The Fall of the Sun

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The Fall of the Sun Empty The Fall of the Sun

Post by inventiveAdventurer on Fri Oct 02, 2015 12:53 pm

Welcome to the continent of Solina, within a world filled with magic. The continent consists of a vast and thick forest in the north, a large plain in the middle bisected by the Silver River and the Great Lake, and the Dragonrift Mountains in the south. This land is one of the most diverse, inhabited by a number of different races. The most populous, of course, is the race of men. Humans. They occupy the three most prominent political entities: The countries of Valeria, Mardon, and Southland.

In the mountains to the south, the dwarves built their home. Short, stocky, and strong, they are excellent metal and stone workers. They all have the natural gift of earth magics: metals, stone, and minerals. In the north forest, the fair folk made their home. The elves live in their cities in the trees, practicing their magic of plants and animals. All elves are born with the skill. Deeper in the forest, in the more hidden glades, the faeries frolic. The faeries vary in size, from the height of humans to the size of leaves that fall from the trees. The larger ones mingle with elven and human society, while the small ones tend to keep to themselves. They are gifted with a natural proficiency in each of the magical branches, except magic relating to metals. They have a natural aversion to iron. Deep beneath the waves of the Long Sea in the west dwell the merfolk. Some found their way up the Silver River into the great lake, and a city has developed there. Nymphs live almost everywhere imaginable, tied to nature. Nymphs can easily master the magic tied to their element, and they can transform into their element at will. (i.e. water nymphs transform into water, wood nymphs turn into trees or flowers, etc.)

Magic is an important part of the realm, even though it is rare among humans. The few that are gifted with the ability to use magic are both revered and feared, trusted wielders of the art but not fully trusted. Magic itself is divided into two classes: nature magic and witchcraft.

Nature magic is what is considered the "good" kind of magic, usually benevolent. The sources of magic energy from those spells are tied to an aspect of nature, including but not limited to: water, ice, air, weather, earth, stone, metal, plant, animal, fire, time, and space.

Witchcraft is considered unnatural, with spells drawing power from dark and sinister sources. Often included in the definition of witchcraft are blood magic, dark magic, and necromancy. The complete set of varieties is unknown. The brand of dark magic is called Witchcraft because the first user of the craft was female. All practitioners of witchcraft, male and female, all belong to a secret society called the Order of the Shade. Even though this magic is much stronger than nature magic, there are much more serious and dire side effects, if the witch or warlock survives.

  • Vampirism-usually the result of blood magic gone wrong. The afflicted witch or warlock develops fangs and acquires a near insatiable thirst for the blood of the living. They have an aversion to sunlight, but it does not burn them. It causes discomfort for short periods, and pain for longer periods of time exceeding an hour.
  • Zombieism-very rare. if a necromancer (a rare craft to begin with) survives a botched spell, he or she will be turned into an undead, shambling shadow of their former selves. Not to be confused with the Eldritch creatures necromancers can create with their magic.
  • Lycanthropy-not the result of a spell, but a bite from a direwolf. Acquiring the condition from a direwolf bite is about a 50/50 chance. The victim of a bite will become a werewolf, transforming into a large human-like wolf on the eve of the full moon.

*Note: none of these conditions are hereditary.

For centuries the countries of Solina lived in peace. The only threat was the occasional Moorlic nomad raid, or a pirate attack on the coast. There were few problems to speak of that were out of the ordinary. The last war had ended nearly fifty years ago, and the three human nations experienced an extended period of peace. Alas, it could not last. Here and there, whispers of darkness and rebellion surfaced, beginning to threaten the peace...

Playable Races

  • Human
  • Elf
  • Dwarf
  • Faerie
  • Nymph
  • Half-breeds (Half-human half-elf, half-human half-dwarf, etc.)
  • Vampire
  • Werewolf

1. Katie (inventiveAdventurer) is in charge. Her word is law when it comes to questionable character attributes.
2. All bios must be approved by Holly (Princess Holly) before a character can be used.
3. Keep things PG-13. Mild language is acceptable. If something seems questionable, don't make it happen.
4.Be kind to all people involved. No bullying and such.
5. No God-modding unless permission has been given to someone.
6. If you will be inactive for a long time (1-2 weeks +) notify Katie and give permission for someone to god-mod your character(s).
7. Have fun!


