplated everything that had happened in his last conscious hours as he nursed his wounds, waiting for something, anything, to happen.

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Post by Warrior Queen Hawk on Thu May 15, 2014 11:28 pm

"He tried to kill me, dad!" Izzy screamed in the small room where she slept and ate on most days.

"I don't care. I doubt he will try again after that incident and he will perhaps become fond of you. Then you can help us get him to do the experiments we have been getting no reaction out of." He explained in an almost monotone voice. One of the lead scientists was her dad... Her dad was part of this game with God. He was part of this hell hole she had been living in for her whole life and he was one of the causes for others getting trapped here. 

She despised this man. Her fists clenched and her eyes narrowed into slits as she growled. "I don't want to help you. I don't want to put up with a crazed patient, and I don't want to put up with you." She crossed her arms and breathed in deep. "I will make sure he is the worst behaved experiment you've got at this rate. Do you really want that, daddy?" She asked, sugar-coating her last word.

Now he was getting angry? His eyes seemed to shoot flames and if he could, he would be breathing fire. This somehow pleased Izzy and she went further. "In fact, thanks for the idea, dad. I will go see 3672 and we will have a great time plotting the demise of your pathetic attempt to bring magic into the world!" She walked toward the door and left, hearing her dad let out an exasperated sigh before his footsteps faded down the other hallway.

Isabelle opened the door to number 3672's room and walked in, expecting the guards outside to shut the door behind her.

She didn't care that the boy was in pain. She didn't care whether she was disturbing him. She didn't even care that he was crying. "Hello, 3672, how would you like to break out of here?"

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Post by Marchie on Thu May 15, 2014 11:59 pm

Ever the "cool guy," Stripes refused to be seen crying, especially by a fine looking lady. He rubbed his eyes dry as quickly as he could and tried to ignore the pain in his head long enough to also fight back the tears. He stood tall and straight, and had to take a moment to process what exactly she had said.

Wincing now and again from his near concussion, he said shakily, "Wait... as in, leave? But, aren't you the bad guy? Is this a trick question?" Chronic pain tends to cripple ones charisma, he thought, "Because if it isn't a trick I'd love to, but first I have a question, why did I wake up with giant metal claws?"

Stripes idly noticed that she hadn't closed the door and neither did the guards, he saw movement but could not pay any attention to the details.

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Post by Warrior Queen Hawk on Fri May 30, 2014 4:16 pm

No one had explained to this idiot about the tattoos yet!? Way to make my life easier, dad. She thought in her head as her fingers clenched into a fist. 

"Look, easiest way to tell you is that tattoo you have is special. You are now a boy with a new power and you will continue to give these magical powers as time progresses." She sighed and rubbed her temples. "If you don't believe me, direct your attention to your hand and notice your knuckles. That doesn't happen to normal people, does it?"

The ignorant child didn't notice the door was still open, she didn't piece together that they could possibly run at that point to make their escape. All she could think about was how stupid her dad was. When would she learn to observe with her wolf ears?

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Post by Marchie on Fri May 30, 2014 6:05 pm


"Fair enough, and to be honest I'm both in too much pain and too tired to doubt you so-" A loud gunshot is heard from outside the open door and down the hall, both Stripes and Isabelle turn towards the door and now see that it's open.

A guard looks in and says with a sneer, "That'll be the the kings death toll, princess!" staring at Isabelle. He started to advance towards her menacingly. "And you can't leave half the royal family alive when trying to take over the crown." His face began to twist and contort, his entire body changing, the armor dissipated and was replaced with a wife-beater and ripped shorts, exposing a glowing tattoo of a chameleon. "We've waited YEARS for this opportunity, and boy am I glad I get to kill you my self."

"One, you're ugly. Two, you're threatening a girl. And Three, you MUST be stupid if you think I'll just let that slide." Stripes swiftly and easily placed himself between the brute and Isabelle, taking up a fighting stance, ready for action. "And four, did I mention you were-" Without any tell in his voice he struck out while speaking. Landing a jaw-shattering blow. The man hardly budged an inch. "RGDDauuuuugh, apparently made of metal!" he swore under his breath at the pain.

"Alright wise guy," The imposter cracked his neck, "My turn." He swung a mighty right hook, one that could break through a brick wall, but Stripes managed to duck under it, feeling a gust of wind tug at his hair. Stripes immediately tried to uppercut his opponent, landing a blow on the side of his gut, and being met with the same metallic wall of flesh, pain exploding across his hand again. He felt the claws shoot out of his hands, it was like his bones tore out the top of his fingers and he keeled over for a moment in agony.

"I'd tell you it stops hurting once you do it enough, but you wont live long enough to feel the difference." The metal shape-shifter clasped his hands together above his head and swung mightily downwards, trying to crush Stripes' skull. Stripes, quick as lightning, rolled onto his back and caught his wrists, digging his claws into tendons and obliterating arteries. Though, he could not stop all the momentum and the mans fists still slammed into his chest, breaking a rib and knocking the wind out of him. The man screamed in pain as blood flowed rapidly from his wrists and his hands became limp and useless, he tried to scream for help but by this time most other subjects had been released and the prison was absolute chaos and cacophony. Isabelle helped Stripes stand and wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

"So, about that escape plan?" Stripes asked, hiding his pain behind a smile.

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