  • Aurelia (Katie)
  • Leif (Katie)
  • Winona (Holly)
  • Mythril (Holly)

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The Fall of the Sun Empty Re: The Fall of the Sun

Post by inventiveAdventurer on Sun Oct 04, 2015 7:27 pm

Name: Aurelia Lilias Artanis

Age: 354

Gender: Female

Race: Vampire (formerly elf)

Current Residence: city of Shipton, Mardon.

Magic User: Yes

Favored Types of Magic: Witchcraft, time, space.

Appearance: A young noblewoman in her mid to late twenties with dark hair and visibly pointed ears. Her eyes are a stormy greyish blue color that appear to be simply grey most of the time. Her skin is much paler than the normal elf’s or human’s. She stands at five feet seven inches tall, slightly amplified by the heeled boots she normally wears. The boots are usually brown or black, so they will match any outfit. She wears a variety of different dresses in many colors. However, one thing she will never leave home without is her black and white laced parasol. She is also heavily adorned, wearing copious amounts of jewelry. Some of these items, including her brooch, necklace, and various rings, have been layered with enchantments or carved with sigils for her magic. She hides both her vampirism and her witchcraft quite well, blending into the high society of Mardon with ease. She wears red lipstick quite a bit, and applies makeup each morning so she will appear more human. She rarely shows her teeth when she smiles, favoring the closed-lipped option instead. It hides her fangs, and it also seems more mysterious or flirtatious, a look she seems to strive most of the time.

Personality: Usually conversing with others in a haughty or arrogant demeanor, she can seem quite coarse at first. She simply enjoys irritating certain people because she has the influence and ability to back it up. She also likes to poke fun at her Thralls (living creatures that willingly give her blood in return for considerable payment or favors). She only does so because manipulating the emotions of others and pushing their buttons, being in control, has become a way to fill her boredom. While she likes to push people’s buttons, when hers are pushed she can have a bit of a temper. Sometimes her anger is just a mask to hide her own emotions of pain and sadness. She doesn’t like to remember her past. She doesn’t want to let anyone get too close for fear of being abandoned, but she does want to find love again. And when she thinks she has found it, she loves with a burning passion. Her emotions are intense when she feels them, and few people can get past that outer barrier.

History: She was born and raised in Valeria to an elven family, given the name Artanis. As she grew up she was fascinated with magic. As she began to enter her adult years she studied it extensively at a private school. However, nothing seemed quite good enough to her. She had a feeling there was more to magic than her professors were telling her. Eventually she brought up those concerns to one of her teachers that she trusted most. She told him about how she didn’t feel like she was being taught enough, or challenged enough. The professor tutored her privately after that, and eventually let it slip that he was a warlock masquerading as a respectable wizard. He was stationed at the school in order to recruit more magic users to the field of witchcraft. Artanis accepted, and took a new name to symbolize how her old life was left behind as she joined the Order of the Shade: Lilias. As she made a new identity for herself as a witch, she decided she was meant to take that path. She became more confident in her abilities and learned quickly. She moved to the capitol of Valeria, and there she met Delroy. He was a human unlike any other she had met. They fell in love quickly, and they entered into a passionate romantic relationship. After some time he proposed marriage. She accepted. However, she tried to perform a binding blood magic to go alongside their marriage vows. In her haste she performed it incorrectly. When the spell went wrong, Delroy fled. She was turned into a vampire. After that she never saw him again. It broke her heart. When her reputation as a vampire got out, she fled. She spent years hiding out in the wilderness, attempting to gain control of her thirst. Eventually she decided to make her way back into human society. She left Valeria and went to the country of Mardon, where she started a new life and took yet another new name: Aurelia. She has since passed herself off as a respectable wizard and made her way into high society by investing in certain shipping companies. Every so often she will move and change her identity, but maintain her investments and assets. That was how she lived for 100 years, until the present.

Skills: Disguise artist, violinist, baker

Likes: Warm fires, bright colors, being in charge

Dislikes: Losing, being manipulated, consistent loud noise.

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Post by inventiveAdventurer on Sun Nov 08, 2015 9:21 pm

Name: Leif Everstar

Age: 61

Gender: Male

Race: Faerie

Current Residence: None-Traveling

Magic User: Yes

Favored Types of Magic: Weather, Fire, Wind

Appearance: Leif appears to be a young teenager, aged 13 or 14 years. He has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. His skin is a deep tan, only rivaled by the coastal inhabitants of southland. His ears are pointed like an elf’s. His hair is often riddled with small twigs, blades of grass, or leaves, as he has an affinity for such things. His hair is also quite disheveled most of the time, since he doesn’t bother with combing it. Most would say it gives him an endearing, boyish appearance. He normally wears brown pants and a loose fitting white shirt. The shirt has a slit down the back to make room for his wings, which are reminiscent of a dragonfly’s. They have a pale blue tint, but shimmer with an iridescent rainbow from time to time if they catch the light properly. He makes little attempt to hide them, even amongst humans. He gets away with that by avoiding epicenters of trade and busy streets. He carries few possessions, and keeps his pouch of currency under his shirt. He only did so at the urging of his tutor, who was more acquainted with the idea of pickpockets.

Personality: He is a bit of a socially awkward youth who tends to speak his mind. He knows about diplomacy in political situations, but tends to overlook such things in everyday conversation. While he is book smart, he does not seem to be very street smart. In addition, he’s still considered a bit of a child, and is quite naïve. He still holds some authority even though he hasn’t grown into his full station yet, and as such acts like it. His education has bred some arrogance in him, even though he doesn’t perceive it as arrogance. He can work any type of magic with ease, but mastering the nuances of the spells needed to bring out the true power of a brand of magic still takes time. He isn’t used to being told no very much, but does have respect for the law. He’s used to throwing his name around to get what he wants, but very few humans have contact with his faerie family. Overall he tries to be kind to people, giving donations to the poor and helping where he can. Despite his shortcomings he wants to make the world a better place.

History: Leif grew up with his older brother in the royal family of faerie culture. They normally resided in the Starglade, deep within the northern forest. Leif’s parents wanted to be there for their children, but that wasn’t too often as politics got in the way. As a result Leif and his older brother Orion were mostly raised by tutors. They each learned swordplay with wooden swords sung from the great trees that grew deep in the forest, the bark as hard as tempered steel. Both underwent studies in many fields as well, including reading, writing, magic, politics, and diplomacy between nations. Leif excelled in his magical studies and, as a result, began slacking in sword classes. As the second born child, Leif could never attain the throne himself unless some tragedy befell Orion. After some time of study he decided he would become a diplomat or ambassador for his brother when their mother either abdicated or passed on. Once his tutors declared they no longer had anything to teach him, he decided to go on a journey to truly experience the rest of the world. He bid his parents and brother goodbye, and ventured out into the world where he traveled until the present.

Likes: That time of twilight between sunset and full night, forests, stormy nights.

Dislikes: Crowds, criticism, being told what to do like a commoner child.

Talents: Calligraphy, artistic magic.

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The Fall of the Sun Empty Re: The Fall of the Sun

Post by Princess Holly on Thu Nov 26, 2015 10:47 pm

Name: Winona Lyre

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Current Residence:

Magic User: Yes - Witch

Favored Types of Magic: Witchcraft, necromancy, teleportation, potions

Appearance: Winona is a short chubby twelve year old girl. She has bushy black hair that she tames under a hat. If it were ever straighten, it would reach her knees. Her skin is dark with a few freckles but her eyes are a pale green framed by long lashes and thick eyebrows. Winona's nose is button shaped and she has a small gap between her front teeth. Winona knits and mends a lot of her clothes. Her dress and coat are covered in patches. Some of them are the same color and others are similar with different pattern. Her scarf and gloves are knitted and a faded orange color.

Personality: Winona is a normal child, she is cheerful and spirited. She has a lot of patience and her own version of maturity. She admirers those who practice the dark arts and has little respect for mages. She also lacks respect for the law but does not condone crimes such as murder. Winona just doesn't have faith in law enforcement. She does accept everyone though, she gives people the benefit of the doubt despite not having them in high regard. She is under the opinion that there is nothing unnatural about witchcraft and nothing wrong with worshiping The Dark One. This morality and view causes her to seem naive, she does not understand the forces she meddles with or the world she lives in. Winona is a good girl despite all of this. She obeys adults, loves her mom, and wants to be friends with everyone. She is a bit of a people pleaser and will tend to give in during an argument. She is also slow to anger but will hold a grudge once the balance is tipped.

History: Winona has lived a relatively average life. Her mom at one point lived near a town and was part of the Scarab Coven. She ventured into town a lot and met many men. When she became pregnant with Winona she left and joined a sister coven, The Silver Fox. There Winona was born and raised. It was a small village in the forest and she became friends with the other children living there. There was a small school but Winona was home schooled. The other children were jealous but they remained friends despite that. They would explore the forest and scare travelers, abusing their gifts and knowledge of the area. Winona was taught the craft by her mother until she was old enough to be an apprentice. She decided to find her mother's idol and be her apprentice. Her mother of course gave her blessing and Winona set off to find her before she moved on. Winona said goodbye to her friend who believed her crazy for leaving when she could be an apprentice there and learn from their archive.

Skills: Knitting, mending, basic first aid, memorizing songs

Likes: Her mother's cooking, especially soup and stews, water, snow, climbing trees

Dislikes: Arguments, sour food, shouting, mean people

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Post by Princess Holly on Fri Nov 27, 2015 1:13 am

Name: Mythril

Age: 242

Gender: Female

Race: Nymph

Current Residence: Wandering

Magic User: Kinda

Favored Types of Magic: Weapon enhancement, becoming metal

Appearance: Mythril has wavy grey hair in a slightly angled bob that is mostly hidden under her horned helmet. Her features have that angular mischievous impish look about them, but that is dampened by her serious expression. Her skin is normal if not a tad grey, as if she were sick and her eyes are a dark grey that could be mistaken as black. She wears several layers of clothes, in her opinion. Mythril has a long sleeve navy grey shirt, with chain mail over it, missing the sleeves, and a grey fur open vest on the top. Her hands are covered by leather gloves and her arms have bracers for protection. If it is cold enough, she wears a dark grey cloak with lighter grey designs and her family seal. Mythril wears a belt where she keeps a dagger and her sword. Her other daggers are in her boots. She also carries an axe with her, but tends to carry it in her hand. Then of course she has a small pack containing her belongings and supplies.

Personality: Mythril is quiet and thoughtful. She lets people make decisions around her and doesn't voice her opinion unless it is needed or if she disagrees with the course of action. She has a strong sense of right and wrong, and lives by it. Mythril does not make friends easily because she has difficulty letting people go. But if she trusts you, she is extremely loyal. Mythril has a soft spot for children. She is more open with them and friendly. She has younger nieces and nephews so she knows how to entertain children. Mythril has a strange concept of life and death. She is at a tipping point. On one hand she sees life as precious but on the other she wouldn't hesitate to take it if it was in self defense. Her faith is also skewed. Part of her hates the Goddess for the life she was given and for the Goddess' distance from her children.

History: I don't feel like in-depth history right now. Mythril came into existence. She wandered the mountainside for like a month. Found the dwarves, was adopted and named, grew up. Her parents died. She stuck around and helped her brother with his family and the shop but then left to go find her place in the world. Currently traveling and helping people along the way.

Skills: Fighting, Blacksmithing, hunting, setting fires, drinking, singing

Likes: Sunsets and rises, stars, axes, creamy food
Dislikes: Slavers, nymphs, lots of Armour and layers of clothing, direct sunlight, rain

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The Fall of the Sun Empty Re: The Fall of the Sun

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